I’m sorry my blogging stopped for 10 months. My honest plan was to tell our story, in order, so others can understand (just got interrupted! again tonight)….

He had to taste her waxed bare pussy

He had to taste her waxed bare pussy


:54 sec video: (low light but I love hearing her voice)

:54 sec. video: (again low light but I love hearing her voice while he fucks her)

(an hour later)  Now I understand what happened to my blogging all those months ago.  Things got very hot, very quick, between them and our play got much more “daring”.  I was writing only while my wife and her lover were fucking but most of the time, when they play at our house, I get to peak in and then enjoy her for 5-10 minutes after he’s done (with round 1).  So I get distracted a lot…

Well, that’s what happened again tonight.  I sent Luvr an email apologizing for my absence and lack of blogging, asking about this new verification process, promising to blog again, this time with pictures – but then got too interested in the sounds of blythe fucking in the other room. So, I stop writing to watch… then I come back in here to write but it sounds so good again… I go look again, back and forth like this for the next 50 minutes. I tried taking the above pics and video, and then since it was pretty dark I decided on audio so I dropped my iPhone on their nightstand to record (their entire session was recorded, but that file was to long to send tonight).

So, today they went for a hike, came back here and we all watched the Grammy’s over chinese food together, then they went upstairs and showered and got into bed.  They hadn’t seen each other in 8 days as he has been sick. They fucked beautifully, I watched some (okay, a lot) from the doorway and took some pics, video, and the audio.  It was all very hot but I always love watching blythe on top the best. She had a very intense orgasam riding him, then she fucked him wildly, and dirty talked, until he came inside her. She rode him a bit more after he came  – driving him mad then hopped off and came to see me in the other room. I put her on top of me in a 69 and… his warm cum literally poured out when she sat up and grinded her hips in circles on my open mouth. Then I licked her waxed-bare pussy totally clean (it is so sexy bare and smooth!) while she sucked my cock for awhile in this 69.  She then laid down next to me, and we talked dirty while she stroked my cock.  I quickly came in her hand while she talked about me licking her pussy clean (hearing blythe verbalize details of our cuckold sex to me in her sexy voice really drives me wild).

It’s been 8 weeks since we had sex (intercourse) and we are experimenting with denial now.  We’ll see how long I can last – lol.  She’s let me fuck her anytime I want so it’s more like self-denial (but she’s playing along). I’m very lucky in that she gives truly fantastic blow jobs to her lover and I get them too, when I ask for one (got one last week).

Other than the last 8 weeks of no sex, when we were having sex it was only after he came inside her. We had been doing that for about the last 6 months.

I’m very happy to be back here and I’ll add more detail soon about how this cuckold situation evolved.  I’ve got plenty of moments to explain and more pics and video (some better quality too) we may share.