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      Anothre cuckold session in Manhttan with my sub!
      Mark came over again – and i was sure – this time i arranged something special. I get fucked and my sub has to watch and learn…. I was already in bed – naked and my sub next to me.
      A hot massage from my bull – Mark will start…

      Mark started to put some oil on my front – my neck – my shoulders and my breast.
      than he put oil on my lower belly . and began to massage me. He was running his hands all over my body and i loved it. He went lower and lower and i was already wet between my legs. I opend my legs for easy access. I love to get a massaage and my sub has to watch. The best cuckolding to start like that …
      He knows what i want now and he started to rub my clit with his fingers.
      My sub was watching what mark was doing with me and i could see that he was turned on to watch me to get massaged from another guy. Now Mark slid his finger deep inside my wet pussy. Now Mark lowered his mouth between my legs and he was eating my pussy. My sub watched closely as Mark slid his tonge over my clit and put his tonge deep in my pussy. I told my sub now – stand up and guid his dick on my clit. He did as i told! He guided Marks dick on my clit and started to rub it. this feels amazing and it makes me so easy to cum hard with the head of a soft dick… couple of strokes and i am cumming . My body is moving and i need to feel Marks dick deep in me. I told my sub. Guide Marks dick in me.
      He did as i told him…
      Marks dick is now in my wet pussy. Marks big dick started to strech my pussy and now he started to pump and fuck me faster and faster
      with each pump he went deeper and deeper.
      “i am going to cum”
      My orgasm was so good and i loved it. Mark was also ready to cum. He came deep in my pussy and my boddy was shaking.
      Mark pulled his cock out of my pussy – he was still very long and thick. his sperm was running out of me and now i told my sub – clean me up – nice and slow.
      He did as i told him!

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      Hot!! I wish I could find a lady like you!!

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      thank you for sharing….

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      Fabulous story Mistress– love to serve and service You and Mark

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      thank you

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      Thank you for sharing… i am back in NYC, Manhattan…
      Please send me a private message
      and please read my profile…
      I am not submissive! I love to be in control
      Goddess Allegra

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      Max brought his wife over for me to play with. She wanted to experiment with D/s. So experiment we did.
      After a discussion of limits I had her strip.
      She had never been restrained and spanked before.
      All in all it was an amazing evening.

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      It all began, as far as I am aware, after we had had a fight. My wife was sleeping in the spare room. I heard her voice. Clearly she was talking to someone so I crept up the stairs and listened. Imagine my surprise when I heard the responder-s voice – it was a man. They were laughing and I heard her gasping in shock every so often. Later I confronted her and she became very coy. Eventually, she confessed it was a local guy she had met whilst searching on Facebook. I should have been angry I suppose but something twisted in my stomach. I was actually turned on by the thought she might be ‘carrying-on’ with someone else.
      Fast forward quite a few months. They have met on numerous occasions and they have fucked. She told me all about their meetings and the more she met him, the more graphic her retellings became. Until yesterday…
      We had been talking in bed and she asked how I would feel if he took her away for a few nights. At first, I was mortified. The thought of her not sharing our bed, knowing it would be twenty-four fucking with them two, I was consumed with a wild mix of emotions. So, taking the plunge, I said, “Why don’t you ask him around here first of all?” Up until then they had either got together in his car or, very occasionally at his home. She wanted to know if I was being serious. So, I sent her a Tweet later on, telling her that I gave her permission to allow him to come into our house.
      By now, this idea had completely overwhelmed me. I was SO turned on at the thought of him. Her stories had left nothing to the imagination. He was slim, athletic and had a long, extremely hard cock. She showed me a photograph of it and it was huge! In addition, he could do it over and over, taking her in all sorts of positions. This would drive me crazy and I would shoot my load within a few minutes of listening!
      The next morning, she told me she’d sent him my Tweet! My God, he’d read every word, about how amazed I was at his cock, how in awe I was of his prowess. Dry mouthed and breathless, I went off to work and she messaged me to tell me he was going to visit her at lunchtime.
      I don’t know how I got through the day. By now, the thought of what he could do had taken me over completely. This guy was so dominant, so superb in bed, that I knew I could never compete with him. In a weird sort of way, this turned me on even more. I was going to be dominated by this man and it left me breathless. And then, when I got home, there she was: wide-eyed, face happy and alive, brimming with satisfaction. With no preamble, she grabbed me and pulled me close. She then told me everything.
      He’d arrived at around one and as soon as he stepped through the door he could not wait. Throwing her onto the couch, he pulled off her clothes, fingered and licked her to orgasm. She told me his tongue was gorgeous. He then stepped back and pulled down his shorts. Her words made me wild: “It sprang up, so big and hard. I put both my hands around it and it was like a piece of wood and the head, so full and red, full of sperm.” He slid it slowly into her and she screamed out his name. (I very nearly came when she told me that!)Once she’d got used to having all that cock inside her, he increased the speed and power of his thrusts. “He was so rough,” she said, her eyes glazing over at the memory as she opened up my trousers and took me into her mouth. “He said,” she continued between bouts of licking me, “how thankful he was for you giving him permission. And now that he had permission, he would visit me every week and fuck me. He’s obsessed with my pussy and said it was now his and he would fuck it whenever he got the chance.” Needless to say, I came at this point, the hottest, hardest climax I have had for ages!
      Later on, she told me he’d fucked her four times, filling her with his sperm. Four times! I have trouble doing it once. So, I wrote her another Tweet to send him (I have no idea of his contact details) in which I told him he could come over at any time to fuck her, that he could do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. He was, because he was so much better and bigger than me, the Master now. I was so incredibly turned on saying all of that, knowing I was being so subservient to him but it’s like a drug! I cannot resist. I am SO turned on at the thought of this amazing lover coming to our house demanding sex from my wife and having her bucking and screaming out under him. My only hope is that one day he will allow me to watch – or, at least, listen as he drives into her and sends her into ecstasy. I am now a total cuckold and I love it! Sex has never been so exciting and I’m looking forward to a wonderfully sexy future together. If he ever does allow me to watch, I’ll let you know.

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      Mistress C

      I always keep mine nearby, usually at foot of bed or sofa, so his mouth can serve me while I am with someone. He is kept hooded, sometimes cuffed behind his back, and always in chastity during

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