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We all know and understand that the Internet is a place of infinite possibilities – namely because anyone can pretend they are anyone/anything they choose to be. While I understand that fantasy is a very common and important gateway to actually experiencing this lifestyle, I choose to foster a community of members who represent themselves in a genuine manner. This is one aspect that separates this venue from most others; I’m asking people to be genuine and exercise their role play and make-believe elsewhere. It’s absolutely fine for couples not yet active to be participating here – I built this more for them than those already involved, but let’s be upfront about it.

When I get involved with a couple online, I do like to have confidence in the truthfulness of what I’m told by the couple so I don’t end up wasting time with them that could have been used to help another couple. This starts simply by analyzing what they say and how they say it; often the frauds give themselves away in just a few minutes with outlandish claims and statements. I do try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt and keep a neutral outlook toward them and allow them to either increase my belief in their veracity, or dig a hole of doubt from which they’ll likely never climb out of.

There are members here I’ve been chatting with or coaching on an off for years without ever having really verified they are who/what they’ve claimed. Do I doubt them? Not in most cases, but it’s always very nice to have that verification.


Q: What is verification?
A: A way to ensure that the person/couple participating here is being genuine about who they are.

Q: How does a couple provide that verification?
A: Typically it involves a selfie or a shot of the wife or couple taken with a note or sign to indicate the shot was taken for this purpose and isn’t simply a picture borrowed from online somewhere.

Q: Why should we give a shit what you think?
A: That you have to answer for yourselves, but if you enjoy being a member here and are not going to participate (be featured), verifying yourselves with me, at least, enables me to vouch for you here and speak to your ‘credentials’.

Q: Why is it required for the female to verify, but the male is optional?
A: Mainly this is because I rarely have issues with women pretending to be males, but the opposite happens fairly often as does single men or husbands with uninvolved wives, so, cuckolding being wife-centric, we need to ensure she’s present and engaged!


nude-hottie-on-a-pedestalThey say an image is worth a thousand words – it’s worth far more than that. For me, a couple entrusting me with their images is an expression of trust which I value very highly. Trust is everything for a Dom and as the host of this site, I would have little meaningful participation without having my members’ trust. As with other couples, jerseyboy and jerseyhottie shared their images and video with me long before they agreed to share it with you all here. Trust can extend both ways – now they have my cell number and sometimes I get a nice txt with shots of the hottie. Can’t beat that, right? Best part is after a bit of editing, you all get to enjoy them, too.

Get Verified!

While anyone can borrow images online and pass them off as their own, it’s a lot more difficult to find pictures out there with my online name in them, isn’t it? Of course, it doesn’t have to be my name, it could be the website name. Nor does it have to be a little chalkboard (nicely done!); it can be written on the hotwife’s belly, bottom or breasts in lipstick…or something else, for example.

Be creative!

Verified vs. Featured

Some couples will also authorize me to post some or all of the verification images submitted – this is completely voluntary – this is what’s considered being ‘featured’. Members who have been verified by me will have their member name(s) and introduction bio (text only) posted. From the main menu, choose Cuckold Couples > Verified . Couples who have verified and requested/agreed to be featured will appear in the list by name.

 Submitting Verification

I will not share/publish what’s submitted to without your direct approval to do so. Furthermore, you have full control over which images I will publish (if agreed to do so) and which will remain private. I always ask couples who submit for verification if they also want to be featured and never assume so. As a Dom, nothing has more value to me than trust, so violating that trust is the last thing I would do or allow. This does mean that if you’re interested in being featured in the cuckold couples section, you’ll have to state such very clearly otherwise I assume anything submitted is strictly between us.

I will always edit images to provide anonymity if requested. This includes faces, distinguishing marks and background, if necessary.

Use the form below to contact me or  look for me in the chat room. You can also attach an image to the form or you can email me using my name at this website as my email address.

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