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    A little introduction from me.  My wife and I are in our late 30's and have been married for ten years.  I had known about cuckolding since before getting married, but never thought of it as an option.  I would fantasize about being cuckolded, but felt that there was no way it could really happen.  I discovered FMSB around 2003, and saw some of the couples featured.  The more I saw how much they were enjoying this lifestyle, the more I wanted fantasy to become reality.  Also, some of the context in which Luvr portrayed the lifestyle showed it much to be more about real life couples than what you see in porn all the time.  I decided that perhaps this could be something my wife and I could actually pursue.

    As our marriage went on, we seemed to find our natural roles with her as the Domme and I being her slave.  It seemed to put even more of a spark in our sex life playing domination games.  She started putting me in chastity, and I started becoming even more submissive.  That's when I realized that she might actually like cuckolding.  And it turns out that she loved the idea.  She loves having sex, and I've never been the greatest in bed.  It took awhile for her to get comfortable with the idea of really doing this, but eventually she got back in touch with an old boyfriend and they've been going at it ever since.


    The stuff about which Luvr speaks on this site is the real deal.  I can thank him for a lot of my success.  I can tell you that there are couples who seem vanilla on the outside really doing this.  For those that are wondering, if you play your cards right, the sky is the limit.  Don't give up.

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence, jr. I hear quite frequently from couples who are vocal about this site playing an important role in their adoption or improved exploration of cuckolding, but seldom have anyone actually put it in writing, so thanks.

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    For our part, my wife and I are just venturing back to cuckolding and hopefully avoiding past mistakes that derailed us for a time.  I've been really encouraged by this site, especially due to the mature and loving manner in which cuckolding is discussed.  Thank you Luvr and I hope you will continue to impart your advice and experience.  I feel there is so much to learn . . . .

    Tonight, my wife is going out with a boyfriend (the relationship has just started, so boyfriend may not yet be the right term but I'll use it for convenience sake.  So far they've spent the better part of a night and day together, enjoying casual fellowship in addition to my wife orally pleasuring him and receiving his seed in her mouth — something that rarely happens with me by the way!).  They plan to catch a college football game with a group, then later retire back to his place. 

    I was so excited and immediately thought of this site when my wife told me that she was planning on wearing her glasses to meet her boyfriend.  Here's the story.  I've read a lot here about the preparation and care married women will devote to pleasing their boyfriends.  My wife told me her boyfriend likes the “librarian” glasses look, as this particular guy used to be married to an old friend of hers with just such a look.  It is soooo sexy to think that she is contemplating these things on her own, putting in effort to be pleasing to her lover!!  I suggested that she keep the glasses on while sucking his cock tonight, especially as she is bringing a camera/video recorder and I may get to view some of the hot goings on Wink

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    @couvecuck, thanks for the kind words and thanks for updating us about your return to cuckolding. What speaks to me about what you told us is how much time they are spending together on this date. Boyfriend is the right term even if it's a new relationship since your wife (with your support) is making all the right efforts to be his girlfriend in terms of bonding with him by granting him special sexual favors and swallowing his seed to demonstrate her sexual eagerness for him.

    Best of luck in this new relationship.

    I hope we'll hear more news as things progress!

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    Luvr, thanks for your assessments, it really is encouraging to hear your thoughts based on proven experience.

    You know, it just occurred to me, and struck me as very very hot, that when my wife went out with her boyfriend last night, they met up at a couple's place who are good friends of the boyfriend.  My wife always wears her fused wedding/engagement bands, so this couple must at this point be aware that their friend's new girlfriend is a married woman.  I love the movement in this direction, toward our public acceptance of the lifestyle, with her dual girlfriend/wife status on display!  

    And yes, I am over the moon with how much time they are spending together, the obvious fun she has in going out on the town with her boyfriend, and the unmistakable excitement she has sexually with him.  She's still at his place this morning in fact!  I was just told via text that it was a wild night and she can't wait to tell me about it . . . .  And on top of this all, she kept up a brisk texting dialogue with me last night while they were club hopping, full of sweet expressions of her love to me.  This is a significant step forward for her, in integrating boyfriend world with husband world.  I'm hoping we can sit down together sometime soon and read through and discuss a lot of the good information you have on this site on how to openly blend both men into her life and achieve greater intimacy for all involved.

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    I just discovered your post and wanted to tell you how well written and fresh it was.  My wife and I only play at it so far, but I continue to be be rather preoccupied with the concept of cuckolding.  We have been married for 27 years and it has been a wonderful time together.  We are still hot for each other, but she will retire soon (no one can believe that she is going to be 55) and we will probably move out of the house we raised kids in and into a “sexy house” , as she calls it, to more represent our new situation in life.  I think cuckolding would fit very well into this lifestyle.  But I would want and need her to 'reclaim' me with her love for me, as your wife is doing in your post.  Anyway, thanks for sharing your exciting development with us.  After 6 months, has it gone up or down hill?

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    Cathy & Jerry

    I’m sure many of us on here are hoping to hear more of how things are going for you. Are you still a Cuckold? Have you progressed into it more? We all hope that she’s fully Cuckolded you and that you’re both very happy 🙂

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