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      Looking for experienced bull that understands the hotwife-cuck-bull dynamics.

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      Sonny Alleyes

      It’s a wonderful arrangement- my wife and I have that with her Bull She prefers happily married Bulls and likes to provide what (great sex) that is not found at his home.

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      As a married Bull in that situation, what I can say.. wish there were more women like your wife out there..

      Shame we don’t live closer to each other..

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      Sonny Alleyes

      Cuckandwife and LouisJenk – My wife has been shared for nearly 20 years, she loves sex and is now on her 4th Bull. I have found each one for her and the last three were all happily married, missing one very important need – good sex. We like happily married because it is safer for bareback sex, the guy needs to be discreet, and they keep it exclusive. Our Bull knows the desired outcome, he becomes a friend first and when the time is right, he does the “ask” to which she will say “yes.” From then on, it’s the 3 of us coming together for a day of sex, watching, taking turns and double teaming her. While not recommended for everyone, it was the very best decision we ever made and has made the marriage even stronger than ever.

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      Totally agree with all of the above. I’m indeed all for exclusivity (and the subsequent safety of bareback), discretion and a mature 3 way relationship between consenting adults on the same wavelength when it comes to having quality sex…

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      Hello, I would like to be considered as your Bull! With your permission I can travel to Indianapolis and spend a weekend in a hotel. I am happy to share email to chat more and see if you would like to move forward with me…..

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      Mistress C

      When you find the right fit, its an amazing situation. We incorporated it into our Femdom relationship, the hard part is finding a bull who understands the dynamic. Married bulls are always a good choice as there is less a chance of emotional attachment and need to be discreet.
      I never play first few times out as I need the bull to build a friendship with both myself and my husband(also helps the bull with performance anxiety) (not to say if at a fetish weekend with hotel take over I wouldn’t invite a bull to our room as thats a different situation and quite fun)
      We are moving into a new house and converting an extra bedroom into a playroom but this time adding a futon so sex can happen right there as husband is bound over a bench
      Good luck

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      Sonny Alleyes

      Mistress C – I love your description. That is spot on. My wife needs at least 3 months, maybe more until she is ready to give herself to a new guy. Like you, she needs time to get well acquainted and like the guy before he can ask and get a “yes.”

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