As longtime readers know, regardless of size, a cuckold’s appendage is never referred to as a cock.

Physical Commitment

Just as decorating a hotwife’s nipples for the enjoyment of her lover (as well as her own), the cuckold’s penis can also be modified to provide additional functionality and enable the cuckold to directly express his submission to both his wife and her lover.

The preferred piercing for a cuckold is a PA or Prince Albert which decorates the head of the penis, passing through it on the underside. Smaller sizes are said to be pleasurable for both partners, but in cuckolding, this piercing is more often used as an additional method of securing chastity and attaching other devilish things like a lead. A PA piercing does take some time to heal, but fortunately for hotwives, they are no longer dependent on their husband’s penis to enjoy sex.

I recommend a ring be installed to provide both an attachment point for leashes, weights and rope bondage.


No pussy for you!

Once properly healed, the piercing can be used very effectively in ensuring your cuckold can enjoy his erections without the slightest chance of penetrating you or anyone else, for that matter. It can also be used for chastity devices like the PA-5000 which are designed to take advantage of the piercing to hook into the penis to prevent erections.

Have a PA? Order Your PA-5000

Much is said about the origin of the PA, but little is truly known for certain.