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    I have deleted almost 800 accounts which appear to have not verified their email address by clicking the link provided via email. This can happen because

    1. the email address specified during registration is bogus
    2. the email address was mistyped or not complete
    3. the user simply failed to follow directions

    This process is necessary to ensure we don’t have spam/bot accounts set up within our community.

    I have verified the signup process and am confident it works as expected, so, if you’re account didn’t go through before or you’d like now, be sure to register and then check your email for the validation link.

    Registration (and logging in) is required to participate in the groups, forums and to view some restricted content, though there isn’t too much of that at this point.

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    I don’t think I have received an email to verify my account. Also I have clicked accept on friend request and it it says accept, but they never show up on my friends list.

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