Now Available: A plain Chat suitable for shared environments (members only).


Chat Rules & Instructions

Unlike most chat venues, rules exist here and are enforced for public and private chats. Read the instructions & rules to understand the expected norms and how the chat functions.

The common ways to be banned (right) are not comprehensive rules and are explained in more detail on the rules/instructions page.


Common Ways to Get Banned

  1. Under-age sex discussions, incest
  2. Lie & get caught at it or be an obvious fraud
  3. Inviting or promoting male/male play with your chat or your name
  4. being pushy for pics or just being an asshole

Log In/Register

Most chat features are only available to registered members who are logged in through the site. Repeatedly visiting chat as a guest will gain you infamy and a likely ban. Joining as a guest is to get a feel for the place and to contact the admin.

Membership is free and information is used only to manage your membership here. See the FAQ for more information.