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      The first time we had a man over to our house for a threesome, we agreed that my wife would meet him at the door and I would stay upstairs until they got settled in the family room.  He was a co-worker and a guy she had slept with before, but he was still very nervous about being in a threesome with us. 

      When we heard his car pull into the driveway, she ordered me upstairs.   I heard the doorbell, a moment later the door open then close.  Try as I might, I could hear nothing from the hall upstairs.  

      After 15 excruciating minutes, I eagerly headed downstairs looking forward to this new adventure.  But was she greeted me at the bottom of the stairs, still fully dressed and I was informed that they needed 15 more minutes.  I trudged back upstairs and waited patently. 

      On my second attempt, she met me again at the bottom of the stairs, this time she was topless with just her panties.  She said they needed another 10 minutes.  I lumbered back to our bedroom and suffered for another 10 minutes.

      Finally, after 40 insufferable minutes, she didn’t meet me at the bottom of the stairs and I was finally allowed to enter the living room.  It was an interesting and fun evening.  But I will always remember the waiting.

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      Hi all, I’m new to site. We are a WMC. The last few years been bedroom talk. This past week I found a guy on a web site. He sent a face picture and my wife agree to meet him. We met him for coffee. Talk a while then my body shook when my wife said yes to go to a hotel. We got a room and now I am a cuckold husband. She loved me being there. It’s been a few wild days. She has wore me out. She wanted to hook up with him over the weekend but he had his kids. We are both looking forward to seeing him again. I told her she should have 2 lovers for her chances to fill her needs. I feel so lucky to have such a loving hot wife.

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      This happened on our very first MFM. It was with a guy we hooked up with while on a cruise to the Bahamas. We met on the ships bar, he was flirting with my wife until he realized she was with me. He tried to do the gentlemanly thing and bow out gracefully but we befriended him and got along well. On the 3rd day of the cruise after a few drinks we ended up in his balcony state room.

      Long story short, our great cuckold moment happened when I was accidentally hit by friendly fire. I was making out with my wife and playing with her nipples while he was fucking her. I didn’t realize that he had pulled out and was ready cum, anyway his intention was to cum on my wife’s stomach not on me. Our friend started to cum and some streams of cum landed on my hand which was fondling my wife’s breasts. Not having any gay or bi- inclinations, I started to get squeamish at having another man’s cum on me. My wife saw my predicament and grabbed my hand and brought it to her mouth and licked all of his cum from my hand.

      We had just been making out and after she licked up his cum she moved in to kiss me again and started giggled when I pulled away. Our friend wasn’t so cum shy and moved in to embrace my wife in a sloppy cum kiss.

      It was my first friendly fire incident and her first cum kiss.

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      Several years ago we met a gentleman while visiting a local nudist resort. My wife spent most of the afternoon chatting and he invited us to stay with him for the evening, we had not planned to stay over. Once in the room they started to make out and soon they were screwing. I moved over on the bed and start to fucklick my wife, his cock popped out and I started to suck it. He freaked out and told her I had to leave the room. She followed his order and made me leave. The door had a glass openning and when he caught me looking in so he had her cover the window with a towel. it was late and I had no clothes and nowhere to go. I ended up sleeping in my car nude because I had left my clothes in his room. They next morning when she got to the car she said that whenever she was with another guys she was to do as he directed and I was expected to follow directing from either one.

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      Mistress C

      You should never assume another guy wants his dick sucked by another guy.
      Manners apply in & out of the bedroom

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