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      me and my cuck meet in school, he was the best chance at getting a approve with my old school parents to date. very good looking athletic, in shape and even being popular he was down to earth. of course, he’s Latin, I was really into black guys, but my parents wouldn’t have it. once we started dating (me always being horny) we had sex all the time, not knowing too much at the time, I didn’t cum even though we fucked for hours lol. also not knowing, I guess he wasn’t cummings either, which contributed to us being horny all the time.

      Once I started College at DHC, of course the temptations guys hitting on me made me even more horny! which is when the sexual frustrations started to kick in, and it didn’t matter how hard I tried or concentrated during sex with my (cuck) boyfriend at the time I still couldn’t cum, which is when I started to question myself about me like if something was wrong. I started to try and pay attention more, which is when I noticed I didn’t feel anything while having sex with (cuck) my bf. At first, I thought it was me as if I wasn’t sensitive enough down there to feel him or to be able to cum. (yes very naive back then) this went on for over a year, which also made me question why I also haven’t got pregnant yet (which was a good thing) but being naive I was thinking it was something that could be wrong with me.

      With everything in question and me still being horny, a opportunity with a mixed black guy from school came along so I took it. We went back to his place and wow! did I feel his cock! I also came very hard, as did he in me and even that feeling was like wow! After words I went back home to my Bf, like nothing happened. Next day my bf and I have sex, and I don’t feel anything lol… this continued, 3 months later I’m pregnant, I automatically knew it was from the guy I cheated with, and the guilt kicked in. So, I went to tell my Bf that I was pregnant just knowing he was going to ask me how? due to the fact that I wasn’t Cumming, so I assumed he wasn’t either or wasn’t Cumming enough to get me pregnant or he wasn’t fertile which I’m sure he would be aware of (Naive) yes, I was lol.

      I went and told him, expecting the worse. I told him I was pregnant showing him the test, getting ready to get cursed out and having to explain that I cheated. Instead, he was happy and ok with me being pregnant and didn’t even ask me how or when or anything. it was a little weird, I still didn’t know if I should just tell him or not say anything. I didn’t say anything, but I wanted to see where his head was and see if he was chumming and if he felt anything or not while having sex with me. he said he was Cumming sometimes and then he said plus pre-cum could also get me pregnant, so I was like oh then there still might be a chance he did lol (naive).

      having my first son he looked just like me, so no questions ever asked. till I found out my son’s blood type and my cucks. so, I started to cheat more and with a friend of his who was black/Rican and his friend’s brothers. lol I had a lot of sexual frustrations to get out. well after a little after messing around with them, at the time I had a Diary, SMH stupid! my cuck found it and read it finding out about my activity with his friends. We had a huge fight, then when he calmed down, he asked me a question, asking me if it was the sex that made me cheat? as I contemplated, I said fuck it! if it’s going to end I going to be honest. I said I’m sorry but yes! saying I always horny but when we have sex, I wouldn’t feel anything, and I wasn’t cummings which made me even more horny. being honest and saying at first, I thought it was me, as if something was wrong with me. that I was so horny I cheated and realized it wasn’t me. that when he said he didn’t feel anything either and he thought it was him! lol, he said he wasn’t Cumming either. he didn’t seem small at all, or thin, so I guess he was average. then the other question came up, I never gave him a BJ. he asked why, which at that time I didn’t like uncircumcised cocks, then again Hes was the only one I had, and I was like nope! I tried once and before I could I almost threw up. so, I just acted like I didn’t do that lol…

      after talking I’m thinking it’s over and that’s when it started! I guess the humiliation of it and the honestly turned him on which turned me on. He then suggested a 3some with another guy, which turned me on even more. first guy was just a random guy. then he just wanted to watch me with a guy, which is how this all started and continued. more of the story will come with time lol…

      sorry for all the grammar issues typing in a hurt due to limited time. but it’s something I wanted to put out there. thanks

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      Honesty over comes grammatical errors, as communication is most important. Every time someone posts, it is an education for us all. Never quit learning. Congratulations and thank you. cuckold dany

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