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Cuckold Sign

As with road signs, some actions and relationships are best represented with symbols which don’t require verbal explanation I modified this slightly to provide the cuckold with an erection rather than the limp penis of the...

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Hotwife Introduction

This PDF was created as an offline introduction to hotwife/cuckold concepts. It is not intended to ‘break the ice’ for introducing the concepts of sharing, cuckolding or being a hotwife – these discussions must be had beforehand. This document servers as a bridge between those conversations and this website and is intended to foster interest and curiosity in reading/discussing these concepts in more depth.

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A Hotwife and Her Cuckold

Beautiful News [pullquote_left]I am still hopeful that e & b will find the time to write of their journey, but until that time, I will try to keep you all up-to-date.[/pullquote_left] Becoming An Active Hotwife Since my...

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My Introduction

Hi Everyone, Since this is my first blog I’ll start by introducing myself.   My name is Toni a 37 year old wife living in Florida married to my husband Tom, 49 for 17 mostly happy years.   After role playing and...

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Coupling for the First Time

After our initial meeting with Rick I knew I wanted him more than ever.  With my husband Tom’s okay I invited Rick over to our house for drinks the following evening.  Admittedly I was a nervous wreck all day, my body said yes...

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