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    Are you truly committed?
    Having your penis restrained for your hotwife’s pleasure and control is a beautiful gift of submission; having it publicly displayed as a declaration of your lifestyle and her sexual […]

  • Very well written, Sophie (and Mark). I was able to enjoy the story without being distracted by the awkward sentences, poor grammar or ridiculous dialogue so often present in cuckold fiction; well done.


    Two chapters does not a book make though, obviously, so let me know when you have a more complete version to review! 

  • Great ideas, thanks!  I like the part about the husband not texting first.  Not only does it keep him from possibly interrupting, but in a way promotes his submissive role during the encounter.  It’ll drive Mark wild.  By the way, I’ve got a picture around somewhere of me in that dress at a bar in NYC.  Will post as soon as I dig it up.…[Read more]

  • Don’t set too many artificial limits for yourselves. Instead, set up some subtle signals between yourselves or use texting to update your husband as things progress (if you meet someone interesting). Rule of thumb here is the husband cannot txt the wife, he can only reply. This ensures he’s not being a pest while you’re being courted by a…[Read more]

  • We appreciate it!  Will keep everyone updated.  We’re headed to San Francisco in July for a wedding and are planning on staying at a particular hotel with a vibrant bar scene.  Mark and I have been thinking about having me head down to the bar in the evening in a sexy mini dress he loves and sitting for a while at the bar before he arrives.  A bit…[Read more]