Those are fucking beautiful. The breasts are, too.

The only thing sexier than a pair of nicely displayed breasts is a pair of decorated nipples.

Piercings and tattoos have become much more mainstream in the past few years, but when it comes to a couple choosing to demonstrate commitment to me, I prefer piercings to ink namely because they can be removed, if desired and beyond the gift of commitment they make, they also have functional use.

Room For Improvement

The breasts above are clearly quite perfectly formed, but the nipples themselves are rather small. Her piercings keeps them extended and available for teasing. The rings also make lovely attachment points for a connecting chain, weights, or one of my favorites: bells.

The perfect choice for use with nipple toys.

I do tend to prefer stirrup piercings be installed when I intend to use them for play.

Clearly, it’s an intimidating decision to have your body modified – even more so when it’s done to please her lover, but that is very much a part of why it can be so erotic to extend such a gift to your lover. It’s expected that the husband will help with the routine cleaning of them while they heal, but he may not get to play with her pierced nipples in some cases as that’s a pleasure reserved for her lover.

Many are intimidated by the momentary pain such piercings cause when installed, but most professionals and recipients of multiple piercings will tell you that the nipples are actually easier to do and heal faster than the belly piercing – which so many women have already gotten. Not to mention that she will experience more discomfort from a proper spanking that she would from getting pierced.

Nipple piercings should decorate the nipple – accent them, not distract from them. I recommend and prefer smaller gauge piercings that provide a beautiful accent visually and yet still keep the nipples presented for sexier display and render them more sensitive to nibbling, licking and toys.

Only one of the wives I’ve dated got her nipples done for me (another already had them done), but it was a very enjoyable experience and in a few weeks of their healing, I could bring her to orgasm almost exclusively by nipple and breast play.

In my next post, I’ll talk about reasons to have the cuckold’s penis pierced as a gift of physical commitment.