Such an erotic view of a very desirable woman, but this view is only half of the story.

Now you see why this pose held so much meaning for her husband to capture it.

Connie first takes her boyfriend inside her in a position that has never been possible with her husband.

She doesn’t couple in this fashion in front of him to hurt him, but to enjoy the things her husband knows she deserves and to allow him to enjoy this position himself – if only by proxy.

Connie’s expression alone tells you that this stage of their coupling is lovemaking. Connie is enjoying the slow, small, slow thrusts of her boyfriend’s cock while already fully seated inside her. This is where her boyfriend really lights the fire in her by having his pubic bone slowly and effectively teasing her clit.

This is the lovemaking a cuckold husband most fears – and is most aroused by.

And from this position, Connie will welcome the final act of their passion when she welcomes each spurt of his orgasm inside her while her cuckold’s spurts fill nothing but the air…

Art should always be about perspective and once again, X-Art has done a remarkable job producing erotica that can mean many different things to many different people. These images are just a few of the available stills and video of this encounter available through membership at Memberships to X-Art help me cover the cost of this site so think of it as doing public good!