Please welcome our newest verified couple: londoncouple

verified_editWe’ve been swingers for over 10 years but moved more towards the cuckold dynamic about 2 months ago. Initially, Sarah played with single guys in swinger clubs while I watched, then she met a few guys alone and we then met a local bull who we played with for about a year (on and off). This experience really opened our eyes when all 3 of us embraced the dynamic and used your guides as our rule book !

It was intense and serious , we experimented with denial, chastity, sharing and had a combination of the 2 of them meeting alone and me as the cuckold also being involved during the play.

Sadly, he ended it because he was also married and it was getting complicated so we’re currently seeking a new bull to take us forward !

I enjoyed the discussion with the cuckold and was impressed by how inquisitive they were in exploring new aspects of cuckolding to find what worked for them. I do hope they find a new bull quickly.


Only cuckolding offers this dynamic.