It’s not very often that the Media portrays cuckolding with any sense of reality. Apparently, the Showtime series Shameless does the lifestyle a solid.

The delicious Sasha Alexander (real name) seems to have failed to explain her marital arrangement with her boy toy resulting in some rather anxious moments when her husband comes home.

The second video shows how she may have seduced him to start with. Not exactly subtle, but why bother with subtle? I do always recommend that hotwives tell a bull (or boy toy) as soon as possible about being a hotwife even if they don’t deep-dive into what a ‘cuckold’ is, they can and should at least ensure the guy feels comfortable that he won’t have a jealous husband waiting for him around a blind corner.

I’ve only watched parts of the first season of this show but now I’ll have to schedule a binge some weekend.