The chat room here may be unlike other chat rooms you have visited: rules & etiquette are enforced here. In most cases, warnings and explanations are offered before guests are booted and/or banned.


Cuckold Marriage Info chat is a D/s based chatroom.

This is not a gay/bisexual/sissy venue: all are welcome but the topic is not the aforementioned things.

What does that mean? It means that I will not allow this venue to be co-opted by everyone with a particular fetish interest. Those who appear to be here to serve a particular fetish interest instead of the core topic will not be staying with us. Why am I sensitive to this? I’ve seen other chat venues ruined because they become overrun with those having divergent interests from the core membership which then drives off those members.

General Rules

  • Adults only
  • Name / Handle / Chat Name Rules
    • names which create confusion about age or ability to be here legally
    • names which contain direct references to any particular religion will be removed
    • names which imply or can be assumed to imply incest will be removed
    • names which imply or can be assumed to imply male/male interest will be removed
  • Be polite; being a dominant doesn’t entitle you to shit around here – respect is earned
  • Maintain your identity
    • this is a venue for genuine people to discuss/share a genuine lifestyle
    • assuming different names on subsequent visits is an indicator of being a fraud and subjects you to being banned
  • if asked a direct question by a moderator (Luvr, steve69, sussex_couple, mbry), answer or you risk being ejected
  • failing to honor someone’s desire to not speak with you is grounds for being banned
  • anything you can be arrested for is not a topic for conversation here publicly or privately
  • do not offer, accept, or promote remote access opportunities (TeamViewer) – automatic ban for doing so

Private Messaging

  • may be initiated by registered members (logged in)
  • permission to initiate a private chat with someone is not required, however respecting someone’s wish to not engage in a private chat IS required

Image/File Sharing

  • when image uploading/sharing is enabled in public chat, do so only when part of the discussion – this isn’t a random jerk0-off to pics chat – get caught spamming images for no apparent reason or annoying members and you’re gone

Commercial Interests / Advertising / Promotion

In general, I do not allow the site to be used to promote commercial websites. By commercial websites I mean those with a pay requirement for content/access.  This means that such behavior in chat, whether private or not, is grounds for banishment. I will also ban from the site entirely if the forums or social areas of the site are misused for pay site promotion.

I do not oppose promotion of non-pay social or blog sites which relate directly or indirectly to this lifestyle as long as sharing the site is in the context of conversation and not just spamming some site.

Gray Areas: I am also not opposed to couples who are in the lifestyle and choose to share their own content, but need to offset the cost of doing so. Whether I take issue with them referring to their pay site depends on their behavior. If their participation here has been genuine and about the lifestyle, then great – thanks for contributing. If it seems to be the means to and end of promotion, well, you know how that will go.


If you are entirely sure you are properly logged into the site (username displays in the top right corner), yet the chat tab or bubble on mobile doesn’t appear, it most likely means you’ve been banned. By reading the rules above you should be able to figure out why based on your own behavior. If you cannot then obviously you aren’t even aware your bad behavior and there’s no point in trying to modify your behavior to be let back in. If you understand your error and wish a second chance, contact me through the site and I’ll consider it. Ensure you include your user name.

If I have an issue with behavior in the chatroom, I most often give the person an opportunity to correct their behavior first. If I reach out to you in that way, be honest, admit your mistakes and we might move past it. If I am lied to and I catch someone in it, I rarely give a second chance and I never give a third.

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