Its been about a month since my last post so I’d like to begin by saying Happy New Year to everyone.  The holiday’s were very busy trying to fit in everything from family, my husband and my boyfriend’s.   Jack gave me a gold ankle bracelet with hearts and I let tom, my hubby place it on my ankle when Jack arrived for my New Year’s Eve date.  My color for the evening consisted entirely of red inside as well as out; the dress, my undies (garter belt included but no bra) and  some very sexy 5″ peep toe pumps.  Jack escorted me to a very intimate dinner party with two other couples.  After dinner the six of us took a limo to a trendy nightspot and danced in the new year.  My love for champagne made the night very special and Jack was so handsome in his tux, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other from the moment he picked me up.  

We arrived at his condo around 2 AM and Jack slowly unzipped my dress.  He removed my panties, cupped them in  his strong hands while inhaling its aroma as I blushed.  I quickly disrobed Jack feeling his hard member throb as I rubbed it back and forth on my now wet pussy.  As I spread my legs he entered me and I felt his hot cock rub up against the walls of my vagina.  We passionately french kissed holding that pose as I felt my secretions envelope his cock.  That night all told I climaxed as much as I could ever remember.  

I stayed with Jack through Monday evening arriving back home around 6 PM to a very eager cuckold.  I kissed tom on the cheek and walked gingerly to our bedroom with my hubby tagging along.   I took off my dress I wore the night before and paraded around in my panties and garter belt teasing tom  in the process.  I let him pick out a chip from his ‘reward bag’ as I call it.  It was white and now he had a choice to make.  Through the course of the last few weeks he’d accumulated one green and one white chip, so with the white he just pulled he traded in the two white chips for one green.  This enabled tom to have two green chips in his possession, which meant a blow job if he turned them in.  Our new rules were he wouldn’t be released from his chastity device until Tuesday after work making him more frustrated.  Tuesday night arrived and tom was released and to my surprise was very patient, that is until I wrapped my lips around his smallish but very hard cock.  I tasted for the first time in months my husband’s semen.  I admit I love his taste and want to do it again but my plan is staying close to his reward program.

In the last few weeks Jack and I have coupled many times, some with tom watching and some in private, intimate settings but I have been with him every weekend.  My next step in cuckolding tom will be a weekend out of town with Jack as I have mostly lost touch with Rick.  Jack has made me discover one man can be plenty for this girl!