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      Dan C

      As I have documented in my prior posts, I have come a long way in my journey as a cuckold. First being cuckolded without even knowing I was being cuckolded, until my first wife came home pregnant by her lover. That ultimately set in motion my cuckold journey, where I put myself in the role of a cuckold with my second and current wife. Some may say I was or I am fucked up to pursue this lifestyle, and sometimes I think I am fucked up, but I am okay it I am. I have accepted what I am, what I need to be. It has not always been easy, but there has been lots of pleasure, satisfaction. Making myself be submissive in my marriage and to another man, has brought me feelings of fulfilment. I accept I am a cuckold. I love being a cuckold. So I know it is time to go further in this lifestyle.
      As some of you may have read, there has been discussions about my wife becoming pregnant. By her lover who happens to be her ex husband. My wife wants a baby, he wants a baby and I do not want another child that is biologically mine.
      I was not sure I wanted to go down this path, but after lots of soul-searching, letting go for good my male ego in a sense, I knew it was the right decision. Several people on this site, including Luvr, have been a great sounding board for me, helped me to make this decision.
      So the process of impregnation of my wife by her ex has been placed into motion. Several steps need to occur before the ultimate act occurs. My wife is on the pill so that has to stop and based on my experience with my first wife and my current wife’s experience, it can take a few months before my wife’s cycle and her ability to become pregnant returns to normal.
      MY wife also wants to stay off the pill, so sex after pregnancy will require condoms or her ex and I have to get a vasectomy. Vasectomies is the agreed upon option. And as requested by her ex, I am scheduled to have my vasectomy in a week. The initial plan for having it done now was to avoid my accidentally knocking up my wife as I do occasionally have intercourse with my wife.
      In requesting advice on this entire situation, Luvr thought it was more appropriate for me to wait on the vasectomy and be denied sex until my wife was pregnant. Since I value Luvr’s input, I suggested this to my wife and her ex.
      I have to admit I was hurt when her ex still wanted me to get the vasectomy and still be denied sex and my wife agreed. That was not expected but it definitely makes me a typical cuckold.
      So my vasectomy appt has been made, her ex is taking me to the appt. Once that is done and I have to masturbate to expel any remaining fertile see, my wife will stop taking the pill. He is going to use a condom until the time my wife believes she is truly ovulating and is fertile.
      I will document everything that happens.

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      In many ways this sounds like that happen to a cuckold couple many years ago where I had the cuckhold get his vasectomy . He had no choice. . I took him to a urologist I knew and had it done to him. His wife was all fore it. After the procedure it was her duty to milk every day dry for 1one month. One touch she add to his milking, his fluid was collected and saved and refrigerated and she would made a smoothie for him to consume upon testing showed that he was sterilized. From that point I breed his wife successful 3 times over a 4 year period. The all have his last name . The cuckold has never regretted this action .

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        Dan C

        Wow, thanks for sharing that. It is always good to know that other cucks have experienced where we are heading in this lifestyle. I wonder about regret, as I know it can be human nature. But I have no regrets becoming a cuckold so I hope I feel the same way your cuck does. I have read it can take awhile before there is no more fertile seed present after a vasectomy. That a need to ejaculate a few times to clear it all out. My wife is going to masturbate me to help me get rid of the fertile seed.

        You are quite the stud, breeding her 3 times.

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      Bull Strong

      cuckDanC. See my message to you today regarding this decision and upcoming procedure.

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      This sounds like an appropriate arrangement Dan
      I had my vasectomy right before my wife was with her first Bull. They used condoms, so no risk but still made me feel a bit more cuck knowing I was only shooting salt water.
      We are not so regular, but she has been with 4 men now. The first 3 all with condoms, but the last one always bareback, and he is fertile. Puts just a bit more thrill into the game

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        Dan C

        I want to honor my bull and make sure I give my wife what she wants, a baby, his baby.

        I do wonder if the bull in our relationship was not her ex and the father of her two kids, would she want that bull’s baby. I think I would have a much harder time with this decision if that were the case. Even though I do not want any more biological children, not sure how happy I would be if another bull impregnated her and she had his baby. In our case, I am already helping to raise his two kids, so adding a third does seem like too much of a stretch.

        I am excited about the time when he will pump his fertile load in my fertile wife but I am also a realist and I know I will have to deal with certain emotions but I am okay with it.

        I am glad this is somewhat of a long process as it will still give me some time to evaluate this decision and make sure it is right for all of us. I do not suspect their will be any deviation, but nice to know there are still options up to the moment of conception.

        Thanks for writing to me.

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          I think your relationship is very special, with her ex being her Bull too. In a way it’s not too “abnormal” if he gives her another child, a kind of “been there, done that” thing. And a lot of men live with women and the women’s ex kids in the house already. So you could even say you are quite normal, except the small leap in time when the kid were conceived. I think that will make another kid a lot easier to accept for all of you.

          On the other hand, having his ex still around puts a lot more into your cuckold relationship. I think all cucks fear if their wife will leave them and choose the Bull instead of the cuck. How will (another) kid tie them together? in fact I think you may derail your own position as husband even more with the ex being the father than just a regular stranger without history with her?

          And how about the Bull and the new kid, will he request time alone with his kid or will the new kid be yours, so the Bull only have weekends with the older siblings? A lot of practical stuff to clarify too.

          There’s no patented answer to how this should be handled, only time will tell how you 3 work it out

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          Dan C

          You ask good questions and yes, I have some trepidation about going down this. After all my first wife got pregnant by her bull and left me. So I know it is a risk, but I guess any marriage can be a risk. There are plenty of men who have wives that have or are fucking other men and have no idea. And I am sure some got pregnant by other men and the husband has no idea.

          My wife’s ex is part of our family, even before the cuckoldling. When there are kids involved is can be inevitable and we all had a great relationship before sex came into the picture.

          There will be times when he is alone with his child as he will have all three at times. Just like when I am with my own kids, their kid usually comes with us. I never want him to feel excluded so I would want this new baby to part of his or har brothers lives.

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      Ricky Joiner

      Sounds like interesting times ahead for you Dan.

      Some things to consider carefully though. Outside of the excitement that comes from your fertile wife and her fertile ex, creating another child, it will mean another child for you to bring up. Another of your wife’s ex’s children to be responsible for. Are you really prepared for this?

      Another question – who’s name will be on the child’s birth certificate as father? Will it be your name or his?

      Voyercuck has already mentioned a few other good considerations as well, one being the bond between biological father and child. From previous posts he doesn’t sound as though he was a good father when married to their mum. Will this change I wonder? Will his paternal instincts change for the better.

      Finally, there is the relationship between him and your wife. Not only will they share the fact that he is the father of all her children but he is also her lover. They are getting older together in their intimacy; growing closer together; raising three children together, albeit with your help. One day their will be weddings, grandchildren – things of the future to consider. Lots to consider.

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        Dan C

        In response to your questions and comments, I have no idea how it all will play out. I certainly understand the risks and I may come to regret it all. Stepping back and not stopping a man from penetrating my wife’s cunt and fucking her was and is a huge risk.

        As for this baby, he has agreed I will be listed as the father on the birth certificate. But he will play a big role in this child’s life, just as he does with his first two sons.

        One thing I wish to correct is that he is a great father. That was never an issue, he was just not a great husband. Sometimes I think he is a much better father then me.

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      My urologist required my wife to attend the initial visit to confirm she was aware I was going to have a vasectomy. It was embarrassing but I also enjoyed needing her permission.

      It’s interesting to have her ex- take you. Will he be going into the room with you and the Dr to explain why you need the procedure.

      Please do choose a female urologist.

      So what do you think about just having those two pesky gonads completely removed? I have read there are side effects. But it would make you an even more docile, submissive Mr Mom.

      Nice of your wife to offer to milk out your remaining seed. It should be a relief to her and her ex- to know that’s resolved.

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        Dan C

        He did not witness the procedure but he did take me and waited for me and took me back to his place for awhile. The urologist was a man, so my balls where in the hands of another man. Kind of symbolic I would say.

        I love being a man, with balls, so no I would not want them removed.

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      Dan C

      Well I am on my way to soon shooting blanks, I had my vasectomy this past Friday but I understand it can take anywhere from 20 to 50 ejaculations before I have no more fertile seed coming from my cock.

      My wife and I had a special night on Thursday. We went out to a nice dinner, had some drinks and came home and had passionate sex. My wife sucked my cock, I licked her clit until she came and we fucked. I got to pump two fertile loads in her, my last time to do so. It was very emotional for me. But my wife was very loving.

      Hee ex picked me up in the morning to take me to my appointment. We did some looks and I wonder if they thought we were gay, but then again why would a gay guy get a vascetomy.

      Wow, nothing like totally naked from the waist down, legs up in stirups. I do not know if it is normal, but before he numbed the area, I had a semi erection. Nothing like a needle in your ball sack. I did have a moment of doubt and I think if I was not naked on the table, leg up, I would have left. The procedure did not take to long. I could not feel him touch my balls, make the incision and snip the sperm ducts.

      But it was soon done, suctured and I was on my way. My wife’s ex was so kind to me, make sure I could get in the car okay. At that time my balls were numb so it was okay though I know i walked funny. The vasectomy walk I supposed.

      It was kind of hot laying in his bed recoverying, him taking care of me.

      He asked me all about the procedure, how I was feeling, but the best part was he thanked me for going through with it.

      Before he took me home, I asked him if I could suck him. He asked if I was really up for that, and honestly, I was not, but I wanted to thank him for being so nice to me.

      Sitting on the side of bed I took him in my mouth and sucked him until he came in my mouth.

      At home, my wife then made sure I was comfortable as possible. The overall experience was not too bad. When the numbness worn off it was slightly painful, but tylenol helped and by Sunday, I felt pretty good.

      Step one of this phase of this journey is not behind me.

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      Dan C

      Just a quick update. After a week of recuperating from my vasectomy and no playtime with my cock, I had my first milking on Saturday to begin the final step of eliminating any fertile seed I may still have. As promised my wife jerked me off.
      I have to admit it was pleasurable and difficult. My wife and I stripped naked and I pleasured her orally. As she was cumming I so wanted to fuck her, which we all agreed I would not do. BUt it made me rock hard, maybe even harder than normal because the pussy was right there but I was denied. But my wife made love to my cock. She kissed the cock head (0h how I wanted her to go down on me but oral is also out of the question) and then stroked me. Gentle loving, up and down, my lubed cock was so hard and it felt so good. Then she intensifed the movement, stroking me all kinds of ways and since I had not cum in over a week, I swear I shot one of my bigger load.
      It was hot and also sad as I knew my load was full of fertile seed, just laying there useless, but overtime it my fertility would diminish and then there would be blanks.

      She gave me a handjob on Sunday, another load closer to infertility. Her ex came over to be with their kids since it was Easter and they found time to fuck, I stayed with the kids to give them their privacy.

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      Dan C

      I have had daily milkings by my wife. Even though the pursose is to rid my cock from shooting fertile seed, I have to say it has been hot and definitely the most sex I have ever had in a row. Yes I masturbated every day as soon as I learned what my cock could do and how it felt as a kid, but to have my wife play with my cock and get me off every day has been awesome. Interestingly, my urge to fuck my wife has been deminishing. I do not know if it is because I enjoy the attention to my cock and it is becoming a norm for me or I am accepting that my days of fucking my wife are over for some time.

      Once I am infertile, I know I will not get that same attention every day.

      But the positive thing about all this occured last night. As my wife was stroking my cock, she told me she loved me for going through with this. She knows how difficult it has been for me to come to where we are in the baby decisions and she loves me for being so unselfish.

      I asked her if this is what she truly wants and to told her to be honest, that I did not want her to spare my feelings. She finally admitted that she wants his baby and that she is glad I did not want a baby. Yes my male ego was stung but I could see she was very happy. She did say it was not that a baby with me would not have been great, but she really wanted all of her kids to have the same biological father. I certainly understand that as I find it hard to accept that my two kids have a half brother with their mother and it is one of the reason I did not want another child, another half brother for my kids. Yes they will think that is what this baby will be, but at some point they will learn the truth. Maybe my logic is fucked up and having my wife inseminated by her ex is fucked up.

      Anyway, my wife has three days of the pill left to take and then she starts the process of her body going back to regular cycles and the ability to conceive.

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      Cathy & Jerry

      Congratulations Matt, I’m looking forward to hearing more about her impregnation you lucky cuck! 🙂

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        Dan C

        Thanks, will post updates as things happen


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      Dan C

      My wife took her last birth control pill yesterday, finishing up the cycle. Now we wait for her body to adjust and her natural cycle to resume.

      Her ex will fuck her with a condom until it is time for him to fuck and impregnate her.

      Exciting to think about but also makes me anguish if I am being honest.

      As for me it has been two weeks of milking and over three weeks of no intercourse with my wife. That has been hard as we have never gone this long without fucking. And having my cock stroked by her to rid any fertile seed has made me so horny to fuck.

      But I need to honor my commitment to my wife and her ex. No intercourse for me until after she is pregnant.

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      Cathy & Jerry

      That’s terrific, soon she’ll be carrying her ex’s baby as she should be. I’m excited for you and even jealous. You’re living the life so many cuckolds wish they could have, lucky cuck!

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        Dan C

        THanks, I just tried to be the best cuckold I can be. Some may think I am making a major mistake going through with this, but it is something I feel I need to do, not only for my wife and her ex, but for me.

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          Cathy & Jerry

          You are her husband but you know in your heart that her ex is the Alpha male who is meant to be the one to breed her, to sire her/your children, and you are the good man who will support and raise them to be good people. If I could shake your hand I would! Maybe when she is ovulating and they are ready to try for conception you could ask them to allow you the honor of guiding his cock into her vagina then leave the room to allow them to mate. You are going to be the father so it would be nice if you had at least a small part in the act of the child’s conception 🙂

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          Dan C

          You speak the truth that he is the Alpha male and I am the husband. One would think, as I did, that the husband would always be the Alpha male, but I have learned that is not the case. His fertile seed is superior to mine and deserves to be used to impregnate my wife. Not always an easy realization but accepted. I appreciate your support and it helps me in my journey.

          I like the term mating, that my wife and her ex will mate to produce a child. It will be more than just fucking and even though it will be hard, is hard, to know that they have a love for each other and this baby will be a product of love, not just love, it feels special.

          I want to be part of this in whatever way I can and I want to watch them mate through to the moment he ejaculate in her womb.

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      Dan C

      I know what the end result of this phase of my cuckold journey will be, my wife pregnant with his fertile seed, which I willingly accept, but getting to that goal has definitely been incredible from a sexual and intimacy perspective. Every day my wife plays with my cock (we never had daily sex even when we first got married). I lick or finger her to make her cum as well.
      And we recently had a wonderful time with her ex and I do say we. He came over to fuck my wife and now that she is fully off the pill, he uses a condom. As we undressed in our bedroom and I took my usual seat in the room to watch, he told me to get on the bed. But first he handed me his condom and told me to take it out and put it on his already rock hard cock. I was surprised and it was awkward, never put a condom on another guy’s cock, only my own. To steady his cock, I took it in my hand and placed the open end of his condom on his cock head (of course it was a magnum condom, wow, those are big) and then unrolled it over his cock. I thought that would be it, back to my chair, but he told me to lay on the bed and surprisely, he told my wife to get on her knees and put my cock in her mouth. Oh my cock got so hard. Once in position, my cock in my wife’s mouth, he got in position behind her and I knew when he penetrated her cunt as she gasped even with my cock in her mouth. He fucked her as she sucked me. I was afraid I would come quick but I guess the daily milkings, which I noticed lasted longer each time, made me last. But unlike him who can totally control his orgasm, the sensation was overwhelming and I let them know I was about to cum. As my wife started sliding my cock out of her mouth, I say him push her head down. I tried to hold back, not sure she wanted this, but I soon came, filling her mouth with my cum. She swallowed me, it was incredible and then he came, filling the condom.

      I know he shoots a big load, but seeing it in the condom, fuck man, it had to fill at least a couple of inches. White creamy cum. He handed it to me and I just looked at it. As they laid naked together on the bed, I got up to discard it.

      But I could not stop looking at it, the volume, knowing it was full of fertile seed. I hesitated, but I wanted it and soon I put the open end of the condom in my mouth, lifted it up and that big glub of cum slid into my mouth, which I swallowed.

      I flushed the toilet as if I had dumped his load in it and threw the used condom, wrapped in kleenex in the trash can.

      My wife got fucked by him but I got the reward.

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      Ricky Joiner

      Has your wife given you any indication yet Dan, when she will be letting her ex dispense with the condoms?

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        Dan C

        Not yet. She wants to make sure the effects of the pill are out of her system and they say that can take a couple of months. She is waiting for regular periods and then once that happens, the seeding process will be timed around the time she thinks she is ovulating.

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      When your wife thinks the seeding process should begin, will her and her lover have a special night, or maybe a small vacation to make the happy occasion become fruitful? Mark the occasion. cuckold dany

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        Dan C

        The plan is for me to be there to witness the fucking and the breeding. We have not worked out all the details yet

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          Ricky Joiner

          May I suggest taking CRCouple’s suggestion on board. As much, as exciting it is, to be able watch their first time together having unprotected sex, it is a special occasion for them too. They are attempting to conceive. I think it would add to the occasion for them to have a short break alone. You stay at home and look after the children while they go off and enjoy themselves, on what they may see as a second honeymoon. I am sure your wife would gratefully accept this kind offer from you. After all, leaving your wife to have a child free break with her lover, might prove very fruitful in the end!

          However, the reality is that it may take a while for her to get pregnant and they will probably come away from their break without any conceiving, so there will be lots of opportunities later to witness this event.

        • #38892

          I agree with Ricky. It’s their moment An uninhibited moment.

        • #39205

          I think you should be there for any and all breeding times.

          However the none breeding times or practice play times you may want to give them some private time.

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      I certainly relate to your excitement about the vasectomy, I had the same arousal when I was snipped 6yrs back, all though we didn’t play with others back then.

      She has been with fertile men since, even some who came in her, but far no breeding, and the time she was fucked at her ovulation day, she took a morning after bill afterwards. But still very kinky for a cuck to know there’s a risk and if it happens, you are 100% sure you’re not the father

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      What a beautiful story! My second couple that I had kids with made it really special. She loves being a mom and always wanted another. We fell in love and dated for a long time. Cuck husband took their kids to grandmas and cleared the house for us. Set candles and made their bedroom very romantic. I spent three weekends with them with at least four ejaculations during each visit during her ovulation. He would vid or feel me during a few of them, but most he would press his lips against my taint at the moment I began to pump and stay there until I was empty. One time, his finger entered me and he said he felt it the strongest inside me. That was his thing. We were in love and I miss them dearly.

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      Dan C

      An update

      Many of you suggested that my wife and her ex (her lover) have privacy as they try to conceive a baby. That I should not be there. I really did not like the idea, as I wanted to be there each and every time he fucked her, when they made love, for the purpose of planting his seed in her fertile womb. But I so listen to others (I think that is what a cuckold obedient cuckold should do.) So I suggested it to them. I have to say neither wanted me to be absent (now my wife did not, but I think he liked the idea even though he never said it)

      Anyway, my wife really wants to wait for a couple of months after stoppimg the pill, which she did on April 29th, but I think the thought of him fucking her bare enticed her to agree to a private fucking, at least one, sooner than later.

      So on Father’s Day I suggested it be the time for their private moment. It certainly seemed appropriate since he is the father of their two children.

      Even though everyone was at our house, my kids, their kids, her ex on Father’s day, I came up with a plan to take all of the kids out to the park. Leaving them back at the house where they could be naked and fuck. It is amazing the lies you can tell to convince kids to do things so that sex can take place (just not sex for me).

      My wife was excited but I think she also knew the likelihood of a pregnancy was remote, her period not that far off. But one never knows what could happen.

      So off the kids and I went to the park and to the bedroom my wife and her lover went to get naked, fuck and try for a baby.

      I have to admit it was a very hard decision not to be there to witness and I do not think I was ready yet for this to actually happen, him fucking and fertilzing my wife’s egg.

      When we returned a few hours later, everything looked normal, we ate, had fun and the whole time all I could think about is his fertile cum in her cunt. Was she knocked up or was his fertile see still working its magic trying to get into the egg.

      I decided I did not want any details of their lovemaking, their fucking. It was their time and none of my business.

      Waiting to see if my wife got her period was fucking hard, she could be pregnant (which I really wanted to be part of but would have missed.) It also made me realize the reality of what we were doing (whether the deed was now already done or what we would be doing soon enough).

      But also, on June 29th my wife informed me she had her period. I was relieved but I think my wife was disappointed, even though this was really not the timing she wanted.

      Since my wife wants to wait out this cycle before becoming pregnant, sometime mid August (oh my) fantasy will become a reality. Her lover back using the condom.

      As for me, I got confirmed I am not longer shooting any fertile seed, all blanks. The doctor said it was too soon to test (he did not know that I had been ejaculating every day since the vasectomy) but I insisted (I guess he thought I was just a fucking horny guy who wanted to be fucking my wife bare without worrying about a pregnancy). The test came back showing no sperm in my semen. Leaving the doctor’s office, I sat in my car and, don’t judge me, cried.

      • #39121

        Hello Dan,

        thanks for update! I’m not a cuckold but I’m also considering a vasectomy although my semen count is very low and slow.
        How do you felt right after the vasectomy and now a few days after you got confirmation that your sterile?
        I’m asking because I have a strong desire to breed and nevertheless I am de facto sterile. Therefore I hope this desire will gone after a possible vasectomy. Maybe you can understand what I mean and hope you can give me an advice what’s the best option in my case.

        • #39122
          Dan C

          as for the procedure itself, there was a little discomfort for a few days. Ball sack was slightly swollen, but it did not last too long.
          Having the procedure done is an experience for sure. Exposing your cock and balls to the doctor. He did have me hold my cock away from my balls with one of those paper covers. Where he was making the incision was numb but I could still feel him touching my balls. It was pretty quick procedure, but I felt vulnerable during it and yes some doubts about it. Not sure it would have been as traumatic overall if I was, just getting it done to prevent a pregnancy, but since I was doing this so I could not impregnate my wife so it would ensure he would be impregnating her, it was tough I have to admit
          Finding out I no longer shot sperm, now infertile, as a man it was a little upsetting.
          If you want to breed, then you should not get a vasectomy, or you will never have the opportunity, regardless of whether your current state of sperm prodcution is low.

    • #39093

      Please don’t think we would judge you. We don’t. We know it must be hard for you. Take care.

      • #39095

        No judging at all, as us cucks come (not cum) in all varieties.

      • #39101
        Dan C

        Thank you for saying that. I means a lot to me and helps me feel that I am not alone

    • #39094

      Dan, I must confess I was relieved when you said that she wasn’t pregnant. It wouldn’t be right. You must take part in it. Also, it’s pretty understandable that you cried, after all, you have just lost something important permanently, the power to inseminate a woman. I’m glad for you that you will have the opportunity to have an active role in the process of getting your wife pregnant. Here is my suggestion: after he ejaculastes inside your wife’s pussy and withdraws his cock from her, you could hold her legs up in order to help his seed on its way to her egg. Doing this, there will be a chance that you are the cause of a possible pregnancy. It’s not your seed, but it could be your action that made the pregnancy happen. What do you think?

      • #39102
        Dan C

        I have to admit I was very relieved when she told me got her period. I want and need to be there, which I know as a cuck, my needs and desires do not matter. I like your suggestion as I want to be a part of if in as many ways as possible, just not the the actual seed the inseminates her

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      Cathy & Jerry

      One other thing that you could do is ask him to stay inside of her until he’s fully flaccid because a hard cock will pull out sperm much like a syringe does of drawing up fluid when the plunger is pulled out. This way all of his sperm will stay pooled up at the entrance of her cervix and have a better chance to enter her uterus. Good luck you lucky cucky.

      • #39105
        Dan C

        I never thought of that but it makes sense that his hard cock could pull out some of the sperm. He has a big cock head. I will make that suggestion to him. I am sure he will do whatever helps to guarantee a pregnancy. Thanks

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          Cathy & Jerry

          When he finally pulls his cock out of your wife put a cushion under her hips to raise her up a bit, it’ll allow his sperm to pool better. Don’t forget to thank him for mating with her and tell him you look forward to seeing the pregnancy test showing positive. Hopefully he hasn’t ejaculated for many days to ensure that his big balls are as full as they can get to ensure impregnation. Good luck again!

        • #39114
          Dan C

          I know about the pillow under the hips to keep the sperm inside to do it job. When I thought I was a man and a masculine husband, that is what we did when I fucked my first wife to make her pregnant. I will never forgot how special and sexually exciting those times were when we fucked for a baby.
          (okay, I need to not think about any of that. I am infertile now, my choice)

          I will thank him for doing my job as the husband.

          The use of the word “sperm” definitely puts this into perspective, makes it more real

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      Bull Strong

      If she and you were my couple, not only would I allow you to be there, I would REQUIRE YOU TO BE 😉

      • #39118
        Dan C

        Thank you Sir for your guidance. I want to be there. I need to be part of it since it affects the rest of our lives

    • #39119
      Bull Strong

      Yes you do. I’m surprised at your lack of followup lately. Surprised, but mostly concerned. You may PM me.

    • #39189
      Dan C

      My wife got her period last night. Normally she is not a happy person when she gets her period, and I know it is not a pleasant experience for her. But I noticed that she was actually excited that this period arrived. As I mentioned previously, she was waiting for this period before there would be any attempt at conception. I know she called her ex to let him know. THe fact that she was happy and that she called him to let him know he would be fucking her soon for him to put a baby in her, really upset me. Not sure what I expected, after all, I know she wants him to put a baby in her. I fucking got a vasectomy to prevent me impregnating her (of course since there has been no intercourse between my wife and me since the vasectony, I wonder why I needed to get clipped).
      I have not changed my mind about what will be happening soon, looking forward to it, but it still hurts to know that your wife craves another man’s fertile seed, wants his baby.
      As a cuckold, I need to accept what my wife wants and needs and to honor the bull.

    • #39193
      Bull Strong

      Yes, it hurts, but does that specific kind of hurt feel good? (remember to look down at your body’s reaction). I sense that your vacillating on this is due, in part at least, to either your wife, her ex, or both of them, not providing you the level of discipline you need. I’m sure they try and you may get more from them than most, but we both know you need a firmer hand now don’t you? You know what I’m saying dan c. Were you under the foot of a stronger Dom, I sense that, while you would still might have reservations, you would feel much less stress over this. That discipline from a firm hand is one of the duties I feel a Bull has to his subs. But you hand in there. You will get through this rough patch. Deep down, you have already made the case better than any of us could for why this is an important step for both you and the wife. You know full well that I want you to be ok. You have permission to PM me.

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        Dan C

        Hello Sir, you are always are looking out for me and I really appreciate it. It has helped me progress and grow as a cuckold and I believe I am where I am in part because of you.
        Yes it hurts and yes I get turned on by it. I thought sex was all about getting my cock sucked, eating out a pussy, fucking, being naked with a woman. But I have learned it is so much more than that, even more then just watching porn and masturbating. Yes I want and need to cum, but the psychological aspects of being a cuckold are so intense, that I find it is the ultimate sex for me. Even if I do not get to cum.

        I have accepted where we are heading, my cock is so hard thinking about it, my entire body is so turned on by it. But I agree that if my wife’s bull would properly discipline me, take full control, not just over my wife, her body, her cunt, but take full control of me, whether tying me up while they fuck, or locking me out of the bedroom, or just demanding whatever role he wants me to play (with condsequences if I am disobedient) I believe this all would be so much easier for me. But as a cuckold, should it be easy for me? Feeling insecurity, anquish, inferior, less of a man, jealousy, isn’t that really part of being a cuckold? I know part is providing what the bull needs, what my wife needs, and that part I am more than happy and proud to provide.

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