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The Biology of Cuckolding

Wives, when first approached about the idea of being enjoyed by someone else often first assume that the husband has lost interest in her for this to interest him. This is quite untrue and quite opposite of the truth. In fact, it is the wife's appeal to him and others that fuels the erotic appeal of sharing her. Often starting with encouragement to dress sexier, the cuckold-to-be is actually expressing his desire to experience the beta role by encouraging his wife to choose an alpha male.


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Why Won’t She Cuckold Me?

Cuckolding tends to become the centerpiece of a couple’s sexuality. It is the practice of it as a lifestyle that makes other fantasies much more intense. Exhibitionism, voyeurism, bondage, D/s, cbt, femdom – you name it: all become 5x as intense when experienced as part of a cuckolding marriage. Those same fantasies also serve as gateways to cuckolding by opening the door to exploring sexuality together.

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Hotwife Introduction

This PDF was created as an offline introduction to hotwife/cuckold concepts. It is not intended to ‘break the ice’ for introducing the concepts of sharing, cuckolding or being a hotwife – these discussions must be had beforehand. This document servers as a bridge between those conversations and this website and is intended to foster interest and curiosity in reading/discussing these concepts in more depth.

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