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      Married couple of 15 years. We have been involved with the BDSM community and practices in the past. Mostly, we live a pretty vanilla lifestyle. However, I am and very turned on by the thought of permanent chastity and cuckold/hotwife dynamic.

      I’ve often fantasized, and even uttered the words during sex, about the wife needing to have sex with hung men and not my small unimpressive cock that doesn’t even stay hard long enough to make me or the wife cum. She has the sex drive of a teenage boy! I don’t…or not conventional anyway.

      I had been hinting more and more recently. Always had been turned down at the thought of it…unless in bed. She says it to get me to cum. I need some humiliation to get excited enough to cum. So, she does that for me. She’s never satisfied unless I can magically get her to cum before I even try to get inside her.

      Fast forward… She was coming up on her period. She has to have sex just before her peeiod…she gets so horny that week before. When that day came…we had our version of “kinky” sex… me in panties (I wear most days), and her up on all fours waiting for me to get hard enough.

      Out of nowhere…
      She let’s out, in a strong voice, “You have exactly 1 minute to get hard and start fucking me! Otherwise, I WILL find someone who will!”

      I got so hard from that…omg, hadn’t been that hard in a long time! So, I shoved it in her pussy and fucked like a wild animal. Literally, 30 seconds later, I came and she got NO pleasure from that. Sad for her.

      I decided to try self imposed chastity to help me not masturbate and be able to fuck her more, be more attending to her physically and mentally. That’s what I was hoping chastity would do…from everything I have read…even from women’s perspectives…that seems to be a side effect of chastity. So, I wanted to try again.

      I have done it for a day here and there. She never was really into it beyond that. Nor is she Dominant so, she wasn’t wanting to play along. Still wanted to give it another shot. Figured since she was about to have her period, good time to do it.

      3 days go by for me locked up…she doesn’t know. It was day 1 of her period.
      I’m working from home as usual. My office is on the 2nd floor in the loft. She texts me from the backyard as she sits outside.

      “How would you feel if I went on a date?” I almost fell out of my chair!

      I reply,
      M: a date or a hookup?

      She replies…
      W: A hookup for sex and you find cum on me when I get home?


      I replied with…
      M: Well, I’d welcome that and, lick the cum off of you!
      W: That would not be cheating?
      M: no!

      I asked if that is what she really wanted.
      Her response…I think I do!

      My cage suddenly got very small when my cock was trying to bust through it. Since it’s steel, that didn’t work out to well…lol I love the feeling of being hard in the cage.

      So, we sat down and had a heart to heart…15 years of marriage, we can write our own rules! I told her, I feel bad that i can’t stay hard or satisfy you with my cock. I want you to be FREE OF GUILT and seek others to fulfill your needs. I wish to remain in chastity, you hold the keys and I won’t have any sexual activity unless you initiate it.

      She agreed! #breakingnewground

      She’s downloading the Tinder app! Starting to look for real cocks. I can’t wait to see how this plays out!!!!

      Ground rules next:

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      Cathy & Jerry

      We’ll be eagerly awaiting your next post letting us know that your wife now has a boyfriend! Good luck!

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