You can’t eliminate cuckold anxiety – you have to learn to manage it.

You know her boss sent you this picture of her as a reward for “…lending your wife” to him, as he gently put it, but he doesn’t realize how seeing this will also be your undoing. She does look stunning and you realize that thong is the last obstacle to him being inside her. Worse, or perhaps better, depending on where in the anxiety cycle you are, is knowing this is only the first day of a 5 day trip. It’s not her first trip on the plane, but her first as his mistress. This means that by now, he is the last one inside her – and he’ll be the next as well.

You already know the corporate jet doesn’t have couch seating, so you imagine her standing, her long legs wide apart while clutching the seat in front of her. He will stand behind her and enter and couple with her her still standing. That image alone makes it difficult not to spurt, doesn’t it? Even letting go and letting your penis twitch all by itself may not save you. You need to spurt, but you dread it. As soon as the last spurt dribbles out you’re going to look at this picture and feel your stomach knot and your penis shrivel as your cuckold anxiety starts winding up.

You’ve been struggling with this, as every cuckold does,  since your wife first told you he was hitting on her – and you encouraged her to cocktease him. Having met him you knew she was attracted to him  – you saw the chemistry between them, yet you encouraged the shorter skirts and the fitted blouses to better showcase her breasts.

What she desires.

It’s only been a few months since he called her bluff  while she was in his office and ‘stole’ a kiss that turned to something more. She had her own taste of anxiety when she came home that night, knowing you’d ask about her day, knowing she’d have to tell you they had kissed. Before she even got to the point where kissing led to buttons being undone and hands slipping into clothing, you were inside her.

“I sucked his cock…” she whispered. You wanted to ask about it, ask about his cock, but that would have to wait until your orgasm subsided.

Now you’re shocked, humbled and yet still aroused. Even after your orgasm, the knowledge that she’s sucked his cock has kept you erect. And worse, she’s was then very aware of how this knowledge had affected you, but yet you were still overcome with curiosity and soon the coupling – and questions continued. It had been a long time since you managed two performances in an evening.

Yes, she’s always enjoyed the feeling of a man becoming erect in her mouth, but you dated her for months before getting to experience that, didn’t you? It could be his position of authority that compels her to orally service him, it could be the superior size and shape of his organ – or it could both. Right now, while you’re erect, that knowledge is terribly exciting, but once you give in and let yourself spurt, this knowledge will weaken you. Fear not: just as you cannot be the lover to her that he is, he cannot be the husband and cuckold for her that you are.

Following her first taste of his cock, he asked her to meet him for dinner the next evening, Saturday, and explained that if she didn’t show up, then he’d just assume this was a one time thing and they could just let it be. If she did show up, then it was assumed that she wanted a sexual relationship with him and he would pursue it as such. Many conversations and (short) couplings later, it was agreed she would go to him.

Saturday went by in a blur, then suddenly it seems – she was gone, leaving only the faint scent of her perfume lingering in the air. It was your turn to cry.

No more teasing; he would truly know exquisite she is – inside and out. 

A body to be decorated for him.

But despite your tears and the knot in your stomach, you were also erect. Very erect. In fact, you had been erect much of the afternoon and especially while she got ready for their date. She wouldn’t let you fuck her Saturday, but she frequently placed her hand there, where your penis betrayed your desire to share her with him. Were it not for that, she would have called the whole thing off, but your penis was very truthful and reassuring for her. She couldn’t deny her attraction to him, but she wouldn’t do it against your wishes.

Your first cuckold orgasm came only minutes later as you imagined them making out during dinner. That’s not how it happened, but that’s how the cuckold mind works. As your semen drained, so did your spirits, the realization of your situation crashed into your consciousness.

Now, only a month since she became his mistress, you look at the picture he sent intending only to share the moment with you and your mind fills with countless erotic images of them together. So what will you do, cuckold, give in to the erotic experience of your wife being his mistress and suffer the anxiety that comes once you spurt – or continue to stay aroused by her – by them  – and hold off that anxiety for yet another day…

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