Welcome to my first blog!

The name is kittykat, obviously, but you may call me Kat for short. I’m a fabulous 20 years young. My sweet sissy hubby James just turned 27. Been together since I turned of legal age just about. We call The Big Easy home at the moment. He hasn’t completely figured out that he is a cuckold yet, but to everyone else it is extremely obvious who wears the pants in the relationship, or rather the skirt. Either way, I’m in charge and love it.

I knew from day one that this would be our life eventually. James is a bit of a pushover, no self-confidence, and likes me to make most decisions. I suppose from stress at work and an evil ex-wife that I wanna kick in the face if I ever meet her (not going to though cause I’m much too pretty for jail). He questions every day that I’m with him because I’m a bit out of his league. But you can’t help who you fall in love with.

Getting Started

I’ve been slowly making hints at this lifestyle for a while now. He doesn’t have alot of time to devote to me, as he spends most of his at home time in from of the television. So as you can imagine, the sex is subpar and I’m a bit of a nympho. Since the hubby can’t deliver I am put in quite a pickle and have begun to seek out another to please me. Don’t get my wrong, I love my James very much and do intend to bear his children and grow old with him and all that jazz; but I’m a girl who simply needs more.

This is my life and I shall enjoy sharing it with you all.