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    Experienced Bull in Perth, Western Australia,

    Educated, well read, creative and imaginative.

    If are coming for a holiday and some play, perhaps we can play and explore things.

    I have a big house, with private pool, play room and gym.

    Lets see what we can do.

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    Hi Ian, we are a cuckold couple in Melbourne, just saw your post from 2016…How are you doing?

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    I hope you are having a wonderful cuckold experience.

    I am very well, had a break from being a bull to care for some personal issues. But have returned full of life and imagination. Just looking for a are couple, in conversation with two potential couples.

    How are you both?

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      Just looking around in Melbourne to find somebody for our ultimative cuckold experience, which seems not 100% straight forward. Some males just want to f… and then go. It seems not many understand the whole psychological/mental connections as well.

      Rather than Bull we feel it is more like a Boyfriend/Dom Lover we would favour..Lots of messaging and catchups will continue. Certainly the journey is interesting in meeting a lot of interesting people.


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    The understanding of the mental and psychological aspect of the interaction between the Bull and the wife and her cuck, is the bit I find the most exciting and stimulating. Its the challenge to maintain that connection.

    You are seeking a more long term connection, with a large degree of connection and affection.

    The journey is fun and mostly very enjoyable, but a few headaches.

    I wish you all the best, shame so far away ..lol

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