There was a discussion yesterday in the site chatroom which gave me cause to dig around more on the topic of long-term denial for cuckolds. By long-term, I’m talking months and multiples of months. I was of the opinion that long-term denial, without periodic prostate exercise, was detrimental to prostate health in particular. I couldn’t recall the source of my opinion so I decided to look around some more.

How Risky Is It?

In short, there is a lot of contradictory content on the topic out there, but little of it has much academic backing. Of the readily found articles on the topic, the only one I found with some serious credentials behind it is the one excerpted below.

…it is healthy for the prostate to be emptied regularly to prevent congestion.  For the average man, ejaculation 2-3 times a week is sufficient.  However, there is great individual variation.  Too frequent ejaculation beyond the tolerance of the prostate (which also varies individually) can inflame the prostate and predispose to other types of prostatitis including bacterial infection.  The prostate’s tolerance can only be determined by trial and error if one is curious.

Congestive or other types of prostatitis are generally not permanent and can be treated easily.  The treatment of congestive prostatitis is mentioned above.

via Urology: Chastity, restricted orgasms, and prostate health over time., congestive prostatitis, chastity device.

This article also contains a great description of the male reproductive system’s inner workings.perfect fit

The bottom line of this article was that long-term denial really only leads to forms of prostatitis which is non-permanent and easily treatable (see the full article). The article specifies that there’s no increased risk of prostate cancer via denial, but I’ve read other articles, with less academic standing, who counter that statement. I’ve also read references to the muscles of the prostate being weakened through inactivity, but again, this wasn’t referenced in this article.

Don’t Panic

I know the restrained cuckolds out there who are getting their routine release every two or three weeks are starting to panic that they may now see their penis kept restrained, teased and denied for much longer. While this may happen at times, it’s still advisable to play it safe and be a responsible Dom(me) when it comes to the cuckold’s health and equally important – his wellbeing.

It does now seem much less risky to lengthen denial periodically for purposes like punishment for the cuckold who fails to meet expectations regarding his penis or responsibilities as a cuckold, but I would still advise most couples against  long-term denial without seeking medical advice.