Log in to the site before chatting for the best experience.

Guests (those not logged in to the site) are welcome to join the chatroom and check us out, but be aware that you:

  • will not be able to initiate private chats with members
  • will not be taken seriously if you habitually join as a guest
  • must choose a somewhat meaningful name for yourself and NOT use a form of ‘guest’ in your name

Joining the Chat

  • Mobile devices will see a chat bubble to the right, click it.
  • On desktops, chat here by opening the Members Online tab and clicking the group chat at the top of the list.

The distraction-free chat page has been discontinued because people can’t follow directions and then complain things don’t work. If you are someone who can follow directions and want access to the distraction-free chat, ask me in chat or contact me through the site’s contact form.

Rules & Customs

Be sure to read the full rules/directions before joining us in chat or expect to be summarily removed when you violate them.

Primary rules:

  • be of legal age in your jurisdiction to participate in adult interaction
  • this isn’t a sissy or transgender venue; those coming here with names which can be reasonably assumed to be here for that agenda vs the one established will be removed
  • same rule above applies if your name indicates some other fetish interest not core to this one
  • if I catch you doing any of the following, you’ll be gone:
    • engaging in, encouraging or inviting talk of sex acts with minor children
    • being or seeming like a fraud: this could happen any number of ways
    • appearing to be more interested in ‘pics’ than interaction
    • just being an asshole

This isn’t the full list of expectations so, as I said above, read the full page.