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As have many others, I have established a presence on nothing to see there yet, but if we move there as a community and support the platform, we can have a home of our own, so to...




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The Biology of Cuckolding

Why do some husbands become so excited by the reality of another man having equal or greater sexual privileges with his wife? It all comes down to our biology. It’s In The Genes [pullquote_left]Humans were never...

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Cuckold Chastity

Cuckold chastity mainly refers to physically enforced chastity through the use of a device to restrict a husband’s ability to have sex, masturbate and in some cases prevent and even punish erections. Why restrain your...

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Creating An Enjoyable Cuckolding Environment

An enjoyable cuckolding environment is one where everyone involved receives the maximum benefit. For a cuckold couple with a steady bull or Dom, this means practicing cuckolding together. In this article, I mainly address the...

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Interracial Cuckolding

In general, the term interracial, when used with cuckolding, most often refers to single black males enjoying white wives with their husband’s support and encouragement. White Wife – Big Black Cock (BBC) The contrast...

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Introduction to Cuckolding

If you’re reading this site for the first time and your husband/wife has just recently began sharing this idea with you, or perhaps it’s a long-lived fantasy only now receiving renewed attention, please continue...

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About FMSB

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FMSB was first launched in 1996 and was the first site of its kind online. FMSB was first created in support of an IRC chat room long before the days of web browser based chat (outside of AOL). This chatroom existed on dalnet...

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Tending To Your Marital Garden

While chatting with a couple of members today, I was thinking off the cuff and used an analogy that seemed to have some potential for visualizing what cuckolding is: Consider marriage a flower garden where each blossom...

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Cuckold Denial

‘Denial’ is the  overt application of decisions which limit or redefine a husband’s sexual privileges with his wife. The practice of the various forms of denial can lead to increased physical and emotional...

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