This moment, captured in time,  is proof of unwavering affirmation that she is his hotwife and he is her cuckold. If we could see a wider view, I’m sure we’d see a very erect penis, likely glistening with cuckold tears – but not because he’s so enamored with her boyfriend’s semen. This is a common misconception perpetuated by fake and unrealistic ‘cuckold porn’ and by the gays/bisexuals hiding behind the lifestyle’s practices. deposit_made

More succinctly; ‘creampie’ isn’t meant to be about the pie it’s about how it got there.

The only heterosexual reason to desire this expression of love between hotwife and cuckold is as an expression of love, submission and undeniable affirmation. There is also no requirement that a cuckold ever perform this act and if he does, there’s no rule that says he can’t first clean his wife first with a warm, damp towel before applying a soothing tongue to her swollen sex. The true purpose of this act, in my opinion, isn’t the exposure to or consumption of her boyfriend’s semen, but to provide an intimate pleasure both because and despite her having coupled with someone other than her husband.

Update: A discussion in the chatroom with @newbycuck produced this concise thought regarding this topic: when a cuckold desires the substance more than he desires the act, I have to call ‘orientation challenged’.