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Pressed Ham

Many wives are reluctant to overtly tease their cuckold physically, verbally or emotionally, yet for a cuckold, this is most certainly a vital aspect of the experience of being a cuckold.

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Cuckold Denial

The practice of the various forms of denial can lead to increased physical and emotional intimacy for cuckold couples as well as a heightened experience for other males involved with the couple. They key isn’t just to limit the cuckold’s ability to have intercourse with his wife, but to channel that need into other forms of intimacy.

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Foreplay or Cleanup?

For many cuckolds, the tongue has replaced their penis as their sex organ. This cuckold has his wrists cuffed and his penis restrained to ensure his attention remains focused on his wife. My only question is whether their bull...

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The Curve

A Lock For Larger Simply having an average or above average sized penis does not establish a male...

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