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      Good or bad idea to ask the stallion, if he wants to be the godfather of the child he conceived with your partner?
      PS: she is not pregnant yet, it’s just a matter of reflection for the future.

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      Great idea!

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      Does that mean that you would be for ?

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      well, yes! He (the wife’s sex partner) should be integrated into the family. As a godfather he could be included into all future family events including religious events and those with your extended families.

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        Yes, if he’s the godfather, he’s bound to be part of most family events and maybe, at the same time, fuck the woman again.

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      His race is less important than that He share your moral and religious values. As GF He does have the moral requirement that the child be raised properly if anything happens to the parents.

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        You are absolutely right, what counts above all is that the child is well brought up, but I am sure of it, I vouch for that
        Obviously, if something happens to us, it will be up to him to take over.
        Today my partner has been with her young black lover for 4 days, she just sent me a picture (1 hour ago)

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      I think when my wife is open to get impregnated by our Bull it would be great to ask him as the godfather. Especially if she will be so connected with him to want to have him around a often as possible. He could be the godfather of number 2 and 3 as well. I know I would be ver very proud cuckold every time she would get pregnant.

      I can’t wait for her to be open to explore and find herself the most ideal Bull for her. To not only watch her commit physical but also one she can build a very strong mental and emotional connection. With me as her most loving and devoted cuckold husband.

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        Yes, if he is the godfather, of course, they will get together even more often because there will be parties, birthdays to which, as a godfather, he will necessarily be invited.

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      it is an excellent idea to keep the bull close, it is very important that your wife connect even more with her bull

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        Yes it is certain.
        Now she spends a few days in a row with him.
        The penultimate time, she stayed there 6 days and the last time 3 days (she returned yesterday).

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      It depends. Do you want to keep it a secret from the child that he’s the real father? If that’s the case then this probably isn’t ideal since the child would be mixed and may possibly resemble the potential godfather. That could eventually raise questions as the child gets older. If you’re not concerned with the child potentially finding out then do as you wish.

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        Thank you for your opinion Jersey Bull;)
        For the moment, my companion is so that the child knows who his biological father is, but she is not yet certain to want a child with a man other than me, even though she has a lot of relations with her young lover. black.

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      We have a black bull for 20 years, he has been living with us since 2020, my wife is expecting a black child, now 21 weeks old, what matters is that we are all happy.

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