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      This experience is going back quite a way and was long before we got really got into the cuckold lifestyle or understood what it means. Actually, this was before we were even married but was a sort of early introduction to alternative lifestyles.

      When I met my wife to be we lived a few hours apart and so only got to meet up at weekends. She was studying at university and lived with housemates, I was working and also lived with housemates including a very good friend who I also worked with.

      We all loved clubbing which is how I met my wife to be and after we’d been dating for a couple of months I invited my housemate with me to visit my new girlfriend. The idea was a weekend clubbing and just hanging out, an opportunity for my girlfriend to meet a very good friend and for him to meet my new partner.

      He was unlucky in love and hadn’t been laid for what seemed forever so I was thinking he might get lucky with one of my partners friends or housemates. When we all met up it was a bit awkward at first. My girlfriend was a petite Chinese girl at 4 foot 10 inches, I was tall next to her at 5 foot 7 inches but my mate was over 6 foot and very well built and bald, a natural rugby player build so he can come across as a bit intimidating to people who don’t know him but he’s not an aggressive person. But he doesn’t always think about his words well so on our first meetup we were discussing takeaways before we went out and he suggested a ch*nky meaning a Chinese takeaway. I almost choked at the words and my girlfriend didn’t look impressed but he just laughed it off and couldn’t see the harm. Harmless clumsy words rather than ill intent.

      But we moved on and went into town clubbing. Things eased up but my girlfriend wasn’t sure about my friend. She found him to be a bit offensive and not the most pleasant person but he was also quite funny when he wanted to be and so we all started to just enjoy the dancing and night life.

      I was trying to urge him on to chat up one of my girlfriends friends or anyone in the club but he was a bit shy about it and by the end of the night we were all a bit tipsy, friendly and heading back to the house. I could tell my girlfriend was horny, as was I, but I also felt a bit guilty that my mate was heading home with us without a girl himself. He said it was fine but I still felt for him and my girlfriend was feeling sorry for him to. They were getting along much better now and she had tried to fix him up as well but without success.

      So back at her place we all got another drink and snacks and put on music when I had a bit of a feeling and idea. My girlfriend was more experienced than me and had a high sex drive so I made a half joked while waiting for some over snacks to cook that she could snack on my friend, a little treat for him. She picked up on my playful suggestion and said “OK” and we returned to the living room and she started to dance with him. Normal at first then closer then started to let her hands wander and he looked shocked before I reassured him it was OK and just relax. A minute or so later and they both had hands exploring before she dropped to her knees and proceeded to undo his bottoms. Well he popped out and is visibly bigger than me and she went to work on him. What made me smile is he had confided in me after breaking up with his last girlfriend that she had never gone down on him and actually he’d never had a blowjob so I knew this was a first for him. He was very wet and foamy when he popped out and she didn’t waste any of that. He fell back on the sofa and was clearly in heaven as I was searching round for condoms. Before I found any he’d finished and she was smiling very much like the cat that got the cream.

      After that I asked about the condoms and no one had any so my girlfriend called a friend a couple of streets away who had some so suggested I go get them which I did in a dash. 15 minutes later I was back and they’d gone but I found them upstairs rutting like stags, clearly they weren’t in a waiting mood. I just stood and watched with a beer as they went every way before eventually collapsing. We all slept in that bed, I got to play a little in the night and in the morning they were rutting again.

      After that, I’d visit alone most weekends and we’d do normal stuff like the pub and cinema and restaurants etc. Around 1 in 3 weekends he’d come with me and they’d just go for it. The strange thing is she didn’t like him, I mean as in personality and she continued to say he was racist and unpleasant but she just found him satisfying had a need for him sexually. It was just physical lust for them, neither was enamored by the other but they just both found each other satisfying in bed. A few times I’d have to work weekends and he’d go up alone and I learned on those weekends they’d do little except rut, they’d barely leave the bedroom.

      But we were young and just having fun. He ended up moving away for work and that mostly stopped. In time we married and settled into a normal married life. It was years later after starting a family that we discovered the idea of swinging then cuckolding and that renewed our interest and gave our marriage a spark.

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      Wonderful story and clearly defines Love versus Lust. cuckold dany

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