It’s nice to see jeany is back in action!

Nice Friday night in wonderful New Jersey and we had a meet set up with a possible stud for hottie – she had met him online on one of the websites we visit. He mentioned to her that he has been a bull to a cuckold couple previously. These meetings are hit or miss depending on a great many factors so we don’t go into it with any expectations as to not be let down. These meetings are very uncomfortable at first much like and interview so we think of it as just going to a happy hour and if something great happens where there is a connection for her and the bull its a bonus. He walked up to us at the bar (must be quite a thing to be a bull and meet a couple in a bar that only you know is a cuckold couple). He sat down to her left and I was on her right. I knew this was a time for them to chat more now in person so I occupied myself with a beer or two and gave brief support to the conversation if she needed it.

As a cuckold its an interesting dynamic to sit there and read the signs to see if they would become closer as they chatted. Do their chairs move closer together or is his hand on her lap or her hand on his? Although I kept out of the way i did look for the signs to see if there was going to be the connection she sought.

She wore a small black top on with no bra. She had a small g-string underneath and had some really cute shoes to complete the outfit. I could see that the Bull was taking notice of her “assets” as she sat at the bar chatting with him but I could still see no sign that there might be fireworks.

I wasn’t sure but I did see that their chairs were coming a little closer together and I could see them looking at each other a bit differently. I excused myself and left them alone for a bit to walk around the bar to check things out and to also give them a few minutes to have the opportunity to have a bit of privacy. When I came back and sat down I saw that hottie had kicked off her heels and put her legs across his lap; she was smiling at him and he was massaging her legs right there in the bar. When I sat down she looked at me for a second and turned around to kiss him right there in the bar. It took me off guard as things were moving quickly and the fact that the bartenders and some patrons knew I was the one who walked in there with her. I have no idea how many people could pick up on such a dynamic. I was pretty sure now that things were going in the right direction for the Bull and hottie – they were having fun and being very intimate. The only issue is that we didn’t have a lot of time due to schedule constraints that evening.

There is some enabling and support that I give hottie so that things work out for her when she is excited about someone so I told her I would get the bill and she can walk with her Bull out to the car in the lot. I made sure to take as much time as possible collected myself and headed out of the bar.
When I got close enough I could see them standing right outside the car face to face and very close.

They were kissing!

At that point I had that feeling that only cuckolds can get: intense jealousy but arousal at the same time. I knew at this point I should try and give them a bit more time so I walked adjacent to the parking spot a few spots down. I walked up a bit further and found a spot behind a tree where I had a vantage point to see them. They were kissing but she had his cock in her hand and he was putting his fingers inside her. They were whispering really close between kisses. I eventually walked up as hottie turned around to look for me and we drove away as her Bull walked away with the hardest of hardon. I asked her about that exchange the next day telling her I was happy for her and glad she enjoyed herself.

She basically summarize it like this:

“We were at the car kissing and I wanted to get a feel for his cock and when I touched him he unbuttoned his pants so I could get a good grab. He has a big cock, honey, and thick too. I loved how hard he was for me and showed him under my dress to see my g-string. He reached in and started playing with my pussy which was getting really wet. He asked me to come over to his truck and finish what we started and i cant tell you how close I was to doing it, but I know now that I will have him over the house soon to finish the job.”

I was in that place where cuckolds go when things take off for their wives. The next day I texted her at the gym and told her how sexy she was the night before (hotwifes can  use some great feedback sometimes). She spent a good portion of the day today letting me know she is going to have to work him into our free time soon.

More on this to come….