I’d like to officially welcome ArapahoDom to the newly created Dom category here at Cuckold Marriage.

I have been a Dom for thirty years and cuckolding couples for seventeen years. I love the cuckold dynamic; the honesty and transparency. It is the most intimate relationship model; it compels the couple to be open. There is very little in life as gratifying as a couple that has never cuckolded and making them see and understand, reassuring their fears and leading them through living their fantasy to fulfillment then building the relationship to ever greater heights of intimacy and intensity.
Giving a wife the permission of her husband without judgment or condemnation; having the husband hear and see his wife in such ecstacy, cumming again and again, begging for her Master; leading them both to a new model of intimacy and trust between themselves is extraordinarily pleasing. Her knowing she is owned and Mine, to be used and taken often and where and when I wish, her being shown off and understanding how beautiful and desirable she is, watching her flower and blossom in a way she never has before is what I seek and live to make happen. I am in Colorado, 49 years old, 6 foot and 200 pounds. I have had cuckold relationships lasting five and nine years. I look for that one right couple for the very long term. The couple who values the connection and wants it to last.