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        I thought I had posted this a couple of days ago, but due to my excitement, I must have made an error, so I will try again with an updated post.

        My wife has been fucking her ex for nearly 15 years. It’s a long story, but she literally bumped into him when she was out shopping after around 10 years of not seeing him.

        He suggested they have lunch another day and she asked me if that was OK. I said I was fine with it, but she should know that he wants to fuck her. She denied it and called me a pervert.

I said if they fucked, it was OK with me as long as she told me every detail when she got home. The lunch came and went, then another two catch ups. She did say that they had kissed in his car but no more. I found out years later that she had sucked him off and swallowed his load – something she never did for me.

        The next catch up would be at his house. She asked how I felt about that as he made it clear that he wanted sex. I reminded her of the rules that I want to hear every detail when she got home. She agreed, as long as S never found out I was aware. He thought is was an affair type relationship with them cheating on me.

        So a 15 year strange cuckold affair started. I met him several times. He was introduced as her ex and we went on a date with him and his then GF. In fact we became friends, but he had no idea I knew he was fucking her.

        When my wife came home from seeing him, she would tell me what happened as I went down on her and then fucked her. She enjoyed telling me almost as much as I did hearing it. I tasted his condom once while licking her and that made me cum almost immediately. I was shocked how exciting it felt to know his cock had been exactly there, inside her, just an hour or so before.

        My wife went on a couple of overnight ‘training courses’ for work with my full agreement . The rules changed a bit for these trips and she had to supply photos. She bought a polaroid camera and refused digital images as she was anxious that they might be intercepted or shared

        About 8 years ago, we decided he should fuck her bareback if he wanted to. He accepted her offer and she said it was the most amazing time being filled with cum by him, and then me with only a brief shower in between.

        One night she was very late home and was drunk. She flopped on the bed and wearily told me the events of the evening despite being exhausted.

        I went to go down on her. She tried to stop me but I insisted. To this day I don’t know why, but I was so turned on. I had no interest in cuckolding before it sort of accidentally was presented to me. In fact, I thought the whole cuckold lifestyle was odd and probably largely exaggerated.

As I I put my tongue inside her I tasted him and his cum – it was incredible. That bought us into a whole new phase of me cleaning her up and us both fucking like animals. She would often sit on my face and later, she would enjoy licking his cum off my face.

        He lived 40 mins away, so most of his cum had drained away before she could drive home from his. So a couple of times, she got him to drive her giving the excuse that she could drink. They fucked almost outside our house (and once in the car port attached to my house) to provide fresh cum for me to feast on. He still has no idea.

        For the last eight months, her ex has been poorly after a heart problem so everything has stopped and may never re start.

My wife has recently befriended a neighbours 19 year old son. He was left home alone while his parents holidayed last summer. She took him under her wing and fed him. He would hang out with us in the garden and one afternoon, he helped my wife with an IT problem

        She said he was super flirty with her and she wanted to fuck him to extend our fun, but I was super cautious, He was young and he son of our neighbours and friends. It seemed too risky, but my wife was so turned on by the thought of this young body fucking her

        He is at University bloody miles away, so it has all calmed down as has my wife, although he does come up frequently when we are roleplaying. A few weeks ago she revealed they have been keeping in touch.

        I was surprised and a bit disappointed to be honest. Of course I found it extraordinarily exciting and my cock twinged at the revelation, but I was and am concerned this happened behind my back, when everything with her ex I knew about.

        I questioned her further about her texts with this young guy as he know has evidence if it all goes wrong. She did own up to them exchanging nude photos and fantasising about what they wanted to do to each other. She showed me some and they were pretty hot.

        They role-played her being his sexy mum – literally his MILF and how they would have a secret sexual affair behind his Dad’s back. A photo of his cock saturated in cum accompanied that sexy exchange. It was a fair size, but it was his ripped body that took my eye, especially his washboard stomach. No wonder my wife wanted this arrogant young man

        Then it was Christmas and he was home. My wife accidentally found herself in the front garden when he came home. I was watching through the curtains as she gave him a neighbourly hug, whispering how she had a hot and wet present for him to unwrap, as his real mum came out of her house to greet him.

        We saw him when his parents popped over for drinks. My wife did engineer some time with him in our kitchen when he went to help her with some food. She told me later he called her mum as she had to fend him off her tits, but did get a kiss and an opportunity to feel his hard cock.

        I knew by her flushed face when she came back in that something had happened. We mentioned my wife’s PC was playing up and the boy’s parents volunteered his help. So we were set up for the next day when we invited him back to help with yet another IT problem – this time a false one.

        When he arrived, we all had a drink before my wife told him I was aware of their sexting and that I thought it was hot. His face was a picture of confusion, even more so when I said “I always wanted a son and a sexy wife, now I have both”.

This cocky little fucker was lost for words. Noticing his panic, I suggested my wife show him the PC to see if he could work his magic on it. I added “Take your time.

        My wife soon revealed there was nothing wrong with the PC. She explained that she and I were open to her having sex with him as I was getting older and unable to keep up with her demanding libido.

        He was not convinced and said he wasnt gay and didnt want a threesome. My wife reassured him that it would be him and her and I would take no part. She wanted to fuck him there and then, but he was really awkward, even refusing a blow job. But she did wank him off and made a big fuss about licking his spilt cum off of her hand

        That was the 27th December – and although he was home until the New Year, we didnt see him again. It all looked as if we had seriously fucked up until on News Years Eve at lunchtime, my wife got a text from him. “I want to fuck my mum, but not at home. Can we meet somewhere?” Game on!!

        Have you ever tried booking a hotel at 3pm on New Years Eve? Everything was booked solid. We invited him to ours to see the NY in, but he clearly didnt trust that I wouldn’t fuck his arse when he had his back turned.

        Its now January 4th and my wife is seeing him tomorrow at a Premier Inn (A cheap Hotel chain in the UK) close to his University. I will be at home when they meet so I am hugely excited……despite the fact she won’t let me near her tonight. Which is why this post is so long, as I am trying to keep my hands busy

        God knows what will happen (if anything?) or how long it will last or if I will ever be involved. But the idea of seeing this young man ravish my wife is unbearable …

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          Thanks for sharing. It was an interesting and thrilling read.

          Here are a couple of random thoughts:

          – “I thought the whole cuckold lifestyle was odd and probably largely exaggerated.

” That’s a great point. I still think a lot of what you find online is exaggerated and typically fantasy, but there are obvious aspects that aren’t. I can’t tell you how many of my couples told me up front that they weren’t interested in things like bareback, cleaning, or her playing alone with me, who a few months or even weeks later weren’t exploring those exact things. I think it all comes down to exploring what feels right in a comfortable and safe environment. I let my couples change their minds only when they were ready and never insisted on anything.

          – While I certainly understand your wife’s interest in the young man, along with the excitement for you, I would suggest continued caution. While young guys may have the body and sexual drive to be great partners, they often lack other key factors, like discretion and an appreciation for their role with the couple. To be blunt, a lot of young guys can’t keep their mouths shut and will ruin a good thing by bragging.

          That’s not to say that you should definitely rule him out. I had a young start with couples and know other men who have. It matures you quickly and the smart ones realize that discretion is crucial. Just take the time to see if he has the maturity to be a good partner and talk it over with your wife.

          Your wife is obviously attractive enough to get attention, so if you don’t think he’s a good fit, don’t feel pressured to go further. Be selective

          – I am not surprised that he seems surprised by the couples dynamic. My first time with a couple started off as a threesome. I wasn’t sure why he wanted to be with his girlfriend, but the threesome aspect still made basic sense to me. What really surprised me though is when I realized that he was watching more than participating. That became more pronounced the more times we were together. Eventually, it was clear that he preferred watching.

          At that age and time, I had no clue that other couples did things like that. I thought our situation was unique. It wasn’t until I was with my second couple that I began to understand that it wasn’t unique. That fiancee/husband was the same way and preferred to watch. They introduced me to lifestyle websites and cuckold porn. I learned about terms like bulls, cuckolds, and hot wives. Suddenly the first boyfriend’s behavior began to make sense.

          THis young man is likely ignorant of the lifestyle as well. He probably doesn’t understand why couples do this and particularly why husbands want it. If you two decide that he is right for you, it may be worth educating him a bit.

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              Just giving a major “heads-up” to everyone about the so-called “operator” of this website who calls himself, “Luvr.” He gives the disclaimer about all the things he is not allowed to have people talk about in the chat rooms because he is actually a convicted rapist. If he allows any of the disclaimer topics for discussion in the chat rooms, then the Arizona Parole Board will incarcerate him once again.

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                Cathy & Jerry

                  If you can’t provide proof to support your accusations then it looks like you’re just “bent” because you didn’t get your way with something in here. Show your proof or walk away, leave the web site.

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              Cathy & Jerry

                So please tell us, how did it go? We hope that he fucked her hard for a long time!

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                  I am so sorry about the delay in getting back on here but I have been so busy work wise.

                  Yes, my wife (H) made the 140 mile journey to see him and had a nightmare journey after her car hit a wooden pallet on the motorway. Thankfully she was OK and the tyre was fixed by the RAC. Sadly she arrived 3 hours late and really emotionally frazzled

I told her to come home or I would get a train to collect her and the car after she phoned me in tears. I honestly thought it was all going to be off as she was so upset

                  But she arrived at the Hotel and was met by the neighbour’s son (T). H told me later how pleased she was to see him and how his hug was so reassuring and not at all sexual.

                  He helped her to their room and they chatted before going to the bar. T was amazing and said they should cancel their plans. He said he was happy to stay with her, but maybe just for supper and drinks after which he would go home or was happy to stay.

                  H said she was genuinely pleased the night of sex was off the agenda. The shock she suffered after her car spun out of control on a busy motorway was still coming out, so much so that she found herself shaking as she tried to drink her wine in the bar.

                  H was really surprised and delighted that T wasn’t overtly disappointed, but really sensitive and reassuring to her situation. It was T that suggested they abandon supper in the restaurant and order a delivery pizza. And that is what they did

Armed with wine bought from the bar, they retreated to their room and put some music on as they chatted. T went down to collect the food from the delivery guy and bought it to their room. H isnt a huge pizza fan, and frankly comes from a family that would never eat with their hands, let alone off of a plate made from the pizza box cardboard lid, but she was moved by how the way this young man was looking after her.

                  I was reassured she was OK when she phoned after eating. I asked to speak to T who was very nervous to talk. I said I was sorry that their plans had been ruined and promised that I would make sure they got some quality time together when H was feeling better.

I said she had been so looking forward to their time together, as had I. He added that he also had been looking forward to the night and was still pleased to be spending time with H.

                  He handed the phone back to H and I said goodbye
H and T both changed into more relaxing clothing and she slipped under the duvet to keep warm. He had a tee shirt and boxers on – and insisted on keeping his socks on which amused H.

                  Sitting up in bed, watching some shitty film and drinking mediocre wine probably wasnt a good combination. As H relaxed, her neck became stiff and aching. She asked T to massage her neck and shoulders and she was a bit concerned she may have either whip lash or just stress after the accident.

T sat behind H who was sitting bolt upright in bed. She told me later it felt lovely to have his warm hands on her traumatised neck and shoulders. However, less than five minutes in, she felt it….. his hard cock in her lower back. She was irritated at first as the sex was clearly off the menu, but also recalled he was 19 and was clearly horny from the contact.

                  It wasnt long before his hands strayed from her shoulders, closers and closer to her tits. She said nothing as she was getting wet. After a couple of strokes of her tits and a cheeky pinch of her nipple she announced she was having a shower.

                  He stayed on the bed as she got her things and said “I won’t be long”, she shut the en suite door. Seconds after running the shower, she opened the door again to find T with his cock out wanking furiously.

                  “What the hell are you doing?” she asked him like an angry school headmistress

                  T was speechless as if caught by his Mum

                  “Don’t waste it, get in here, I want it”

                  And it was game on from there. They fucked and sucked for hours, stopping only to get a breather and a drink

                  T got dressed in the middle of the night and went to vending machine to get much needed energy drinks and chocolate , then more sex.

                  H snapped a couple of photos of them and sent them to me at 3.55 am. I missed them as I was fast asleep after wanking myself into a coma thinking of what they might be doing

                  Three of the 4 photos were really useless and showed more of the wrecked room than it did of them. But bravely, she sent one of her face (hidden behind her hand) and hair covered in his cum – and said they were going to sleep

                  This is something H loves and did a lot with her ex – i.e. Bull No 1. She would sleep with cum in her hair and wake up with it dried. She fuck him again and would come home to me to eat her cunt clean. Then when we were in the shower, his cum from the night before would be rehydrated and we would have fun with it.

                  At 8am, another message. H said T had cum so many times and was still producing ‘gallons’ of it. She said she would leave by 10am and would be home for lunch

                  I begged her to talk to T about me joining them and soon

                  At 9.15, she messaged that she was leaving and had an answer about me joining them, and would tell me when she got home. What a bitch

                  It was a painful 2.5 hours waiting for her arrival………… but it was worth waiting for. It was a big fat yes (as long as we – him and me – don’t touch)

                  It is my birthday in early February. We have booked a suite in a London hotel and a train ticket for T to join us. I cannot bloody wait

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