For professional reasons I´m away from home. I´m driving back over the weekend and not all of them depending of my social compromises in my professional environment. If I don´t drive, my wife makes an effort to join me after a tiring week (full job and two kids). It´s not that I have a small penis or can´t satisfy my wife…we still do it anywhere: under the shower, bath tub, couch, kitchen, etc  very intensively, specially being the whole week alone, the level of testosterone is very but very high. I have to say that I´m end fifties and she end forties but being away during the week, we have our 5 / 6 rounds over the weekend.  I always considered that she not only has endless fantasy but also higher sexual energy than I do.  “School time tales”, the several secret encounters she had before we met always turned me on.

Since  1 ½ year I´ve been working on her to cuckold me. Exciting and shocking; the rules of society… reputation…married with kids…full job on healthcare…been known by hundreds of people she at a time took care of…very dangerous but exciting…

She loves dancing and goes back again and again to the same disco she went to when she was young meeting always someone she knows, enjoying time, a drink, a chat or a flirt but not going further than that. Somewhere in time the idea was deep inside her brain; she only needed the right guy in the right moment…and it happened a month ago. While dancing she recognized a face she knew from her youth…a former neighbor…the first one in school with a motorbike, very disputed by girls and attractive…now divorced and free, and they had a long chat about old times and a lot of laugher.

She told me next day about the encounter and during the conversation she said: I´m a whore! – Why? I asked carefully  –Because I wanted him when we were young am and actually I still feel attracted to him…I could imagine him in our bed with us…-You´re beautiful, I love you!- I whispered – go for it!…off course we had a session of telephone sex and recommended her to drive the game.

She arranged an encounter with him on her disco night a week later that our kid’s wouldn´t notice anything out of the routine and they have enjoyed lots of hugs, wet kisses and caresses all over their bodies; only manual satisfaction the first time. She approached him on the life style we had been discussing lately…he couldn´t see himself in bed with another man participating or present but could eventually be a question of time, understanding our life style and my role in it (afraid of homo contact), get to know me and maybe…why not…rapidly he did his testing and they have spent on the last 3 week many happy hours with her telling me all details the weekend after…while I lick her.

We are above the clouds, my rod gets rock hard whenever I visualize them together, and we are dearly and sweet to each other like never before. We couldn´t imagine we could still be so in love to each other; looks like I´m on Viagra and pot simultaneously…

Now I have arranged with her to join me next weekend but instead of driving thru 4 hours on Friday evening, to stay overnight on his place, have her delicious cunt filled early morning and bring me the award every cuckold needs : a cream pie to lick to finally show my unconditional love to her.