From personal experience, the realization of a cuckold relationship or marriage is centered around sexual pleasure where the dynamics of each person’s pleasure is important but decided much differently. Though with a different man, the Hotwife’s desire for full pleasure is easy to understand being the focus, and with that maybe not too much outside the lines of public perception and understanding as being unusual. The cuckold’s pleasure, however, is less understood in the public eye because of the desire for sexual denial by his Hotwife, needed to intensify his own sexual arousal, along with her to be openly pleased by another ‘better’ man. Not exactly the ‘normal’ marital bedroom setting. As a minimum, the denial is a strict control of his pleasure, usually resulting in the relinquishing of sexual intercourse. Or to put it more bluntly, his penis will not be providing the full sexual pleasure needed by his Hotwife, nor as she see’s fit, letting him have his pleasure by penetration into her pussy. How this is enforced is usually left to the Hotwife and her making an empowered statement to the cuckold about deliberate sexual needs and control, and devotion to knowing her pleasure is most important above his.

Nevertheless, it is still important that the cuckold should experience some sexual pleasure (or relief) with the occasion and manner as agreed by the Hotwife and fitting to the intimacy of the cuckold relationship. To this, Anne has settled that mine is to only happen in a ‘mechanical’ manner where she is involved literally taking care of the matter ‘at hand’ and very efficiently ‘draining’ me. I am not allowed to masturbate. “Period. End of discussion.”
When being the dutiful Hotwife, Anne is very apt at using her hands in assisting with the task of my relief. I have become quite seduced by her method which frankly, because it is natural to the intimacy of our relationship, is more intense than intercourse and I look forward to but careful not to expect. Some men might find this thought phony, which I would have to say and point out that probably their first and maybe still best sexual pleasure likely happens with their own hand…and at that, not as personable as by someone else’s.
The frequency between her attention varies but is usually near two weeks or more, an interval of time and denial that greatly intensifies my urge for stimulation and ejaculation. More recently Anne decided after hearing about a comment made online that it would also be a good time to do it right before she gets together with her lover, helping to steady my angst…along with putting me in chastity after.


When she decides its my time, Anne might summon me into the kitchen, the bathroom, or standing by the bedside while she sits. Almost all the time she remains dressed to dramatize ‘the task at hand’ and not allude to anything else. She may be dressed casually in yoga pants and a sport top, or if she is ready to get together with her lover, a very sexy outfit for displaying herself to him. Most times, to provoke me to ejaculate quickly, she likes to comment and remind me when she is with ‘A’ or ‘R’ how wet her pussy gets with their black cocks in her while also making her climax multiple times. “And to think that I thought your penis was all I needed”.

Recently, my relief (with inspiration taken from Luv’r’s most recent post) has been on the bed on my hands and knees over a towel near the edge and convenient for Anne to sit behind me and not be visible. Her hands are the only contact that I will get to know. My pants and underwear are pulled down or removed, or if Anne is in the mood to be more intimate with the task, I am allowed to be naked. My penis is always limp and diminutively hanging between my legs when she reaches for it at first but with lubricant and some fondling by her hand it begins to swell with the start of an erection. When there is enough size to work with she starts stroking to increase the erection making sure she passes over the head of my penis where I’m the most sensitive. My erection is usually not strong until she then holds and squeezes my testicles, increasing the blood flow into my penis and finally making an erection suitable for her manipulation. Stroking in a steady downward motion like milking a cow it is not long before the urge begins to build and I mention it to her. When I am finally overcome by the need to release and I tell her excitedly that I am going to spurt (how quickly it occurs is a show to her efficiency) she then decides how it will happen. With a still steady stroke she will either let go of my penis and testicles at the moment of, ruining the full pleasure while letting only a few drops of semen drip out by gravity, or she will continue with the motion and squeezing, and with an almost painful pleasure, letting a meager and unimpressive spurt of semen dribble out on the towel. At 18 years my ejaculate would easily stream up onto my body but now it’s a more pathetic result and certainly not what Anne is interested in or compares to what her bulls have filled her with.

And I’m good with it because, though we may all be different, I also believe most men for one reason or another and not always because of penis size, are cuckolds. As cuckolds, we are eager for the pure sensual delight straining at our mind and penis while knowing (seeing, hearing, smelling, or only just in our imagination) that our Hotwife is with ‘him’ celebrating the experience of full sexual bliss. Eroticism (or “live porn” as Anne says) at its best by simply stepping aside for the few men who really distinguish themselves in ways that all women should enjoy in the bedroom.