Following several requests, I have made a chat available without the site interface around it. This means it’s much more suitable for work or even home environments where the elements of the site could be a deterrent to using the chat.

NOTE: Pay fucking attention to the following or I’ll remove this option again if people can’t follow directions and ask for help because chat doesn’t work. Again, read and follow the simple directions.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices, phones mostly, should use the standard chat page since little of the site is visible on phones and the chat is then launched separately from the chat bubble.


To ensure the chat has the appropriate access to the cookies needed to authenticate your account as a member and to operate the chat itself, members must ensure they are logged into the site and have accessed the standard chat page BEFORE using the SFW Chat.


If the SFW Chat page is asking for a login, DO NOT LOG IN THERE. Instead, navigate back to the site, click on login, log in to the site, then use the CHAT menu to open the regular chat before returning to the SFW Chat.


Once this is done, the SFW Chat can typically be accessed directly https;// for weeks without having to log in again using the process above.


If you need assistance with errors in accessing or using chat, refer to the Chat Instructions page or the instructions above.