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A Funny Thing Happend

We are a HW & cuck not swingers! but we do like to go to swingers clubs and sometimes Marie likes to have a 3 sum with  couples.. Last night we decided to go hit a club with a lifestyle couple we hang out with, and the male half been wanting to fuck Marie for ages… Going great in the club flirty dirty dancing energy was electric between them, me and his wife carried on chatting and carefully watching our spouses getting down and dirty…. drinks flowed and then Marie said she and tom are going upstairs to fuck, and I am to follow in about 15 mins…… HOT….. so me and his wife are left downstairs why our better half’s are fucking each others brains upstairs, bit awkward but very, very erotic, I think for both me and my friends wife? after 15mins, i thought I was going to cum in my pants I was so turned on we near on ran upstairs to see them both in action… we got upstairs, very dark playroom, few couples having blow jobs and a group sex on the bed.. on the corner couch was Marie with our friend both very naked…… Marie caught my eyes and gave me a smile that not all was right 🙁 LOL our friend could not get a hard on, Marie had tried everything she...

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New Bull lined up for Marie

So we posted in the local Craig’s List :”Cuckold couple seeking Bull” as always we got a tremendous amount of replies, most were a waste of time but one caught our eye. his reply was: noticed your ad on Craigslist and am genuinely interested in helping you two explore the world of cuckold relationships. “I am 44, 5 ft 9, 170, athletic build, naturally dominant and comfortable in my own skin. I have played with a couple of cuckold couples in the past and have always found it to be fantastic. I would enjoy getting to know you two … Please tell me more about what you are interested in … what do you fantacize about? I have included a body pic of me … if you are interested in taking this conversation further … I would appreciate a picture in return” Glen….. We have had several email chats, now texting then Marie says she rang him yesterday and they have arrange to both meet for a drink and a meal…. I have to drive her there and wait outside for her….. He has asked her to wear heels, a short skirt, no panties and a very low cut top….. she has totally agreed to his requests 🙂 also he has requested that I the cuck should wear a chastity belt and panty’s full time… cuck must not penetrate...

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