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      Ricky Joiner

      Fairly new to the site and came across this topic. My wife, who is shortly about to cuckold me, and her soon to be bf, have never mentioned this in out discussions over the last year but I an curious to know what it would be like.

      I was wondering how many wives here insist on their husbands wearing them and in what circumstances?

      How many cuckolding insist on the cuckold wearing one?

      And, for the cuckold, what is it actually like wearing one?

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      I don’t have much experience but my wife likes for me to be locked up the the day before she has a date with a bf/bull till up to one or two days after.

      For me wearing one is incredibly frustrating but it feels good at the same time. I have a hard time describing it. Something about keeping you constantly horny but not being able to be fully hard is insane.

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        That sounds like cucky agnst. `

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      she plays he watches

      Hey,, for us — well me the hubby, Wife has me in the cage, mostly 2 to 3 days before her Bull arrives for a visit..
      Comes off somewhere between 1 to 3 days afterwards.
      As you can imagine. Her Bull at that time when the cage got introduced, he was seeing her on a weekly basis.
      So it is easy to figure I was in the cage nearly all the time.
      Wife just loved the idea of me being in a cage, it was her Bull at that time who suggested it to her.. And this practice has continued on ever since.

      The joys and displeasures of having a cage on.. Well it certainly high lights the simple fact to both of my heads, that she is getting a bigger cock and the cage is that reminder.
      Plays with my head and that is a wonderful start.

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      Ricky Joiner

      Thanks your for that.

      I quite like the idea of my wife getting one and ordering me to wear it – or even her bf.

      She is away this weekend with her bf. First time she has cuckolded me so I will drop a hint when I see her Sunday.

      Thanks once again.

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      Great Post Ricky and congrats on being cucked. I can’t imagine a scenario where I would want to be cucked out of chastity. Hope to hear the results soon!

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      For me it is a love/hate thing, necessary yes. I am not always locked because they trust me. It sort of becomes a security blanket. Wife’s bf me being locked more than wife

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      I noticed these for sale at the toy store yesterday. I’m very intrigued with putting my husband in one while the 3 of us are out to dinner. I’m wondering how to bring it up to him. Did any of your wives bring it to you? How did they start the conversation?

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      Ricky Joiner

      Forgot about this post.

      Well it did happen eventually. Usually put on the night before by my wife. To get my erection down to fit it she would masturbate me, and tell me about what she planned to do with her lover. I would then have to suffer the ordeal of sleeping with her caged. Sometimes her lover slept over and I slept in the guestroom. Alternatively, we would go to his place and I would sleep in the spare room. It was quite painful listening to them enjoying sex and being unable to get relief.

      Relief came next morning when she would unlock me and take me in hand. It was all over very quickly!

      Sometimes we would go out as a threesome but with me caged. They would tease me by being affectionate. Many times they would act like a couple with me looking like a friend.

      Haven’t been caged for a while now – there’s been changes if our lifestyle. But I do recommend it. Something about being made to wear a cage!

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        Great to hear you’re now recommending chastity.

        To answer your question from your OP “for the cuckold, what is it actually like wearing one?” I’ve found wearing a male chastity device / cage to be a lot more addictive than I had anticipated. I’ve especially enjoyed the many interesting experiences & pleasant sensations that I’ve had while wearing a chastity cage.

        Now to clarify my situation, I’m currently a single wanna-be-cuck & I’ve been experimenting with self-locking for about 10 months now.

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      My cuckold wears one all the time as a must, and yes hygiene is the hardest part but that’s his problem.

      After time he doesn’t seem to get fully hard and it seems he did shrink.. but the lack of touching and play made it to be able to cum with out doing much lol..

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      As a cuckold I miss the cage when I am not wearing it. I have been a cuckold for a long time. Cuckold lifestyle is not about the cucky boy, but the wife and her pleasure.

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