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    I have received several requests to write about my first creampie experience. I will do my best to include all of the provocative and instructional details.

    At the time, I had two or three outstanding years of experience with a handful of swing couples that I would see on a regular basis in the greater DC area and had started to get into hotwifing and cuckolding as the couples’ interests and fantasies evolved. The DC area has a fascinating mixed personality when it comes to hotwifing and cuckolding, specifically. On the one hand, you have the prevalence of hard charging, overworked professionals where there is a strong temptation to give up control; on the other, you still have a buttoned up, outwardly conservative professional population.

    All of the couples I saw were special to me and brought something unique and appealing to the table and bedroom. However, there was one couple in particular that I clicked with especially well over the years and my smile was always a bit larger when I received a Kik message from them. They had been in the lifestyle for a few years prior to meeting me – mainly with single men. I quickly became their exclusive single male, though I would occasionally bring over another guy or two when she was especially frisky – she had a sweet tooth for chocolate on occasion.

    One day, we met at a new bar that they had been wanting to try. They had two children in college and they happened to be home at the time, so this was just an opportunity for the three of us to catch up. Our conversation meandered around all kinds of topics from sports, to the arts, to their furnace, and, of course, back to sex. I could tell there was something they wanted to discuss, but I allowed them to make their way to it.

    She started off by telling me how much she enjoyed spending time with me and loved our sexual chemistry. I immediately assumed that this was her nice setup for telling me that they were going to be taking a break from playing, they were moving, or one of any number of “we won’t be playing with you anymore” statements. To my surprise, she continued and I could tell she was looking for more… but more what? more how?

    At this point, I should provide descriptions of the three of us to help illustrate the dynamic.

    The husband is a 50 year old man who made his way up the corporate ladder into a leadership and semi-public position. He is friendly, accomplished, highly educated, a great father and husband, and has a wide variety of interests. He is in fair health, but, in his words, “the years are definitely working against [him]”. He has increasingly grown interested in watching his wife have sex.

    She is 44 and an absolutely wonderful woman. Like him, she is a driven professional and falls on the periphery of the public eye. She is a great wife and mother. She has an appealing mix of type A in public, but somewhat subservient around her husband; however, I could tell that she enjoyed testing the more dominant role. She is the classic MILF. She has that beautiful face – not a supermodel face with sharp, distinguished features; more so the beautiful eyes and smile you come to expect from a classically gorgeous woman. After 44 years and two children, there was a little rounding that she was always competing with, but her running, yoga, and weight training maintained a very fit 5’6″ish figure. I left the best for last – a breathtaking pair of natural, sensitive, 36D (or DD, depending on the brasier) breasts that loved to be played with and danced jubilantly during our get togethers.

    I am a tall, dark, and handsome 30 something professional. Fit with a wide variety of hobbies, interests, activities. I had come to realize that couples sought after young, fit, responsible men with mature personalities with whom they could share their fantasies. Fortunately, I fit that description and started exploring the swinging and hotwife space. I am about average length, quite thick, and a very, very heavy cummer. I learned that while there is an extremely wide spectrum of preferences, the wives seemed to love exactly that combination of physical attributes. They want to be stretched out width-wise (pleasure), not length-wise (painful). My friends tend to shy away from 8″+ because, while it looks great on film and it is fun once in a while, it becomes painful for them – especially for recurring fun. And the heavy cumming offers all kinds of opportunities as you will see.

    Back to the bar. She explained that she and her husband had been dabbling with her taking control sexually in their relationship. He enjoyed the sexual experience, but he was not always able to perform. Then she opened up, leaned in, and started talking in a softer tone. They had also been fantasizing about the huge cumshots I had been leaving on her tits, ass, and pussy lips for several years. During their love making, her husband would ask her if she wanted my cum inside of her. Initially she thought it was superficial dirty talk. After a few more times, she said “Yes, I want it”.

    I told her I was very interested in the opportunity. Since it is a major step and there are clear health issues, we came up with several rules and an agreement. Then we planned the meet.

    They had a large, open property out in Virginia with a nice cottage. One summer Friday evening we met out there. I arrive to see him moving firewood into the cottage. She is carrying a bag from their car. She stops when she sees my car, drops her bag, turns, and waves. She is wearing a tight sundress that hugs her curves perfectly. I give her a hug and a kiss and can feel a different type of warmth radiating off of her – I hope it has to do with her anticipation.

    We continue setting things up as the sun is going down. We make a little dinner, drink wine, and her husband starts a fire inside. It started getting chilly outside. I could tell by her erect nipples poking through her dress fabric – or maybe it was the occasional rubbing, pinching, and kissing we were doing. With that, we headed inside.

    Her husband sat down in his chair in front of the fire, while she and I sat on the couch directly across from him. We started kissing and slowly undressing one another. Her face, breasts, hips, legs – everything was breathtaking in front of the fire. I stood up in front of her, revealing a clear bulge in my shorts. She mischievously smiled and shot a glance at her husband. She pulled my cock out and immediately it made its way into her warm mouth. Her mouth always feels incredible, but the knowledge that, before long, I would be filling her pussy with my cum made it all that much more pleasurable… nearly too pleasurable. Fortunately, we were able to adjust and continue. I pulled her up to me, kissed her deeply, then eased her onto a soft rug in front of the fire. I spread her legs and started licking. She was so wet this time… I could tell the anticipation was impacting her too. She came very hard and very quickly – more quickly than I could ever remember. Her husband commented on it as well and she just smiled. I continued to bring her to several more climaxes. After a while, she was exhausted and needed a break… She laid there and I rested my head on her perfect breasts – bliss…. but there was still the main attraction.

    After what had to be 10 mins of silence, recovery, and anticipation, her fingers started running over my shoulders. I kissed her nipples a few times and then moved up to her lips. I could see in her eyes she was ready. We repositioned, kneeling and facing one another. My cock was pushing against her pussy lips. We simultaneously looked over to her husband and he made a subtle nod to us. This would be the last time he would give permission for me to cum inside of his wife.

    I turned her around, and gently pushed her down onto all fours. My cock rested against her pussy lips and I effortlessly pushed it in – almost as if it pulled it inside. She audibly exhaled as I remained fully inside of her for several seconds. Then I started pumping slowly. Since I was used to years of wearing condoms, I had to be extremely careful with pace and sensation – coming close a few times initially. After a few minutes, I felt my body adjust to the new sensation. At that point, I firmly grasped her hips and pulled myself into her more forcefully. I grasped her breasts that were dancing in front of the flames. At that point, I pulled out, stood her up, put her hands on the chair her husband was sitting in , bent her over so they were face to face, and started fucking her. Her husband did not touch or talk to her… just watched. I could feel her wetness dripping down my legs. Her exhales had turned into loud moans. She kept saying how much she enjoyed being stretched out; her pussy was grinding on my cock while I was pumping in and out. I could tell what she wanted, so I pulled out, laid down, and pulled her on top of me for cowgirl.

    She loved “driving” and grinding her pussy on my cock to maximize her clitoral stimulation. Within a minute or two, she was trembling with her first orgasm and collapsed on top of me. Then another soon after. My cock was beginning to approach its limit. While I was inside of her, I turned her over onto her back into our favorite position for finishing.

    I could see in her eyes how badly she wanted this. I started pumping my cock in and out slowly and sensually. Her legs were wrapped around my butt. Her hands tightly gripping my upper arms. Our lips were locked to one another’s. Her pussy was facing her husband so that he could see every stroke. I could feel a huge load building inside. And our eyes met. She softly said in my ear “I want it” over and over… but loud enough for her husband to hear. These words pushed me past the point of no return. I kept pushing inside of her and I could feel the first pulse. The husband later told me that seeing my cock pulse each time it pumped more cum inside his wife was unimaginably hot. Then the second… the third pulse, the fourth, and then I lost track. Then I heard her husband: “Oh wow”. He saw my cum leaking out of his wife’s pussy, while I was still cumming. I finished with my cock still hard, but slowly softening inside her; cum still streaming out of her soaking wet pussy. Our lips were locked. Her husband was speechless. The only sound was the crackling fire. We remained like that for several minutes.

    She then stood up, grabbed her glass of wine, kissed her husband, asked him to clean up the cum on the carpet, grabbed my hand, led me to the master bedroom, and closed the door. This told me that we would be sleeping together and her husband would remain outside. We chatted for an hour, but the energy expended and wine, made us drowsy as we drifted off to sleep together.

    … I was gently awoken when I could feel the mattress and sheets moving. She was repositioning herself to suck my cock. It was pitch black and I had no idea what time it was. She had me rock hard within a minute or so. I flipped her over and my tongue was immediately going to work on her clit. She let out a loud moan and a soft scream… apparently this was enough to wake her husband as we could hear the floor boards creak as he apparently approached the door to listen. I then laid on my back, she positioned herself over my cock and started riding. My hands alternated between her hips and breasts. Before long, another load was ready for her hot pussy. I started to pump that load deep inside of her. Her wetness and my cum mixed together where we joined. We slowly drifted off to sleep again – forgetting her husband was likely outside listening.

    We woke up the next morning. Her husband was starting breakfast. The sun was out and you could tell it was going to be a beautiful day. The conversation didn’t touch on sex at all – it was fascinating how quickly something so exceptional became so acceptable, but not in a normal or boring way.

    We spent the afternoon out on their back deck where we drank and she tanned in her bikini. Her breasts looked incredible in that bikini. Her husband rubbed lotion on her and started feeling her up. She wanted to give him a blowjob, but he had trouble staying hard for her. They tried for a bit, but he told her something like “Maybe later”. She smiled and agreed. He asked me if I was able to go again. Nothing like a husband asking if you’re ready to cum inside his wife.

    I’m sure all guys are different. For me, there are times where I can cum multiple times in an evening and there are others where my body is a bit more sluggish. It’s often hard to tell where your body is until you give it a try.

    I looked at her and she had a big smile on her face. I had been flaccid, but his question and her smile had the blood flowing again. I got the sense that ordinarily my body might be feeling a bit sluggish that particular day after the two huge loads already, but the bareback and creampie aspect gave it that extra oomph to deliver.

    Soon after, I was inside her beautiful pussy again. 24 hours prior, this sensation was foreign and now it felt so natural. While I was pumping inside her, her husband asked if I could finish with just the tip of my cock inside so that most of the cum would stream out. I asked what she wanted and she said sure. She was leaning over their patio table as I pounded her from behind. Her husband knelt to the side with a great view. A bit to my surprise, the cum started flowing – more than I expected at that point. Her husband was “ahhhh”ing at the close up view.

    I remained with them through Sunday morning. All in all, I filled her beautiful, married pussy five wonderful times. We continued this relationship for almost two years, when they had to move away for work. I still occasionally see them for fun, but we don’t play bareback anymore. Bareback and creampie is something I prefer for a nearby couple I can see on regular basis and they understand and respect that preference – though the temptation absolutely remains.

    I had two similar, ongoing arrangements with two wonderful, responsible, trustworthy couples. One ended due to relocation like the couple mentioned in this story. The other ended due to a minor medical issue (not disease – just one of those things that comes with aging).

    Though a bareback/creampie relationship is something I immensely enjoy, I never “actively” seek it out. I see it as something that develops on its own and opportunities present themselves. Forcing something like that where there are serious consequences (disease, pregnancy, relationships), seems like a dangerous proposition and something I will not do.

    I am always happy to share my experiences, what works, what doesn’t, and I am always open to talking about a new opportunity with friends I can see on a regular basis.

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    Great story! Very nicely done.

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    Albert and Faye

    Very nicely written. Thanks for sharing!

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    That is a first-class story told exquisitely. Bravo, sir.

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    Great story! Sounds like the first night of the weekend went well, what happened after that? I’m sure there were more to this weekend, right Hotgent? Was the husband into clean-up or did he just enjoy seeing a big load running down her legs? Tell me more.

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    Amazingly written story, congrats!
    I have been dating regularly a fabulous cuckold couple over the last two years and we recently moved to a more intense relationship with full involvement of the three of us. We are now in the pathway of the cuckold marriage. She is a goddess of sex and beauty and I am enjoying seducing her mind and please her body, while he is a true friend and a good cuck. I understand your deep surreal emotions.

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    Outstanding, thank you for sharing.

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    Great story! We enjoy having std blood tested bulls cum in mu wife. She cums so hard when she feels them throbbing and cuming inside her. I love the sloppy seconds and eating her creampies. So erotic seeing another mans cum leaking out of her!

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    My wife’s bull cums a great deal like you. It is incredible to me how much and how hard he can cum and my wife loves it. Unlike the wife of the couple you are with, my wife desperately wants (demands) that I clean her pussy up with my tongue occassionally. Especially if she needs another orgasm. She says the Dominant feeling and naughtiness of making me do this drives her insane. I never thought I would do something like this in a million years, however the fact she enjoys it so much and eating her pussy is my favorite thing in the world, so I have come to enjoy it almost as much as her !

    Anyway, thanks for sharing !!!

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    Great story and it is been a while since we are looking for a bull in DC area! still no success.

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