Original Erotica by member, steve69

I knew that my wife Maria’s lover, Derrick, wanted her to get a tattoo. They had been talking about it for a couple of months.   Then, on Friday before her weekend with him in June, she told me that they had decided to have it done this weekend. She wouldn’t tell me what the tattoo would be or where, just that it was something Derrick wanted. I helped her bathe and dress for Derrick as usual; shaving her sex completely smooth the way Derrick liked it. She had had her hair done that afternoon, and her brown hair looked great cascading over her shoulders.

They were going out with Derrick’s friends that evening, spending the night at Derrick’s flat. Then they would visit the tattooist before driving to the Isle of Mann for a night at an inn there and some time on the beach. Maria selected her outfit carefully because she wanted to look good for Derrick’s friends – Derrick liked to show her off.   She wore her thong underwear and a quarter cup bra that let her nipples show against the shear fabric of her white pull-over blouse. Derrick liked her breasts to show and always wanted her to go bra-less, but Maria felt that her 38 ee-cup breasts sagged too much with no bra, and had settled on the quarter cup bra as a way to give her support but let her nipples press against the fabric of her blouse. Her nipples “had a mind of their own,” as Maria said, stiffening up when she was sexually excited. A short blue skirt that hugged her arse and open-toed, mid-heeled shoes with ankle straps finished the outfit. She didn’t wear any stockings as the evening was quite warm, and her legs were nicely tanned from sitting in the sun on the back porch.

She packed the rest of her clothes — the informal pants and button-front blouse for traveling, the slinky dress for their dinner on Saturday, the string bikini and beach pull-over, along with two more sets of her sexiest underwear – in a simple overnight bag and was ready 15 minutes before Derrick was to arrive. Before her dates with Derrick she was always a little anxious and distracted, barely even acknowledging that I was in the room. When the doorbell range, she jumped up to throw the door open and melted into Derrick’s arms for a passionate open-mouthed kiss that lasted several seconds as he reciprocated her ardor. At 28 Derrick was four years younger than Maria and me, 6’ 2” tall, and very buff with a chiseled nose and jaw, clean-shaven, dark hair, with a laurel wreath tattoo around his left upper arm. When they broke out of their embrace, Maria’s nipples were obviously erect against her blouse. Derrick picked up her overnight bag, breezily told me to hold down the home front, and took her arm as they went down the stairs to his car.

These weekends that Maria spent away with Derrick were very difficult for me. I cleaned the house, tried to do some work, went for a long walk, and watched a DVD on Saturday. Sunday morning I read the paper, and then prepared a menu for dinner and went shopping for food. I would be making sautéed vegetables with shrimp for our dinner when she got back.

The afternoon seemed to drag until Derrick’s car pulled up at around 4:00pm. I watched through the window as they walked arm in arm up the stairs, and then heard Maria’s key in the lock, as they came into the living room together. Maria looked radiant, as she always did when she has been with Derrick. They embraced for several minutes as they kissed goodbye, Derrick’s hands familiarly stroking her breasts and bottom and between her legs as if I wasn’t present. “Well, here she is, freshly fucked,” he said to me, with quick wave as he left.

“Oh Sam,” Maria said to me with a quick kiss, “I’ve had such a great weekend. Let me go to the bathroom and wash up from the ride.”

Maria took her overnight bag upstairs to the bedroom, and after a while I heard the toilet flush and the water in the sink running. Since her relationship with Derrick had started, Maria was much more casual about being nude around the house, and she wasn’t wearing any clothes as she came downstairs. She sat down on the settee, letting her legs fall open as she had been wont to of late. And then I saw the tattoo.

On the white skin of her shaved pubic mound, just above her pussy, the word “slut” was tattooed in blue cursive script. At the end of the “t”, the script tailed off into a tiny red flower. My breath drew in, involuntarily, and my knees were suddenly weak as I leaned against the kitchen counter for support.

“Isn’t it beautiful,” she said. “This is what Derrick wanted. It really makes me feel like his woman now.”

“It is breathtakingly beautiful,” I said.

“Yes. We stopped by the tattooist on Saturday morning after we fucked. You know Derrick,” she said, rolling her eyes. “He wouldn’t even let me shower, so I was still dripping when we got there. We’d given the tattooist a sketch of what we wanted, and he was very professional as I took off my pants and knickers and lay down on the table. Derrick held my hand while he worked. It hurt a little at first and in the car ride to the inn after, but after dinner when Derrick fucked me again, it made him so excited to see it. It was worth the pain and trouble.“

“I’m so glad he likes it,” I said, at loss for words.

“Yes. It reminds me that it really is Derrick’s pussy now. He wants to be the only one who fucks or fingers me. I know that you’ll agree.”

“Yes. Of course,” I said. We had essentially stopped having intercourse together for several months already – Maria would let me lick her and then bring me to orgasm with her hand after she returned from her dates with Derrick.

“You are so wonderful to let me have all this great sex with Derrick,” she gushed. Then she got a kittenish expression on her face. “Would you like to lick Derrick’s pussy?” she asked.

Wordlessly, I rushed to the settee and kneeled at her feet. She opened her legs so that I could reach her cunt with my tongue as I eagerly licked the mingled juices of her love-making. I unzipped and slipped out of my pants and underpants and began to stroke my rigid penis. The tattoo was right in front of my face as I licked her and she gave me directions: “Higher. Lower. A little left. Yes, just like that. Faster!”   She had a small orgasm, her legs and hips giving a quick spasm, and then she pulled me up to her breast and let me suck her while she slowly stroked my penis.

“Oh, you’re good at sucking Derrick’s pussy. You can do that every time I come home after he fucks me,” she cooed, stroking my penis faster. “But I want you to promise me you won’t come unless I let you. I want you to look forward to my dates with Derrick as much as I do. When I get home filled with Derrick, you can lick Derrick’s pussy. And every other week I’ll let you come, but you’ve got to agree not to wank yourself in between or when I’m out fucking him. Do you agree?”

She was stroking me harder now and on the edge of orgasm, I could only agree. “Yes. Yes. I’ll lick Derrick’s pussy whenever you come home, and I’ll wait until you let me come,” I said.

She slowed down her stroking and said, “I know that you might agree now, but when I’m gone for the night with Derrick, you might not be able to help yourself.”

I nodded, desperately wanting her to continue to stoke me.

“So Derrick and I have ordered a chastity device that will keep you from wanking while I’m away. Derrick says that it will keep your mind focused on me even when I’m not around you.”

“Yes, Maria. I need that to control myself, Maria,” I said as my penis, throbbing, ejaculated over her hand and our bodies.

She smiled as she held her hand out for me to lick clean, “I’m glad that you’ll let me lock up your penis. Derrick says that I should give him the key to keep. He says I’m much too softhearted and would let you out if you got that sweet longing look on your face. He says that he’ll give you the key every other week or so when he drops me off and let you be alone in the bathroom while we say our goodbyes. It never takes you very long to come anyway…”

“Yes. Yes. Yes, Maria,” was all I could say with my face buried between her breasts that had been in Derrick’s hands and mouth all weekend. I think that I had never been so happy.