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      I am an unexpected cuckold.  I had discovered (about 5 months ago from this post) that my wife was cheating on me with a younger, fitter guy she played volleyball with.  At the this had been going on for over 6 months.  I was shocked, hurt, and angry. Working through my emotions I was surprised that I was also aroused thinking about her being with him.  Spontaneously during a talk we had about what to do about our relationship I told her that I accepted she could have other lovers, that it was ok with me.  We made love then and during the session I asked her about him and she told me about the first time that had sex – it turned me on so much and she learned that it did.  We stayed married and she continued to see her lover.  When she came home after being with him she would tell me what they did and we would have sex or I would masturbate.  As this became our normal her stories became confessional as she started to tell me about the other men she had cheated on me with over the course of our relationship.  There were 4 other long term lovers and a number of one night stands or short term relationships.  I accepted all this and really enjoyed hearing about her adventures.  I accept that my wife needs other men and that makes me a cuckold and that this is a new foundation of our marriage.  My wife has been also starting to see other men she meets online.  I have been enjoying helping her get ready for her dates with helping her getting dressed and saying goodbye, sometimes giving her rides to her date.  Out of this dating she plans to find a man to be more involved in our relationship, to be a proper Bull for us so I can watch and more – not sure where this is going but it has been and I am sure will continue to be a very emotional and exciting experience.

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      It was exciting to read of your strange progression into cuckolding.  Are you two closer now than before?  Do you now have hope that your relationship can last?  Is it still quite the roller coaster ride for you, emotionally?  Do you like waiting for her while some other guy is servicing her?  My wife and I are on the brink of this kind of activity and I waiver a lot about it emotionally and would enjoy reading some of your answers to these questions, if you are up for it.  Thanks, Mat

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      Hi Mat – happy to answer:


      Are we closer? – hmmm definetly more honest so in that way closer yes, we are still working out what it means for us so not sure where we will be in the end

      Do I have hope our relationship will last? – I believe so yes.  But I do not believe it would last without the cuckolding now.  I do not think my wife is capable of being only with me for sex so she needs to be with others and I need to accept that and ideally enjoy it – which I am.

      Is it a rollercoaster ride – yes still a bit of one but rapidly becoming normal, more positive ride then not.

      Do I like waiting while some other guy is servicing her?  – oh yes, I love knowing she is out with another man doing I don’t know what and waiting for her to come home and to hearing what a bad wife she has been and how much fun she had 🙂  a crazy emotional ride.

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      Thanks for answering.  It sounds exciting, for sure, but I guess I (and every other potential cuckold) have to decide if I want to go through with this and probably change things forever, or work for a monogamous committed relationship with cuckold fantasies.   Any suggestions?

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      My wife and I entered the cuckold lifestyle in a similar way but with a twist. I was the one cheating on my wife. I had cheated numerous times and got caught several times but not nearly every time. I had girlfriends for years before my wife would find out. She was very mad every time and it took a real toll on our marriage.

      Then I discovered one day that she was cheating on me – or so I thought. It turned out that I had discovered her affair before my wife and her boyfriend had gotten to the bedroom stage. I was shocked and she was contrite. But, after a couple of days of thinking about it I started to like the idea of her having sex with other men. I told her that she could go ahead with her boyfriend and have a lusty affair.

      She was doubtful that I really meant it and afraid that I would change my mind after she started having sex with this guy. I kept telling her that that the idea of her and another man turned me on – big time.

      Finally, one day (about a week after I gave her the green light) she told me that her boyfriend had screwed her on his couch and that she really enjoyed it. She wanted very badly now to continue.

      I was shaking, jealous and excited all at once. She wouldn’t let me screw her for a couple of days but after we had fucked again I was ready for her to go on with her boyfriend and told her that I really wanted her to continue with him.

      Each time they were together I would get extremely excited by the idea of him inside her. I would then get pangs of jealousy that would come and go but I was always encouraging her to continue with him.

      My wife always refused sex with me after having been fucked by her boyfriend but would give me a great handjob while giving me some details of her sex with her boyfriend. I loved those handjobs and the images in my mind of the two of them.


      After she and her boyfriend broke up, I told her that I would like her to find another lover. After some time she did find another guy anxious to dip his wick in her and they went at it for a couple of months.

      My wife has had a number of lovers since and I always get that old excitement and the jealousy but I never want her to stop.

      She loves being pursued and bedded and I love the excitement of being aroused by her with another man.


      So, the bottom line is that you can start the cuckold lifestyle by different paths. It is necessary to make sure that your wife knows that you want it for her and for her to get as much enjoyment out of it as she wants with your total support. She needs to know that you will not change your mind (even if you have some jealousy) and let her have some freedom to set the stage. I don’t think women  want to be controlled in this lifestyle – let them drive.


      Good luck to all of you wantabes. It is possible to have your wish and enjoy it. I have no regrets.



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      I caught my wife cheating. She told me her lover was bigger and better than me. It was devastating but as she described her sexual escapes I became aroused. Once she saw my erection, she went into greater detail. she learned she could control me by threating to withhold details of her dates unless I cleaned her.

      I finally got to with=ness her having sex with him. I couldn’t believe he was that big. She took hic=s cock in one stroke and I came. She had more and more intense orgasms with him than I ever gave her.

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      Dan C

      From experience, being cheated on is a horrible. You feel betrayed, lied too, and therefore you lose all trust in your wife. It also makes you question your manhood, makes your mind obsessed with how big his cock is, what he looks like naked, how he fucks your wife, your wife sucking his cock, where they fuck and how often they fuck. And the worse part is wondering how does you wife compare you to him, especially when it comes to sex and performance.
      Being a knowing cuckold, though difficult at first with moments still of anguish, is a much better experience and I have learned that I enjoy the role, sexually and emotionally. Maybe because I know what is going on, I see what is going on, I am part of it whether I get to participate or not, and I know my wife loves me. That sex with him does not diminish my wife’s desire for me, though I know she craves him sexually more than me, but we love each other. I guess I do not feel threatened as a cuckold as I did as a spouse who was cheated on.

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      My wife started an affair with her co-worker.I found out when I asked her for a daytime lunch date.She said she was “busy”.When I picked her up she had chapped lips was a bit breathless and smelled of lube.She needed to shower as soon as she got home.I found it arousing knowing that at lunch time she was having sex.I already knew her co-worker had come onto her at work saying he was horny and found her sexy.She ended up with a rash on her lower back just above her ass crack.This was from his cummshot.She told me he went for blood tests so they could “ bareback” it.Oddly I am bigger than him penis wise and she finds it easier to take.An odd twist to all this is that before I married her I had a bisexual experience with him and know “exactly”what she means about his penis size.

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      Do you clean her after her meets with her coworker?

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      Yes I do.Bit of a different taste

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      I have been married over 34 years now, but before my wife I dated and lived with a girl for over two years. She was a real bitch. We fought all the time and she always complained about how fast I would cum and always made me go down on her until she reached her orgasm. The last twelve months we were together I caught her cheating on me several times. Each time she would come home late at night, I would ask her, “where the hell have you been?” Her reply was the same I was out with my girlfriends, but I could see it in her face, her makeup was gone or really messed up, hair disheveled and one time she still had cum in her hair. So I always would pressure her for the true answer. This would lead to to a big fight. Then after a while she would say it, that she just got fucked real good because she needed to have a nice cock in her, to fill her and last long enough to make her cum. Then I would pathetically beg her not to do it again. Then we would have make up sex but it always started with me eating her out. She would laugh and ask me how I like the taste of another man. I never replied but I knew I would have to deal with it. If I was lucky she would let me slide my cock in her after she came from me eating her out other times she would just tell me to go in the bathroom and cum by myself. I had no idea what a cuckold was or that I was a cuckold. Finally we broke up,

      Two months later I met my wife. Here I mentally knew if I was going to be able to keep a woman loyal and to stay with me I knew sex would always have to begin with me going down on her pussy, to have to eat her pussy and finger her to orgasm before I would try to penetrate her to overcome how fast I would cum once inside her. My past experience had put me in survival mode when it came to sex. In our third month of dating I got my wife pregnant this helped seal our relationship. over the next six years we would have three kids. During this time I often wondered how many times she had cheated on me. She swears she never did but there were many times were situations that came up when we were with other people and the way some guys talked or whispered of to the side with her. I knew deep down inside something was going on or had happened. Even my own cousin would stop ny the house while I was at work. And he was know for poaching on other men’s wives.

      Just before my wife got pregnant with our third child she went on an all-girls weekend in New York City. This in itself is a long story, but on this trip she was tagged teamed by two guys one of which ended up staying with her for the whole weekend. I never found out the real truth to that weekend until years later. But After that weekend sex between us really changed in many ways. We got into toys and watching a lot of porn together. From there it took another 6 years, in 2003 before we got to the point where she would fuck another man in front of me and of course I ate her pussy as soon as he pulled out. At this point I was still in denial that I was a cuckold. I thought she was just had a Hotwife and I was the cool husband. When if fact I was her cum eating cuckold.

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      My wife started cheating before we were married. About 10 years later she told me. I just so happened to start fantasizing about her being a slut. Every once in a while she would drink to much and fuck the living shit out of me.

      It was great when she told me.. within 3 years she started to cuck me .. like with me actually knowing. The sex was awesome when she came home.

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      I have been a bedwetter my whole life and worn most of the time diapers to bed at night. Most of my girlfriends at that time did not have a problem with this. They had quite a good life with me and also a comftable financial situation. With my two last girlfriends the same situation happened that after some time they could not bare it anymore that I was a part of the day in diapers. Both did not see me anymore as a “real man” according to them after the first moments of intense love passed by and that they were not attracted anymore to me and that they found that I was not good enough in bed for them. They started to humilaite me in a kind way I must say to have to my opinion a reason and excuse to look for a lover. So it occured 2 times that they took a lover and that I got cuckolded. Next to diapers, came chastity and the last one even got me fixed. In that period I got interested in gay sex and it is so since a good 10 years. No regrets! 🙂

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