Starting Our Journey

Its a huge fantasy to see her do this with a bull.

First a little about us. We are a happy white couple in our early 40’s (both separated from our respective spouses) with a very active sex life.

Just recently, Jayne agreed to cuckold me. We had discussed the fantasy at length for the last year or so and explored it online and used it in bed to good effect. Obviously we were both unsure (Jayne a lot more so) but a couple of positive experiences have settled us down. I’d like to focus here on why I wanted it so much and how we ended up taking the plunge.

  1. Explore my submissive side – It seems ridiculous now but I never realised this until I read it here. I’d fantasised about be being cuckolded by a fit hung young bull, about eating cream pies and cleaning her breasts after her bull had cum on them but I never realised that this was me exploring my submissive desires. I have all sorts of fantasies that are clearly submissive but because none of them involved bondage / spanking etc it never occurred to me it was sub behaviour.
  2.  When I was making love to Jayne I found myself desperate to see us doing it. But how do you that? Video didn’t seem the right way (Jayne would hate it) and mirrors wern’t going to work either. The thought of watching her have sex was so erotic but I couldn’t do it unless …..
  3. Probably most importantly, I think Jayne is the most amazing person and has an amazingly sexy body to go with it. Clearly, she’s not a playboy model but I think she’s gorgeous and, like a lot of women, she has one or two body confidence issues. If we got nothing else out of cuckolding other than Jayne feeling even a little better about herself then I would consider that a win.
  4. Lets not play games; fit girls have fit partners. If Jayne can attract a fit young guy then, by association, I’m not too bad looking. It’s not that I want to play as well. But it feels good having a girlfriend guys think is hot.
  5.  We have great sex and lots of it. But that’s not to say it couldn’t be better. Put it this way, after or last meeting, from the guy leaving on Saturday afternoon to Sunday evening we had 7 orgasms between us. And the quality was there to, trust me. He played a huge part in that even though he’d gone home.

Jayne took a lot of persuading but we do have a very strong relationship and I am extremely confident. We talked a lot and took it very slow. I use the analogy of going for a swim (in the chilly UK sea). Edging in slowly, getting used to it before going any further until you decide you’re in far enough or you’re ready to take the plunge. I also reassured Jayne that some of the extreme ends of the scene did not interest me and that we wouldn’t do anything that both of us weren’t in agreement about. Just because someone else wants to be denied for months on end doesn’t mean you have to. We’ll define our own cuckold relationship the way we want to.

More about our first couple of meets another time.