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    Part 1

    We are new to this site, but not to cuckolding. This is a true story and happened just last Monday. I “Cucky” generally like to write down some of our more memorable experiences, so that we can always remember and re live them in the future. The names have been changed for privacy, but the events are all very real. Please enjoy.

    Sara and I have been a cuckold couple for awhile now and in that time our relationship has been constantly evolving. It’s everchanging and as of late we’ve been venturing more into the BDSM aspects of cuckolding. It just seems to be the natural progression. We recently met a new Lover who Sara and I have grown found of. He’s an experienced Bull, who is well versed in BDSM and cuckolding. We like that in a Bull, as we want to always push and grow our relationship. We’re always looking to explore new boundaries.

    The story begins on Monday morning. We had planned out the day in that Kevin was to come over to our house. Sara had the day off and was going to be home all day. Now to give you some history, Sara and I have only ever played together. Either I was present in the room or in the room next door. In other words, I was always only a stone throw away. It’s what made us comfortable and up to now worked for us. We however often wondered what it would be like for Sara to play alone. It was on our bucket list of things to try and since we’ve developed a friendship with Kevin, we felt comfortable playing in that manner. The plan was as follows: Kevin was to come to our house for 12:00 noon and then I would come home at around 3ish to join in. This way they could be alone for a few hours and I wouldn’t be involved.

    I was at work that morning and my anxiety was starting to build as the anticipation to what was about to happen, started to mount. Since I knew they would both be hungry I decided to take it upon myself to order some sushi for them. I timed it that it would arrive right at 12:00 noon. This way they could enjoy some food as they spent time together. Kevin arrived right at noon as per schedule, and so did the sushi. We all have Kik on our phones and communicate via a three-way chat all the time. They sent me a pic of the sushi all set up on the table, and next to it was a bottle of champagne with two glasses. I told them to enjoy and that I would come by later. After I sent that message, I noticed that the message was stuck on “D” signifying that they both got it, but that neither one of them read it. At that point I knew that I was out of the picture and that they were on their own. Just at that moment is when my cuckold angst started to set in. I started to pace in my office and my mind was going in a million different direction. I couldn’t focus on work. I kept wondering what they were doing, if they were having sex? If they were still chatting? A million different scenarios were swirling around in my head and it was driving me crazy. I couldn’t focus and even though I had all this anxiety, there was still one constant. My cage under my pants was only getting tighter as the day went on.

    I had approximately 2 or so hours to kill, which ended up being 2 of the longest hours of my life. I had still not heard anything from them and when I saw on my watch that I should head home, I left my office and started to drive. When I was about mid way home, Sara called me on my cell and told me I was on speaker with Kevin. I said in a sheepish voice “How are you guys? Is everything ok?” They both answered and said that they were fine. They said they were having lots of fun and that they both missed me. I was somewhat surprised at that answer and told them I was about 10-15 min away. They told me to hurry as they were waiting for me. As I arrived at the house, I parked my car and opened the front door. I didn’t see either one of them and immediately made my way to our bedroom. When I walked in Kevin was lying on my side of the bed, naked and relaxing. Sara was sitting on the edge of the bed, wearing a loose summer dress to keep warm. I walked in and they both smiled. I asked them how they were and if they had fun. Sara just looked at me with this evil grin and said “Cucky, I think you should come lick me”. Just at that moment my natural cuckold juices kicked in, and I immediately fell to my knees. I was at the edge of the bed and Sara lifted her dress. I immediately did as I was told and started to lick her. Now, I’m going to be honest. Licking a cream pie is not an easy thing. Even though I’m a cuckold I still struggle with it, and to avoid it being over bearing I generally try to keep my tongue in the clit area. Sara knew I was doing that and wasn’t having any of that. She moved her body up and made me stick my face/tongue deep inside her. She used her feet on my shoulders to position herself so that I was licking her properly. No cheating! and when it dawned on me that she was doing that, it made me lose my mind. She wanted me to fully taste her naughtiness. At that point, I began to devour her. I could taste them both and my desire to please her, was greater than any of my natural fears. I didn’t care at that point. All I wanted was to make my Goddess happy. I was so far gone into sub space that I would have licked the shit off the floor if she had asked. I was in true cuckold heaven and enjoying every second.

    Sara eventually said to me “That’s enough cucky”. I’m sure she was tender and so I immediately did as she asked. I then just start kissing her feet softly and enjoying my blissful state. She said “Come cucky, lets get some wine and a bite to eat”. Kevin put on a robe and we made our way to the kitchen. I was still in a trance from what I had just experienced and as I walked into the kitchen, everyone noticed that I was only wearing a t-shirt. I had no pants on and was standing at the kitchen counter, cage exposed as I was pouring myself wine. Sara and Kevin both looked at me and snickered. I told them that I didn’t care and that I own this…lol They both chuckled and we carried on as usual. I had some of the left-over sushi and poured everyone some wine. The three of us then switched off the role play and conversed like normal friends.

    A good hour or so went by and Sara was starting to feel a little horny again. She was playing with Kevin’s cock and he started to play with Sara’s pussy. It was hard for me to see as I was on the other side of the counter, but they were both getting very aroused. Kevin then stood up and Sara reached in-between his robe to expose his cock. Sara then took it in her mouth. You could see in Kevin’s eyes that he liked what Sara was doing. They then both stood up, and as they walked towards the bedroom Sara stopped, turned to look at me and with an evil smile said “Come cucky, come kneel at the edge of the bed and watch”. I did as I was told and followed them. At first, I went to the side that was furthest from them. I didn’t want to seem intrusive, but Sara immediately said, “I want you over here cucky” pointing with her finger. Which was right next to them, basically near their heads. Again, I did as my Goddess asked and immediately slipped back into my cuckold mode. They were locked in a very deep kiss, and you could see the passion in their faces. Sara reached down between Kevin’s legs and guided his cock into her. They started to fuck, and Sara immediately began to moan. My cage was getting incredibly tight. I tried to touch myself but all it did was make it worse. There is no relief for me, just more frustration. Sara then reached out with her hand and held mine. She asked me is she liked what I was seeing, I was just in a complete cuckold mess and simply moaned. She giggled as she knew I was on another planet. They were constantly trying new positions, Sara got on top, they then did doggy style and were just enjoying themselves in everyway they could. Sara was really starting to enjoy herself, which prompted her to start blurting out random comments like “ Cucky, his cock feels so good”, “Cucky he is in me so deep”, “Cucky Kevin has the perfect cock”. Both Kevin and I were in awe listening to our Goddess. I didn’t know if I was coming or going only that with each comment, I only loved her more. Sara, then blurted out to me that I should start filming, so I pulled out my phone and started the video. They just kept at it like I wasn’t there. You could see the passion in both their faces as they were enjoying each others’ bodies. A good 25 min had passed, and you could see they were both getting very close. The moans were getting louder, and the speed was picking up. Something had to give, and you could see that neither one of them could hold back any longer. Sara was in ecstasy and orgasming. Kevin then thrust his cock as deep as he could, paused for a second and let out a deep grunt. He came hard and deep! He was emptying every ounce into my wife. Sara was pulling him tighter as she wanted all his semen deep inside her. I was in complete disarray. At that moment I didn’t even know who I was. It was so hot. They were locked in a kiss for a few minutes as they caught their breath. Sara then slid to the side of the bed. She broke from the kiss for a moment and said, “Here you go my cucky, come clean me”. Without hesitation I did as I was told! However, this time I didn’t try to cheat. I knew my Goddess would have none of that. My tongue was deep in her hole and Sara could feel it. I could taste every bit of their naughty lust. I knew as a cuckold and at that moment that this was my place. Once again Sara said “Ok cucky, that’s enough now”. I didn’t want to stop as I was in heaven, although Sara was sore. She has had enough. Once again, I started to worship her feet, her legs, her bum, and just her whole body. I didn’t speak as my mind was in another world. The two of them were kissing and sharing some quiet pillow talk. I couldn’t hear and didn’t really care. I just continued worshipping my beautiful Goddess in my happy blissful state. It was magical.

    We eventually looked at the time and Kevin had to leave. We were all so relaxed, lying in bed and forgot about the time…At that point, we all got dressed and made our way back to the kitchen. I had to run out and Kevin had to also leave. We all said our good byes and parted with smiles. It was a wonderful Monday afternoon.

    Part 2

    That very same night after the dust settled, Sara and I were finally able to talk, I finally got a chance to ask her how it went when I wasn’t there. She then started to give me details and told me that he was a complete gentleman. They talked for a good while about the lifestyle, our relationship and how they could enhance things so we could all enjoy. I was immediately curious, and Sara told me that it was all good things. She then told me that the sex was really hot. She said Kevin made her cum real hard. That immediately excited me, and as a cuckold it’s what I wanted to know. Her Cumming and enjoying is one of my biggest thrills. It makes me so happy.

    Sara then said “let’s go to our room” as she was super tired. It was a long day, so we ended up lying in bed and watching some TV. We were cuddling a little and I was still in only a t-shirt, locked up, with my cage exposed. Sara was naked and lying next to me. We then started to kiss, and she began teasing my exposed balls. My cage was immediately tight again as she was kissing my neck and driving me crazy. Sara told me she was horny again and I asked her if I should get her toy. She said “yes, go get it cucky”. I shot out of bed and pulled out her favorite purple vibrating rabbit. I gave it to her, and Sara immediately slid it in. I then got on top of her and assumed a missionary position using my cage to keep the toy pressed in her. We were then locked in a very passionate kiss and moving like we were having sex. Sara was going crazy and moaning loudly. I was dying as well and kept whispering in her ear how I wanted to be her cuckold for life, how I wanted her to own me, and so on. She then abruptly stopped and rolled me over to my back. Sara then spread my legs and punched my balls so hard that I nearly fainted. She then in a very stern voice said to me “You are my cuckold! I do own you! and if I ever hear you say otherwise you will not like what comes next” Sara then punched my balls again. I then screamed out “I love you!”, she then punched me again, and even harder this time. I once again yelled “I love you”. Sara then looked at me and said, “I think you need to learn you place cucky, go get my strap on!” I did as she asked. I had to run to our basement and as I walked back into our room, she was still using her vibrator. She had it in so deep, legs spread and was cumming like crazy. I was in a complete frenzy. She then stood and I slipped it on her. Sara said to make sure it was on tight, so it wouldn’t move. I did as she asked. My hands were shaking as I knew what was coming. She then told me to get on the bed. I did as I was told, assumed the position and got on all fours. I then said in quiet voice “Please use lots of lube and go slowly”. Just as those words were coming out of my mouth, she thrusted that cock in as far as it would go. I let out a loud yelp. Sara didn’t care and just started to pound my ass. She did not hold back for one second. I was crying out and she just kept going. She told me to be quite as I will wake up the neighbourhood. Sara was fucking me so hard with no mercy and I just took it. It was so hot, and I was a complete mess. She eventually tired and we both collapsed on the bed. Sara looked at me and smiled. I smiled back. She then took off the strap on, and we both laid together in bed. We hugged and kissed. I told her that I loved her more than anything in the world. She told me the same and we fell asleep in each others arms.

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