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      Dan C

        As I have described in an earlier post, my wife and her lover (her ex) have conceived a child together. Much planning went into this decision and the act itself. I witnessed their lovemaking, for that is what it was no matter how much I try to deny it. This fucking was so much more then usual as there was a goal in mind. And he succeeded in seeding my wife. I have described the events leading up to that moment and my emotional journey.

        My wife is now almost 5 months pregnant, due in May. Her pregnant belly has been showing for a couple of months now, a constant reminder of that act. I am excited and nervous about it, kind of sad and sometimes upset by it. But I was a willing participant, doing my part. I guess being a good cuckold for my wife and her lover. I have been asked, maybe demanded, to refrain from any kind of sex with my wife while his baby is growing inside of her.

        Of course, they fuck, I often watch. My sexual relief is masturbation, mosting in private before, but now I masturbate and cum while they fuck. Supposedly once she delivers and is cleared for intercourse and is up for it, I can resume intercourse with my wife. I am infertile, as I had a vasectomy as part of this journey, so no chance of me knocking up my wife. That is what I wanted.
        He is supposed to get a vasectomy at some point so my wife can stay off the pill. I thought it would have happend by now, but nothing seems to indicate it will be anytime soon.

        Even though it is not my baby, seeing my wife naked, pregnant belly, breasts getting bigger, it so turns me on. I often wonder is it the fact that she is pregnant, the beauty of a naked pregnant woman, or the fact that it is his growing inside of her.

        The plan is I will be named the father, raise him (yes it is a boy) as my own. I worry that this plan may change once the baby is born. He has been actively involved in the pregnancy, coming with us to doctor appointments, seeing the sonogram, hearing the heartbeat. My wife told the obgyn the situation, and it is a little awkward when the three of us show up for appointments. My wife did not tell her doctor that her ex fucked her, just that he was a sperm donor, as I was infertile and oh how much my wife and I wanted a baby and he was willing to help us out. I wonder if she buys it as I feel she looks at me as a cuckold. She would be right of course, for I am a cuckold.

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        Cathy & Jerry

          That’s wonderful Dan, actually it’s beautiful! We look forward to reading about her giving birth to his baby. You are living the life so many of us cuckolds have dreamed about. Yes many people will say negative things about it but to them I give the middle finger salute! It was a good choice of you both to have him sire her next baby as he did in the past, it keeps the bloodline the same as the other kids as well as always reminding you (when you lovingly watch your new child playing) that his father is the Alpha male in the three-way relationship, as he rightly should be! I’m sure that there are many cuckolds reading what you are telling us and are as jealous as I am, you’re a very lucky man Dan! Keep on cucking!

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            Wonderful story. If we had been younger, we would have considered it.

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            Cathy & Jerry

              What’s happening now Dan? You have us in suspense here 🙂 We all hope that everything is going really well with the pregnancy and her love affair.

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                We always wanted that!

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                  Dan C

                    The pregnancy is going fine for my wife, way past morning sickness, just getting a bigger pregnant belly and enlarging breasts. So hot to see her pregnant. I have to admit I so lust for her so it is hard to be celibate around her. But this is their time, their pregnancy, his baby in my wife’s womb. His hard cock gets to enter her cunt, fuck her, pump his load in her. I get to watch, play with myself.

                    Other than the three of us, only her obgyn knows I am not the father. She had to tell her since he comes with us to the office visits. We do get the looks but it is what it is.

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                  Alberto Bull

                    very nice and hot story! congrats!!
                    as Bull i can say is amazing get a wife pregnant in front of hubby 🙂
                    is a so great feeling!!

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                      Dan C

                        I was honored to be presence during their lovemaking and the fertilization of my wife.

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                        Just giving a major “heads-up” to everyone about the so-called “operator” of this website who calls himself, “Luvr.” He gives the disclaimer about all the things he is not allowed to have people talk about in the chat rooms because he is actually a convicted rapist. If he allows any of the disclaimer topics for discussion in the chat rooms, then the Arizona Parole Board will incarcerate him once again.

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                          Cathy & Jerry

                            If you can’t provide proof to support your accusations then it looks like you’re just “bent” because you didn’t get your way with something in here. Show your proof or walk away, leave the web site.

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                                this wingnut has been making accusations for a long while. Whoever this is needs serious intervention.

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                                I’ve not been accused of anything anywhere, let alone convicted – fuck off and get some mental health treatment. @kerriscott

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                                  Cathy & Jerry

                                    As we stated on another one of these we let you know when we see things like this. There are several more of these comments from him on other posts in the forums, many of them. We commented on all of them that he posted this garbage, you might like to check them out and comment yourself. Cheers

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                                  I banned them from chat for making up nonsense about someone here

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                                    Thank You sussex_couple. Luvr is lucky to have you as moderators.

                                    Go Dan C!

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