Today, I present a challenge for those couples who have a lover in their marriage.


Do The Math

This is an exercise I first did with the third couple I dated longterm. Initially, I did it as a way of exercising her cuckold’s submission by making him document my coupling with his wife in detail as opposed to simply watching her.

I had him create baseline statistics during a date night at home with his wife by having him:

  • note the positions we enjoyed and for how long
  • count each full thrust of my cock inside her
  • carefully note the results of his wife measuring my erect cock
Longterm, he was required to track the following:
  • the position we were in for each of her orgasms
  • the position we were in when I finished inside her

The first report I asked him to calculate for us was how much penetration by my cock had his wife enjoyed over the first week of data collected.

He knew how many times I’d been with her and for how long and he could generate an average for my thrusts inside her per minute.

Let’s say my average pace is 34 thrusts inside her sex per minute and we coupled for 75 minutes = 2,250 times his wife’s little sex yielded to my cock that night.

2,250 times. Never really thought of it that way, did you?

Now take that number, 2,250, and multiply that by the length of her lover’s cock, divide that by 12 and you’ll have the full length of cock, in feet, she took during that single coupling.

Now think how those numbers look after a month of seeing her 2-4 times a week.

And now ponder all the other statistics you can have your faithful cuckold produce:

  • number of inseminations by position
  • number of orgasms by position
  • thrusts to orgasm ratio
  • and more…

It’s all about perspective.