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      She brought him home last night. Might be something real brewing.

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      mmmmm sweet

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      Yes they had a nice date came home and Melissa introduced him to me. I served them some refreshments and then excused myself. Melissa tole me they talked for quite a while and then were busy. She likes him and He told her He wanted to see her more.

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      I hope it works out for her. I love younger men.

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        Thank you Luvinsunshine, He is returning tomorrow. He will have dinner with us.

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      Did the date go well?
      Is he a keeper?
      You’re lucky. We are looking for a bull for quite a while.
      To my delight she left home with an anklet carrying a cuckold symbol.

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        mrsmrc, her second date with her young man is tonight. Yes I understand, and we will see if he is a keeper. I hope so. Melissa like all cuck wives deserve a nice boyfriend.

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