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Displaying a pet to a friend (or even a complete stranger in a controlled environment) is a wonderful test of a pet’s obedience, trust, and desire to please her Master. This pet, while displaying appropriate posture and...




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Hotwife At Home

How a hotwife dresses is an integral part of her role within the lifestyle – in fact, it’s how she dresses and behaves that first identify her and establish her as a hotwife – even before she has begun coupling...

Beautiful wives deserve to be on display. A Common Desire Many husbands are fascinated with sharing their wives visually. I often wonder just how many staff at hotels worldwide have been treated to views such as above when a...

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The overt submission of a wife to her boyfriend is one of the most erotic and natural aspects of cuckolding. Left we see a situation where many things are clear from just this one moment in time. This beautiful wife is most...

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A Marriage Evolved

A Wife Completed I’ve been hoping to get bmollaie to keep his own damn blog updated, but he’s been very busy with life, work, child and oh yeah, a sexy wife fucking her boss on almost a daily basis; I guess I can cut...

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