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And that is why quarter cup / shelf bras are an important part of any serious hotwife’s...

This is precisely how a woman with small breasts can be devastatingly sexy. If you don’t have the courage to leave your blouse open this far, then button it higher and leave one button open below the top button – as...

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Damn! This is how a hotwife ensures she has her pick of the cock in the...

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I’m really not a fan of such short hair, but uh, I think I’d make an exception for her. As much as I adore and teach hotwives to allow their nipples to express themselves, the exposed belly is really, really...

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openmarriageandcuckold: Perfect dress for a hotwife!...

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This bra, paired with a fitted, properly (un)buttoned blouse would be a fantastic way to display her beauty and...

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Few women have the self-confidence and courage to wear something this beautiful on their own, but a woman who does is extremely appealing not just for her physical beauty but because of what wearing this says about who she is on...

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She has always been reluctant to be on public display like this close to home, but taking a short weekend trip with her boyfriend provides the perfect time and place to be a true hotwife to you and a true girlfriend for him. Now...

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  • In theory, it would only be in the BBC since she tried and loved it.
    As soon as the night club are open or the cafes of nigth, we will go out trying to find places where there are a lot of young blacks.
    After that, her charm will do the rest …
    She will undoubtedly have the choice and will certainly choose a young sexy black as she wishes; Once…[Read more]

  • Thankyou so much,try and persaude her to wait till she has a white boyfriend,then she could have as many as she wants,but not more than three,as that would make her mum so happy,especially cuck you so proud aswell,like I was three times,as you know.
    To breed in our wives,is our ultimate thrill,and I can reassure you,it is a cuck’s dream,in having…[Read more]

  • Glad everything is going well after your vaccine.
    No, you did well to suggest that he was an adopted child (you never know, as a last resort)

    Change boyfriend yes but for another black lol
    Her boyfriend is not very beautiful, she told me several times, that she would like to have a more beautiful and sexier one …
    Maybe at that moment, she would…[Read more]

  • Thankyou,are felt slighty painful where I had the jab for three days,but now on Wed,back to normal thankfully,thankyou.
    Can see that an adoption would seem strange,sorry to suggest the idea,as an alternative.
    With the reaction paramount in consideration,maybe to have his black baby,would sadly not be possible.
    If only he wasn’t black,it would…[Read more]

  • Keep us posted on the follow-up of your pfizer vaccine.

    Having a (black) baby with a beautiful young black man sometimes tempts my compange, but the problem is that she is afraid of the reactions of her family.
    To say that she adopted would be a bit strange considering that she is only 35 years old …
    The annoying thing for the moment is that…[Read more]

  • Jack replied to the topic Advice please? in the forum Getting Started 1 day, 15 hours ago

    She needs to see the inputs , meetings can help , also online chats as well and hope she will get into the style in real, i guess privacy is her concern which may make her think you would be leaving her.

  • looking to find a mature couple to enjoy time with, no extremes but rough in many aspects, including denial and have pregnancy fetish.
    i been with married women, but mostly the woman only with no presence of the husband,
    i travel between europe and middle east , and plan on a revisit to the US , hit me up if interested

  • Jack replied to the topic Pregnant wife in the forum True Experiences 1 day, 16 hours ago

    have you suggested this to her?

  • cuckkeen replied to the topic Pregnant wife in the forum True Experiences 1 day, 19 hours ago

    My email friend in New Zealand,faced the identical dilemma,because his religious family back home,when he was on a contract in Papua New Guinea,whose wife sadly couldn’t hold till term,and regretted it ever since.
    They could have said,the black baby was adopted,but frightened at the time consider the option.
    Terrible luck with the Covid shut…[Read more]