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        He makes love to you, wanting you to hand yourself over to him, wanting you to want him more than you do your husband, and at this very moment you genuinely do. The room is candle lite and warm, the bed freshly made and the mirror angled perfectly to watch yourselves as you embrace for the first time in months.

        He had wanted to express his fantasies tonight but as you sat at the bar and talked together you felt the need to tell him what you really wanted. You told him this first time, this first night together after so long, you needed to feel his desire and affection for you. The perversions would come later, but now you wanted the truth to be expressed physically, for him to tell you exactly how he felt about you and that he wanted something far more intimate from you, as you did him.

        More than anything you wanted another man to love you, to make you feel desired, to have someone to think of at moments during your day, to know he wanted to be with you whenever he could be. You also wanted a husband that accepted this need within you, a husband that protects you, provides for you, and gives you the freedom to love another and be loved by another, whilst expressing his jealousy in a way that makes you feel even more wanted and needed than you have even experienced in your life.

        Your night together night started with a long conversation, both open and frank. On occasion it was uncomfortable as he fought his concern for his friend and finally understood and accepted that to love you was not a betrayal but was something between just the two of you. You knew that without using the words cuck or cuckold, that you had to explain to him that it was something we both accepted as part of our dynamics and embraced at an intellectual and emotional level within our marriage. From your explanations he finally felt his concerns fall aside embracing the fact that your affection for each other would not hurt your cuckold husband, as we all understood the implications and positive impact such a closeness would bring directly and indirectly to our relationships.

        Once you had come to understand what it was you wanted from each other, your drinks and cigars were cast aside, and he took you to your marital bed to consummate your new found understanding. Your body stretched out across the sheets as he knelt between your sex, wet, open, needy and demanding him. He then entered you, looking into your eyes, expressing his feelings as he made slow, sensual, demanding love to you. Moments later you had finally made love for the first time and afterward you held each other kissed deeply and warmly and fell asleep, only to wake again in the twilight and make love urgently once more, his orgasm filling you a second time.

        Later that day your husband arrives home and he feels the change that has taken place between you both. The atmosphere is warm and sensual and as we all talk through the evening you move between us gently, intimate with us individually, cooking for your husband and lover, looking forward to another evening of desire with your now newly pronounced boyfriend and lover. We speak together about how you feel for each other and my reassuring words calm him further and turn his eyes back toward you. This relationship now looked destined to grow in the coming years and it would become part of our marriage, your needs, my needs, his needs and most of all, our needs, all met.

        Dinner finished I am left to clear away as you lean into your lover and kiss, an embrace displayed purposefully in front of me, one that is more than the earlier intimate checks. The chairs move back and without a word you both leave the dinning room for our bedroom and I am left to ensure the house is clean and tidy for tomorrow. I can hear your distant calls of desire as you now allow him his fantasies and with previously understood strict instructions that I am not to interrupt you I go to bed and masturbate as you pleasure each other oblivious to my needs for now. Your night of perversions become rather extreme and you fulfil his wants as you show him the beautiful wondrous woman that you are.

        In time I am awakened by your body moving over me, suspended above my mouth before you lower yourself onto my wet open orifice, as I am forced to eat from you, eat his love for you, your soothing words encouraging me to endure, ensuring I do not miss a drop. Our new relationship and its growth is now consummated by this Dominant act and I love you even more for it. Then you disappear again and only in the morning after he has left am I forced to clean his love for you again, then allowed enter you and reclaim you until the next time. I now understood that I was sharing you with another and I embraced this painful need with my own painful satisfaction.

        As I made love to you you told me the hurtful pleasurable truth, that you had now started to fall in love with each other and had spoken together those very words of commitment. As I listened I came, my orgasm being the first truly cucked cum of our marriage. You were now in love with two men at different levels, both of them wanting you in their own ways. It would have its conflicts but we knew that it was something we both reached out for, together.

        Your cuck writing these very words and acting them responsibly makes you feel happy, secure and excited at all of the possibilities ahead of us all, as he watches you grow and blossom.

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        Tarisa Kay

          Absolutely loved this story, so well written and I’m hoping it’s a true story. I got very wet reading it. I am happy for all three of you.

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              I absolutely adore the thought of loving your wife so much that it would thrill you to step back and watch her fall in love.

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            Dirk & Roller Girl

              Absolutely superb story and description. Cuckolding is more than just intercourse, for us at least. The true feeling of being a cuckold comes when your wife actively wants and desires the other man and they actually ‘make love’, the passion, the desire, its that feeling that sparks the inner cuckold feelings!

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                  Agreed 100%! After all, love is a beautiful thing!

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                  We agree with this and have been around the block enough times to realize the feelings for the Bull would almost certainly fade quickly outside this special dynamic.

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                      Indeed, having had a few lovers, this dynamic has made this relationship sustainable and fulfilling for all of us.

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                      My wife fell in love with my best friend who she was seeing with my encouragement. It was the hottest thing ever to watch them slowly fall in love with each other and then watch their love grow over time.

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                          It is wonderful isn’t it John. Who best to fall in love with than someone you already know, care about and enjoy. Far better than a stranger for sure and it shows real committment too the lifestyle in choosing a friend as a lover

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                          Regretfully we could not regain access to our UKcouple account and hence our new profile. I have reprinted this story and its follow up last night under our new profile. Thank you all for your kind comments, indeed it is a true story with progressions and came to an end last year after about four years.

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                            Thanks so much for posting. I am new to this site and this is so similar to what happened with my wife and a former bf from before we met. He is a man she would have married, but he was married at the time. They finally hooked up many years later, at my urging, and she brought him into her life. The emotional attachment grew into love for each other, and clearly raised the level of excitement and need in my cuckolding. Today, our marriage is as strong as ever, but by mutual agreement with all parties, he is the only man who now fucks her. Also, I am unable to maintain an erection long or hard enough due to meds I take, and this contributed to all of us agreeing he would be her only true man in the total sense. I can still get her off with my fingers, and she still masturbates be but intercourse is reserved for him. None of us could be happier. Yes, he is now divorced and available to her at any time. Again, thanks for posting your story.

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                                You are welcome Bruce. Hotwife and I believe it was the most natural thing and completes us as a cuckolding couple. I adore Her more than I could ever express and love to see Her happy nd fulfilled.

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                                This happened to us to a somewhat certain extent. Yet her lover encouraging her to leave me! He got dropped like a hot potato when she came clean. Bamm he was left cold turkey blocked immediatly from all communication with out even a good bye from her! They had a fantastic romance right under my nose. But the poor guy stepped across the line.

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                                    And these actions of dropping him make it clear to us all, and certainly I am sure, reaffirm Your marriage and cuckold lifestyle. Congrats

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                                    This is so wonderful! I love truly believe that it is perfectly fine for a wife to be in love wit bother her husband as well as the man she is fucking. It makes logical sense, and I think it is completely. fair.

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                                      I am extremely pleased to tell you all that after a long break N and J are back together, and I am forced back into being Her loving cuck. I could not be happier

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                                        And so Nic is back on the scene again! He has been in touch too say he is visiting Uk on business and wants to come and spend a night to see J this Monday. We are nth excited and J has been spending the last few days preparing Herself and several scenarios so that everything is in place to make it a special evening. I shall keep you all posted as Nic has been ‘The Lover” for Her so far and they are emotionally connected even if they rarely get the chance to be together in recent years.

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                                        jim roberts

                                          this is so true. For my wife to reach the highest level of satisfaction she had to slide into love with her BF. She has been a hot wife for many years but until she let her emotions free did she experience total satisfaction. So many times she has said she fells like a teenager again. She thanks me over and over for encouraging her to open up to the ultimate form of cuckolding me.

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                                            When we were dating in college, my wife-to-be confessed to cheating on me with two other guys. I was initially furious and devastated, but after a few weeks I realized I was aroused by my girlfriend cheating on me. So was she. With my encouragement, she continued to have sexual encounters with other men into our marriage. When she was 27, Diane came home from work one day and mentioned that her married boss was hitting on her. I encourage her to flirt back, and things quickly escalated until they were involved in a full-blown affair. (Her boss never knew that I was aware of what was going on. He thought Diane was cheating on me) For the first time in five and a half years of sharing her, I was starting to experience strong cuckold angst, especially after orgasm. But this was nothing like the angst I experienced one month into their relationship when my wife confessed that she had developed “romantic feelings” for her boss. She tried to assure me that she still loved me, but now she shared those same feelings with her boss. I must admit, that even though this was scary to hear, it also produced a super intense sexual arousal. After hearing my wife’s unexpected bombshell, I didn’t say much. I remember walking to the bathroom completely consumed by cuckold induced lust. As I closed the bathroom door, my face was burning, my mouth was dry, and my hands were shaking as I released my throbbing penis from my shorts. I basically couldn’t hold back, I had to just lean back against the bathroom door gripped by one of the most intense orgasms of my life, spurting all over the bathroom cabinet and floor. After the last waves orgasm dissipated, I stood there, looking at the mess I had just made, cum still dripping from the tip of my softening penis as a wave of cuckold angst, unlike any I have ever felt before, swept over me. I was immediately depressed, felt sorry for myself, and started to cry……..This situation became a roller coaster of emotions for me. I thought that this must be what it’s like for a heroin user. Terrible debilitating, depressing orgasm induced angst, almost making me feel sick. After a few hours, sometimes longer, my angst would slowly start to diminish as my sexual arousal would start to build, fueled by thoughts of my wife, lovingly servicing her boss. I would then again try to replicate that intense sexual rush, and get my fix, by encouraging Diane to share more details of their encounters, and even facilitating ways for them to have intimate, alone time together in our marital home when her boss could slip away from his wife for a few hours. (I would conveniently arrange to take our young daughter to the grocery store, Chuck-e-cheese, or even drop her off at grandma’s house while I went camping just depending on how much time Diane’s lover could get away from his home.) During this time of emotional roller coaster for me, Diane realized that it would benefit her if she managed my orgasms. After I would cum, I would basically be depressed, angry, and just generally shitty to be around. She learned not to have any type of sexual interaction with me unless she was going to be away from the house for a while, like just before leaving from work. That way she wouldn’t be around for the worst part of my angst, and I would have a little bit of time to recover by the time she got home. She also made me agree to give her full control of my orgasms and even though it was okay to play with myself, I wasn’t to make myself cum. She also learned that when I was experiencing angst while she was around, a little “teasing” would help me snap out of it. (“What’s the matter honey, are you sad that your wife is in love with her boss?”) These things really helped us deal with the side effects of my angst. She also came to realize that it would really benefit me if she increased the time between my orgasms, giving me less “angst” time. As I look back on it now, I realize it was truly a loving act for my wife to slowly increase the time between my orgasms, giving me a chance to get used to being “denied”. This was way before the Internet, and we had never heard or read anything about romantic bonding, cuckold angst, or denial. This was just organic, and instinctual, mostly on her part. It didn’t take me long to realize that this was making life much happier and more satisfying for me. I quickly realized the benefits of denial, and eventually learned to actually enjoy the experience. As cuckolds, we are excited by the fantasy, and reality of our wife’s giving themselves to other men. Watching your wife fall in love with another man is a chance to experience how much she can really give of herself to another man. We even upped the ante a little bit more if you can believe it, but that’s another story. Eight months later, his wife found out about the affair, and they moved away. Looking back, I guess I was lucky to have played with fire and not get burned. Although I sometimes wonder what would now happen if Diane received a message on her Facebook page from him telling her he was now divorced and wanted to meet for a cup of coffee…….

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                                              Can I thank hubbyathome and Jim Roberts for their genuine contributions.

                                              Just to give you an update:

                                              Nic’s visit turned out to be a revelation in many ways if not a shocking one for me! If you have read some of my writings you will know that J has had a long term relationship with a once close friend of mine called Nic on and off for the past five years. They have not seen each other for two years as we relocated and they had put the brakes on things due to some emotional conflicts and concerns, but for the past two weeks they have been messaging together and arranging to see each other.

                                              After collecting Nic from the rail station having arrived from his business strip to London, we caught up, sharing dinner together and a few drinks as three old friends, I left them about 9PM to enjoy their evening spending the night in the annex building where we have a guest bedroom. It was a long night as I had already been made aware that when J took Nic to our marital bedroom on arrival to drop his bag to assure him they would spend the night together, he had forced her onto the bed and fingered her whilst kissing and smothering her. J told me this as he hung his suit up and took a shower whilst she adjusted all her clothing and tried to control her own breathing with me in the kitchen. I spent the whole night awake, having seen the effect he had on her. Indeed this has to be the first time I have not slept at least a few hours during a cuckold night of isolation. I must have known something was different.

                                              Nic’s visit was a short one, and I had to drive him to the airport for his 9AM flight hence I let myself into the house made coffee for them and I woke them at 6AM. They were asleep and I was invited into the room to deliver the coffees to their bed side tables. I noticed they were entwined together in bed and looked extremely content. During the drive to the airport I received no clue from him that things had suddenly changed between them and the conclusions they have come to as Hotwife and Her Lover……

                                              When I got home later later that in the morning I learnt that they had spent the entire night heavy petting, masturbating each other but had no penetrative sex at all! I found this surprising as she loves his cock and he loved fucking her. This first surprise, resulting in J now being a very frustrated woman, masturbating throughout all of yesterday and screaming his name whilst I assisted Her as Her cum waiter. They had spent from 9PM to 2 AM taking and as our American cousins say, making out with neither cuming.

                                              It appears that they had a very intimate night of talking and petting as they reviewed their relationship today, the concerns and mistakes they had made, and what the future could look like. The concerns had always been me, and his ability to understand that they could fall in love and commit to each other without breaking either marriage which they both feel is the corner stone of their lives. They have now made plans to bring their relationship into full bloom as they had declared strong feelings for each other and an unquenchable lust for one another, without actually saying they love each other, they have decided to make it a full blown affair between them. She will now start start traveling with him on all his business trips so she expects to be gone one week in six. Nic is a successful business owner like us and hence the pattern is familiar and not unlike our current life style in terms of travel. When they are not travelling together he will either be at home with his wife in Holland and he will start coming here to visit for the odd few nights. J has asked that I plan my business trips around his visits here so that I am away when they are together.

                                              I have been assured by her that whilst she will never leave me, it is her intention to fall deeply in love with Nic and enjoy loving two men, Her husband and Her Lover. We have discussed this numerous times over the years but they had both been unable to get to this point previously hence they extended period of not seeing each other, The next surprise is that J informed me that from this moment on they have agreed that I am cut off form any penetrative sex with Her!!! Nic had instigated this as he wants her to himself sexually and I believe that his withholding penetrative sex from her was part of his approach. She has agreed as we had previously discussed what would happen if she ever had a full loving affair and this was always going to be the direction our sexuality took in such an event. I will now only be allowed to cum as a cuckold through milking, monitored masturbation when and where she decides. I am truly shocked but pleased for them which is rather a contradictory statement,I had never expected the night to unravel as it has.

                                              So, J is off to Germany in ten days to spend 3 days with Nic, and as you can appreciate I am full of angst but full of love and admiration for my wife who is extremely hoppy and loving toward me at this time, discussing her intentions, hopes and expectations. She has tempered all of this with a learned caution as Nic has not been consistent enough to allow her to fully commit to the idea in the past. During their discussions through the night she pointed this out and he explained it was because of concern for his marriage and me as his friend. She has assured him that as a cuckold couple this is our goal and there is no reason he cannot love two women as she loves two men. She has also reminded him the old adage that it is better to have loved and lost than not at all.

                                              So, this cuckold is about to be tortured as only another cuckold can relate!

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                                                I have, and hold this deep and profound sense of loss! It is like I have recently heard the news of the passing of a loved one. I cannot seem to move it, relieve its painfulness, shift its pressure on my heart, all simply because I do not understand it and therefore recognise its importance.

                                                A few hours ago, my wife complemented me on being so strong and centred, having shown her unconditional love by way of my support and encouragement of her true expression. She is on a journey, a journey involving another man, one of exploration, learning, kindness, gentleness and warmth, full of healthy vibrant sexuality and all the things that form her as a person, that make her immediately identifiable to me as my loving beautiful wife!

                                                I felt that strength as we discussed her journey, her needs, her expectations and hopes at length throughout the evening, especially right at the very moment she awarded me such a meaningful heartfelt complement. But over the past few hours as she lays asleep alone above me in our marital bed, my confidence appears to have waivered, leaving me to ponder with increasing feelings of urgency as I slowly drown in its painful panicking replacement, no longer able to lay still awaiting the sleep demons to come and take me. That confidence and strength seems to have faded and drained away into something far less comfortable, less secure, less content. Are these replacement feelings somehow less proud worthy, less noble, darker? They are certainly hurtful, mixed with a strong hint of selfishness, and concern at that selfishness? I must investigate and see what it is that conflicts me before I drive myself insane.

                                                And so I find myself sat typing out this very note to myself and anyone who wishes to read it. This key board has become my doctors table, my autopsy bench as I exam how I feel, as I dissect these feelings, investigating their circumstances, reasoning’s, implications, and the very core of our cuckold marriage and her parallel love affair.

                                                I truly want her to experience love again, to embrace it, hold it, nurture it. Does that hurt me? Yes, deeply, yet the very conflict is that it pleases me with its pain. Is this the feeling that has replaced confidence and calm?

                                                And then it occurs to me that it is not the fact of her loving another, but the fact that our love, the youthful love at the beginning of our relationship, the one that has slipped away to be replaced by something more permeant but not quite as vibrant in its aging security.
                                                The touch of a lover becomes familiar over time however reassuring and it can never compete with the touch of something new, a new love and need, untested feelings and desires. It is this realisation of the loss of our youthful love that penetrates my heart and threatens to swamp it with pain. How can our old existing love possibly compete with the excitement and desire of a new vibrant love……..?

                                                Yet I should be happy, if I had the opportunity to feel that youthful vibrant love with her again I would grasp it in both hands, wrap my legs around it and drag it screaming to the ground to be enjoyed with its accompanying laughter and tears. Therefore, who am I to stop her experiencing that love sensation, those joys and those experiences again. Is it not my responsibility to allow her these feelings and experiences, and should I not encourage them for her benefit alone. Just because it is not with me does not mean that it is not as vibrant, enjoyable and valuable or genuine and therefore meaningful as ours once was. It is even possible I experience through my imagination loving her anew again, through his love and desire for her.

                                                The conflict is that I want and need the pain it provides; therefore, I feel guilty at my sexual and emotional desire and desire in providing it, suggesting my support and encouragement is disingenuous because it is influenced by my sexuality!

                                                But my spirit also says she needs to experience this to allow her to feel vibrant and confident, to demonstrate to herself that she is desired and wanted and hence loved. Just because she is truly beautiful does not mean she does not come with her own set of insecurities over her desirability, meaning she has self-doubt and hence has an inability to see the beauty in the character and the physicality that I see. The only way she can see what I see is through the eyes of another’s desire for her and her inner most personable attributes, outward sexual spells and influence. I recognise this and therefore give it without the need for sexual gratification. So it must therefore be genuine.

                                                I cannot hide that all of this is strongly connected to my cuckold needs. Over time so may revelations have come forward, the excitement and anticipation of the pain of her sexual liaisons, the deep hurt of her feelings for another, all providing me sexual gratification because my black wires are incorrectly attached to my green and blues, resulting in enjoyable angst rather than just jealousy and rage. An erection rather than the normal adrenalin to allow flight or fight. Pleasure mixed with terrible pain rather than simple down right horror of it all. When the body and mind react in such abnormal ways, you embrace the pain, embrace the article that provides it, encourage it, want it, and feed off of it. Yet the side that remains cognisant of normality tells you that you should not risk the loss of the very thing you adore to achieve self-pleasure through self hurt. Yet you cannot stop yourself!

                                                But I hope that she knows that the more she hurts me the more she will see that I am here to stay, here for her and I am strong and uncrushable in the belief of our love and marriage. I trust this will be something she desires and wants, something a new love cannot provide because of its new inception.

                                                When I reflect and see how just hours before I was strong in my support, without the need of a physical erection, looking at the thing you love, giving it up for the betterment of the individual you adore, then you know you are also capable of selflessness, strong self-belief and self-empowered in your accompaniment to this alternative act and relation.

                                                When you exam yourself as a cuckold of a wife that deserves love from another, that deserves adoration, that deserves to feel and experience desire and love from another, you also realise how enlightening and spiritual it can be for you. In just a few days I have come to realise how I have let her and myself down through my weight gain, my poor sexual performance, my lack of attention to myself. The journey has provided me with self-empowerment to make changes, to strive for a better me physically and emotionally. It therefore provides purpose to protect and strengthen the core of our existing love. This has to be nothing but self-betterment and recompense at my guilt for letting go and allowing the youthful love to become old, however genuine, solid and long lasting that love is.

                                                So I sacrifice my feelings for two things, the first selflessly to Her as a woman and secondly and selfishly as a cuck.

                                                I would not change my gift to her because of my genuine deep love for her.

                                                I would not change my gift to her because I recognise and embrace my own sexual wiring.

                                                She is not the only one on a journey, hers is of itself about her and her fulfilment. Mine is of and about me as a person and my ability to love myself and love her.

                                                To retain that feeling of confidence and centre and to expel the feeling of loss I must believe in her, believe in me, have true belief in our love, belief that our primary relationship is the real relation of consequence. I must also have belief that I can do more to make the old love sparkle and be as equally alluring in its own way compared to the new one she is about to journey on. If I can maintain that belief then she will complete her journey (even though she likely to take others until we have both achieved their use) and I shall grow in confidence, embrace the painful love she provides and stay home nursing my erection, protecting our old love and making it the pinnacle of our personal achievements together. I have become the home carer of our relationship, the rock and the centre of our marriage, and no longer the rotating star. We have in effect reversed roles and I embrace the change. She has become the angel that explores the heights whilst I wait to catch her and keep her safe should she fall.

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                                                  This really reflects our relationship very well. My wife loves me, her cuck husband and she loves her boyfriend, but in very different ways. This relationship works really well for all 3 of us and has been going for over a year now and we expect it to continue for some time yet.
                                                  My wife is even planning to have another child next year and guess who is likely to be the father…

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                                                      Thank you Bruce, it is nice to know that we are not alone in our preferences, choice and depth of lifestyle….

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                                                      Cuckoldress is upstairs packing for Her visit to Frankfurt tomorrow to spend some time with Her Lover. The angst has gripped my throat and I am in the strong building of cuckold angst, wanting to ask Her not to go but knowing that would be completely inappropriate.

                                                      She has packed numerous articles of clothing and laid in bed last night masturbating outlining Her plans and hopes for their stay together including dinners, showering together, the type of sex She hopes to have and the preparation s She has made. Several messages have been exchanged between Her LOver and Her and the are not at all subdued but assertive and demanding of each other. This cuck waits for tomorrows dawn to drive Her to the airport, as all good luck drivers should.

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                                                        And so my angst starts in earnest as I have dropped Her at the airport and She is flying toward him as I write this. For the next 48 hours I shall have to remain centred, unselfish and focused on my duties and role as Her cuckoldry as She delights in Her physical and emotional pleasures.I have attached a picture of Her teasing me this morning before She left with words of how He will tit fuck Her….

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                                                            I can understand very well what you are feeling. I’ve had a similar situation. My wife with her boyfriend on holiday, 5 days alone. First feelings, jealous and pathetic. But our marriage is still strong and I am happy for my wife, and this “humiliation” excite us…

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                                                            She returned yesterday after hours days and what felt like years of not hearng from Her. My heart is broken and my erection complete, and I await my reward

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                                                              J had a wonderful if short visit with Nic in Germany and has returned a pleasured and content Hotwife. I have been placed by Her in my cuckold position and started to learn of all the exciting moments they spent together, having sex, eating, talking, the details of their conversations and sleeping together. Her body is tired and marked by him where they have spent hours playing together, a few bruises on Her buttocks from his demanding desire for Her.

                                                              Much to my surprise it appears that I have not been cut off and Hotwife has allowed me to cum in Her on two occasions thus far since Her return. She has used the opportunity to tease and share with me, and the excited mixed pain has me hurt, humbled and yet settled and of course fully supportive of they relationship. I have not broached the cut off issue as I am enjoying the balance of being sexually isolated before and during Her time with him, and being allowed to pleasure my `Hotwire on Her return. Being in Her afterward, it is clear to me She has been pleasured by him, because She feels so very different.

                                                              J has decided she will send him some pictures this week, and I find myself nervous and excited at the prospect as she shares intimate pictures with him and him alone. No doubt he will be pleased to receive them and excited at the prospect of their next coupling when and wherever that maybe.

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                                                                  Thank you for these insightful posts. My wife has reconnected witb her first love after over thirty years. They have spent months looking for a house for him locally and he has just bought one a few miles away. They have only had occasional sex up to this point but are now talking about more. I know not to push but have encouraged where i can. Their feelings are definitely deepening. I want so much for her to enjoy falling deeply in love again. Its a craving that goes beyond even my desire for them to have sex. But im also anxious that i blow it or that i lose her to him. I know he is the better lover, better conversationalist, has a better job. I watch them together and see what a lovely couple they make. Any normal man would be fighting for her now but im just desperate for her to fall in love with him.

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                                                                      I am happy to hear that your wife has found a familiar lover from her past. It must be an exciting time for them. Hopefully you will be able to control yourself and let things develop naturally. She is with you for a reasons and enjoying him for a reason. Let both be pleasurable experiences for her, don’t become a needy emotional wreck, that will only increase the risk of you losing her. Rather, embrace your inadequacies as a cuck and support and love her as you should. Good luck

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                                                                    When i was making love to my wife right after her lover left our house she would just lay there while I would move in and out of her now very loose, swollen and wet snatch while she would tell me how wonderful his cock makes her feel by completely filling her up inside. After they had slept together many times while I was getting my turn I ask her if she loved him too? She whispered “yes.” I ended up having her tell me she loved him and loved making love to him and how she wished it was him on top of her right now instead of little ole me. She would then tell me to hurry up and cum because she was sore and couldn’t feel my little penis anyway…. That was back in 1989-1991. She went on to sleep with 4 others but none satisfied her like that very first. We eventually wanted kids and it all stopped. Now they are grown,. what’s the chance of reliving it again now!? Much older but she still aches to be pleased. She said he spoiled her for life!

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                                                                      And now she is about to meet with Him again and is preparing herself…. more news to follow.

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                                                                        Hercuckslav – what a beautiful situation to find yourself in. Although this gift didn’t just fall into your lap (albeit the circumstances lent themselves to its fruition) much of this has been through your selfless devotion. Please keep us updated regarding your lovely and loving wife and her other love. I can only just imagine what the lovely pain is like for you. I am envious of you beyond words. May your delicious wife continue to love you and be in love with her other man and be satisfied sexually by him.

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                                                                          Hubbyathome –
                                                                          Now with fact what happened, from a retro perspective;
                                                                          What are your and your wife’s thoughts on the affaire with her boss and hes (ex?) wife?
                                                                          Do you feel any regrets or sympathy or understanding for his (ex?) wife?
                                                                          Do you and your wife consider that your involvement were a direct contributing cause of the boss (ex?) wife leaving him?
                                                                          Do you think it was worth it for your own sexual kink?
                                                                          Did the boss and hes (ex?) wife have children?
                                                                          Is it something you would do again?

                                                                          Hercuckslav –
                                                                          I would like to ask the same questions to you and your wife about Nic. (From what I know, Nic’s wife does not know about his affair with your wife, nor has he left him.)
                                                                          Yes I know Nics wife dont know about your wife and hes affaire. And yes, I also know Nic and hes wife have children. And yes, I also know Nic and your wife are exclusive now. And that you and your wife’s marriage are more “platonic friends” – where sexual intimacy is excluded (except on very few occasions).

                                                                          To you both Hubbyathome and Hercuckslav: Do you feel that you should take or need to take responsibility for the potential negative consequences and risks for the man you choose to involve in your own sexual kink?
                                                                          Do you think that everyone involved is an adult and can take responsibility for their own actions?

                                                                        • #36045

                                                                            I have have been involved with a wife for over 25 years and we share a deep and and intense love for each other. But that special love is only possible because it was created in the incredible pleasure and passion that only the relationship between a wife and her lover can have.
                                                                            That love would be disappointingly less intense out side the sexual dynamic of our relationship. I am the man who for years has been guided into her by her husband, been orally served by him, cleaned and fluffed by him, and shared incredible pleasure with her. If the husband did not exist, our relationship would not exist because it is a relationship that can only exist for her as a married woman.
                                                                            Woman, by nature, live lives of multiple roles and have little difficulty keeping them in perspective. Rarely, have I heard of a wife wanting to dump the husband for the Bull. This lifestyle is simply an extension of the natural capability of women to handle multiple roles simultaneously-except they get much more freedom of choice in this lifestyle.
                                                                            I have been amazed by the amount of wives who have said to me that even though cuckoldry was the husband’s idea they had to wait until they thought he was ready to handle his fantasy to find their first Bull.

                                                                            • #36050

                                                                                I’m glad to read a a life similar to mine, except that I’m the husband. My wife has a lover and she loves him and loves me too. I agree with you, the woman can love two men in different ways. The wife needs her husband to support and love her for to be able to the lust and to love the lover.
                                                                                Slowly the sex with husband will drop but the cerebral feelings increase. The sexual desire for lover increases and when the wife is secure with her husband’s compersion, the love for her lover also increase.
                                                                                So, when you say that love is less intense without cumplicity of her husband, I think most genuine cuckold relationships can understand.

                                                                            • #36916
                                                                              Hotwife Kay

                                                                                My wife told me 2years in she would like to meet a guy she can be more than sex with and have a real connection and yes maybe fall in love. I was in full support and assured her I would take a step back if she ever met a man on that level and allow her to fully enjoy being taken by another man well I still loved her. My wife would allow me to introduce her to a guy I thought she would like and I knew her type. Well I met this really good looking very respectful black guy who was older than us by 7years we chatted for a good month he show consistent interest so my wife agreed to meet him. I ended up send him her number and they got to talking and they sure did. Seeing my wife give her phone her fully attention seeing her text him was very much a turn on because I knew it was a good thing. I let a couple days go by before asking her about it. She told me she wants to meet him but the 1st time she would like to alone. I gave her my blessing and that weekend they went out. So she got home around 3am I was awake and already hard. He coming to bed i went down expecting to smell condom but i didnt was a strong aroma of her pussy mixed with cum. I started to lick and she tasted like cum and I made her cum with my tongue. From there they started talking more and another date this time she brought him home and i got to see how comfortable she was with him see my wife truly into another man in a way I havnt before. I could just feel it was different watching them kiss and finally seeing his huge BBC for the 1st time hearing her moan in such pleasure. So about 3months of seeing him my wife and I finally had a deep talk where she admitted she is falling for him and that hes admitted feeling for her too. And I asked her if she would want me to allow her to be his girlfriend and yes meaning taking more of a role of your bestfriend and support system and he is more your lover and sexual partner. She saw how hard I was she let me inside her what we call pussy hugs. And she then said yes that is what she wants that she loves me and thanked me for all this. Seeing my wife in love with a BBC man who loves her too I only dreamed of being a cuckold on this level

                                                                              • #36921

                                                                                  That is so sweet of you to support your wife and her boyfriend. Sounds like everyone is getting their desires met. Are you permitted to lick her lover’s sperm from her pussy? Has he become fully integrated into your family and extended family?

                                                                                • #36923
                                                                                  Hotwife Kay

                                                                                    Yes I eat my wife pussy after her boyfriend has cam inside her. It’s something I absolutely love to do just the nastiness of it lol but her boyfriend has met 2.of her friends and actually he met my mother by mistake but as a friend of course lol

                                                                                  • #36934

                                                                                      Sounds delicious. I’ll bet they taste wonderful.

                                                                                      Sounds like you chose the perfect bf for your wife. Finding a caring BF with a big cock is a gift every husband should consider giving his wife. It must have been so exciting to watch them fall in love.

                                                                                      Also sounds like you have a cuck’s admiration for his BBC. Are you invited to watch them couple at times? What’s it like to watch him groove and stretch her pussy before pumping his cum in her.

                                                                                      any pic’s or videos to share?

                                                                                    • #36944
                                                                                      Hotwife Kay

                                                                                        Yes it’s been a real journey and being able to accept and embrace my roll in my wife life. Seeing her happy and satisfied I did encourage her to spend time with him which formed them becoming a couple. Yes I do get to watch ever so often and they’ll let me assist as her cuckold but she mainly enjoys her man alone and I honor her time with him. Seeing the woman I love into another man and seeing them fuck and make love is the wildest most fulfilling feeling overwhelming that I get to share this life with her and her boyfriend.

                                                                                      • #36946

                                                                                          I hope you have had the cuckold’s honor of inserting his cock into your wife’s pussy. Maybe even wiping the sweat off his brow as he toils to pleasure her.

                                                                                          Do you let him know how much you appreciate him helping to make her happy?

                                                                                        • #36951
                                                                                          Hotwife Kay

                                                                                            Never have wipped sweat off a bull but I have handed him lube and sometimes water lol and yes I have spoke to my wife boyfriend and I have thanked him and he knows I appreciate all of it

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