Google has ended support for a particular technology included in Java. This was first done back in March, but still supported if desired. Now this is no longer allowed. In Windows 10, the default browser is ‘Edge’ which does not support browser plug-ins, meaning Java will not run.

Internet Explorer 11 will run just fine on Windows 10 and will run Java.
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What’s this all mean? It means for now, if you want to use the Java version of the chat client, which I recommend, you’ll have to use another browser. I recommend Firefox. I recommend Firefox anyway because I trust the government more with my information than Google, but it’s up to you. I use Firefox as my default browser in both Windows and MacOS (the sync feature that keeps shortcuts updated between devices is nice).

My guess is Oracle will update Java to not use this outdated technology and we’ll be back in business for Chrome users, but that’s just speculation.

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